Guide to the Best Budget Gaming Chair Under $200

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What is the Best Gaming Chair Under 200 Dollars? Well, we’re here to answer that question. After purchasing a DXRacer chair for almost $500, I questioned whether that was the best value in gaming chairs.

There’s no question that DXRacer along with some of the other premium gaming chair brands are absolutely incredible chairs. The problem is that they aren’t necessarily great values.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the Best Gaming Chair Under $200 and that won’t break the bank. When you’re picking out your gaming setup, the chair is one of the most important pieces. It is what you literally sit in, possibly all day.

So, it’s important to have a gaming chair that is supportive, strong, well-built and good quality. In addition, it’s almost important to find a chair with great value so that you have more money to spend on the important bits (keyboards, graphics cards & cool RGB lighting).

A lot of these chairs also offer coupons through Amazon, so you always get the best price!

Why Do You Need A Gaming Chair?

One of the biggest reasons why you need a gaming chair is for proper lumbar and back support. Having good lumbar support is extremely important in not only improving posture, but keeping a healthy back and spine.

It is a natural reaction for your body to slouch when sitting in a chair. As muscles become tired and need rest, it is common for your body to want to slouch to rest (source). But, that isn’t good for posture or health.

However, there are some important considerations to remember when looking for the the best gaming chairs:

  • Your gaming chair should have elbow supports to avoid strain on your neck. Your elbows should be comfortably resting at a 90 degree angle on the rests.
  • Your knees should be bent at a right angle, with a footrest to elevate the feet while sitting in the gaming chair, if necessary (we found some awesome chairs with footrests as well).
  • Your eyes should be able to look straight ahead at the computer while seated.

What to Look for in a Cheap Gaming Chair?

  • Casters:?Casters are the wheels on your chair that distribute weight and help you move around freely. Carpet casters are best for gamers.
  • Materials:?Material choices can be everything. Cheap gaming chairs don’t have to have bad materials. Many have budget materials that look and feel premium.
  • Armrests:?4-dimensional armrests are preferred for most gamers, because they help keep your arms in a well-balanced supportive position.
  • Neck Support:?Neck pillows are awesome to help keep your neck aligned. And, to help prevent any injuries.
  • Lumbar Support:?Lumbar pillows are also great to help keep your spine aligned and prevent any chronic back pain.
  • Built-in Massaging:?Built-in massagers are usually USB powered and used to give you that extra bit of comfort when gaming.
  • Built-in Audio:?Similar to massagers, built-in audio is usually USB powered and gives you an extra feature for gaming.
  • RGB:?RGB gaming chairs are becoming more and more common as LED technology advances.

1. GTRacing Gaming Chair


The GTRacing Gaming Chair is the 1st chair on our list, and in our opinion the top of the Best Gaming Chairs Under 200 Dollars.

  • Ergonomics: Metal frame, comfortable seating and a nicely padded material. It also includes a lumbar support pillow and neck pillow.
  • Functionality: Adjustable armrests and seat-height. 90-170 degree reclining and rocking, 360 degree swivel and a smooth-rolling base.
  • Materials: Smooth PU leather, extra seat cushioning, heavy duty metal base, and nylon smooth-rolling casters.

2. RESPAWN (RSP-110) Ergonomic Office Chair


Next up is the RESPAWN Ergonomic Gaming Chair. This made 2nd place because it has an adjustable footrest. But, it does not have adjustable armrests. While it is a trade-off, the footrest is an awesome feature.

  • Ergonomics: Segmented padding for contoured support. Footrest for extended comfort. Padded armrests along with lumbar pillow and neck pillow.
  • Functionality: 90-155 degree adjustability, 360 degree swivel, and dynamic movements.

3. Homall Gaming Chair


Number 3 on the Best Gaming Chair Under $200 list is the Homall Executive Gaming Chair. This gaming chair is similar to the first two, however it looses some features (adjustable armrests & footrest).

  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic seating position, with lumbar and neck support pillows.
  • Functionality: 90-150 degree rocking and 360 degree swivel. Class-3 gas lift (SGS verified) and quality rubber casters.
  • Materials: High density shaping foam. Steel frame. PU leather. Rubber casters.

4. Devoko Racing Style Chair


4th on the Best Gaming Chair Under $200 list is the Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair. It makes 4th mostly because of it’s slightly mismatched design.

  • Ergonomics: Neck and lumbar pillows. Diamond quilted pattern for a more comfortable feel (reduces pressure).
  • Functionality: 360 degree swivel, 90-160 degree adjustable backrest and PU mute wheels (scratch resistant).
  • Materials: PU leather, quilted leather pattern, PU wheels and solid metal construction.

5. YOURLITEAMZ Video Game Chair


Coming in at 5th is one of the more interesting chairs on our list. This YOURLITEAMZ Chair is unique because of it’s massaging feature. The upper and lumbar cushions have a built-in massaging motor.

Another awesome edition to this chair is the wide range of available colors and styles. This YOURLITEAMZ Chair also features a 2-year warranty along with a larger-sized seat cushion supporting up to 330 pounds.

6. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair


Finally, we have reached the last spot on our list with the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair. The biggest #1 reason we added this chair to our list is, you guessed it, the price.

By far, the most affordable chair on our Under 200 list, while almost being Under 100. It also comes in a variety of styles and colors.

With the price, it is also the most basic on our list without a lot of the “higher-quality” features. However, it still maintains a powerful position at number 6.

The BestOffice chair looses a heavy duty construction, racing-style design, and reclining feature.

Final Verdict

So, obviously if you’ve made it to this list, you’re in the market for a the Best Gaming Chair Under 200. All of these chairs previously mentioned come in below $200. But, there’s one that we would recommend over the others.

While, as we mentioned before, all the chairs on this list are great options if you’re in the market. And, they all will 100% work for a gaming chair: the GTRacing Chair.

GTRacing Computer Chair.

The GTRacing Chair was by far our favorite chair out of them all (evidenced by it’s top spot on the list). There are several reasons why it deserves the top spot.

Firstly, is it’s resemblance to AKRacing gaming chairs. AKRacing is one of the top gaming chair brands that has been around since 2001 (source). They are a great example to follow. However, their chairs can get quite pricey (upwards of $500-600 depending on the model).

But, when a company like GTRacing can take the skeleton of what the best gaming chair looks like, and make it affordable, then we have a product! That is exactly what they did. The only feature that the GTRacing chair lacked was the inclusion of a footrest. But, there are a lot of desks now that are including built-in footrests (like mine) that eliminates that need.

In conclusion, we can only give recommendations on which gaming chair is the best. It is purely subjective, especially when it comes to chairs. However, we highly recommend giving the GTRacing Chair a try if you’re in the market!

After getting your new gaming chair, you might need some accent LED lighting to go with your new setup!

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