Musso Gaming Chair Review: Big & Tall Seat for Gamers

Musso Big & Tall Gaming Chair


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When talking about the best gaming chairs under $200, there are several things to consider. We have gone over some of the top RGB gaming chairs and pink gaming chairs, check them out if you haven’t.

But, what we haven’t looked at yet is a big and tall gaming chair designed for larger gamers. That’s where the Musso Big and Tall Gaming Chair comes in.

The Musso Gaming Chair is no longer available, check out our closest rival, the EWIN Series!

What is a Big and Tall Gaming Chair

What’s the difference between a big and tall gaming chair and a regular gaming chair? Well, quite honestly just as it sounds, the size. Big and tall gaming chairs are designed for larger gamers. Or, gamers that want a more comfortable experience.

Typically big and tall chairs will not only be taller, but wider as well allowing for more space to move around.

Musso Gaming Chair Review

So, getting into it, the Musso Gaming Chair is a big and tall chair that is fully equipped with lumbar and neck support. It has an ergonomic design with very comfortable PU leather.

The review unit brand is HugHouse, color is “B-black”, and style is “Modern”.


Firstly, the gaming chair has an ergonomic design. It comes standard with lumbar and neck pillows. And, in addition, has a superbly thick padded design where you need it. This means that the backrest is very squishy while still being supportive. And the bottom rest is similar.


Musso or HugHouse uses an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow to help provide good support. But, in addition, adjustable armrests and base are used as well.

There is high-quality PU leather, that feels very durable and comfortable. They use high-density sponge foam to provide luxury, comfort and top-notch breathability. Additionally, it has superior resilience and permeability (breathability).


The metal frame and base can support weights up to 390 pounds. And, there is a 38.5″ backrest with a 22.4″ wide seat cushion. Musso claims that this chair will promote good blood circulation and comfort.


So, how does the Musso Big and Tall Gaming Chair perform? Well, when we say perform, we mean what’s it like to use, build with and quality?

Firstly, the packaging was very compact and easy to assemble. The instructions or installation video are very easy to follow and all of the necessary tools are included.

Next, when completed the construction feels very sturdy and well put together. The first thing we noticed when using the chair was the very wide bottom seat cushion. It is extremely well-cushioned and very comfortable.

In addition, the awesome looking hexagonal-carbon fiber pattern looks incredible. It is PU leather, so nothing crazy there, but it still feels very durable and high-quality.

The biggest complain we have with the design is the red accents in the hexagons. This, for us, made it feel like you were stuck with only one color choice. However, this should not be a deal breaker and won’t be for most people.

Final Verdict

So, what’s the final verdict on the Musso Big & Tall Gaming Chair?

Well, if you’ve ever used a more expensive gaming chair like DXRacer or SecretLab, you’d probably expect be underwhelmed. However, this really isn’t the case.

When comparing the Musso chair up against much more expensive (sometimes $600-700) XL gaming chairs from other companies, they really give you a lot of value.

That isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement, such as; a slightly more fitted base, different color choices and potentially change of materials in certain places.

Unfortunately they aren’t available anymore, but we highly recommend checking out the EWIN Champion Gaming Chair!

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