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HAVIT has been making technology since 1998. They have been pushing forward the gaming, smart device and technology spaces. We have several HAVIT reviews on our site, but today we’ll be looking at one of their most popular gaming keyboards.


Today we’ll be checking out the HAVIT low profile mechanical keyboard. It is a modern, updated design that features the latest low-profile Blue switches.


Firstly, starting off the features of the HAVIT low profile mechanical keyboard is the Blue switches. The Kailh low-profile Blue switches are designed for fast typing and gaming. They are 11.5mm high and have a 6mm ultra-thin suspended keycap. Additionally, there is 3mm of key travel.


Next, the low-profile keyboard is a standard 104 key layout with number pad. It is a light, ultra-portable and compact design. HAVIT uses a light material that only weighs 570 grams. It is lighter and thinner than a traditional mechanical keyboard.


Following up with the keyboard design, there is custom RGB backlights. HAVIT uses bright LEDs that are individually addressable. You can completely customize each individual key’s RGB color. Additionally, there are several preset key combos that allow you to customize the colors. This let’s you just plug-and-play without any software or drivers.


What are the performance features of the HAVIT low profile mechanical keyboard? Well, there are several. Starting off with (as mentioned before), the standard 104 RGB mechanical keys. They offer short travel, accurate actuation, precise delivery and speedy performance. The individually adjustable RGB backlighting is bright and looks great!

Next, is the plug-and-play nature of the HAVIT low-profile gaming keyboard. There are no required drivers and it can easily be detached and reattached. You just connect it with a USB cable and it’s ready to go! There isn’t any background programs that need to load or any bloatware like that. However, you can use HAVIT’s gaming software if you want that full customizability.


With the HAVIT driver software you can completely customize the keyboard. This includes macros, key assignments, RGB lighting and other settings. The software is very straightforward and simple, but it works well.


Finally, the performance of the HAVIT Kaihl Blue switches. These low profile mechanical switches are very similar to Cherry MX Blue switches. However, they are much lighter and have a very precise feeling. We thought they had a smoother and lighter actuation than Cherry Blues. They don’t feel as bouncy as membrane switches, but are a similar tactility to a laptop keyboard.

Final Verdict

So, should you go for the HAVIT low-profile mechanical keyboard? We think absolutely! This is one of the most well-built keyboards in this category, especially for the price.

As mentioned before, the Kaihl switches are very good. They hold their own when compared to similar Cherry MX Blue switches. The mechanical feel is light and precise while still maintaining a premium feel.

Additionally, the keyboard itself is light and tactile without feeling cheap. The keyboard itself is extremely thin, but not cheap feeling. HAVIT uses a heavy metal base, with premium plastic trimmings, thus eliminating virtually any deck flex. The size and feel is appropriate for the category.

The HAVIT software drivers are easy to use, simple and just plain work. There’s nothing wrong with the software. And the best part is, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to! Just plug-and-play.

If you have been searching for a good low profile mechanical gaming keyboard, you should definitely consider this keyboard. Or the AUKEY gaming keyboard that also features a similar design.

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