Airgoo DreamColor Monitor LED Strip Review

Airgoo DreamColor LED Strip For TV


Overall Design









  • Easy to setup
  • Very bright, configurable LEDs
  • USB Power


  • Did randomly turn on once
  • Could include other power options

The Airgoo DreamColor RGB LED (6.6ft/2m) USB Strip is designed to be featured as a computer monitor or TV backlighting system. Check out the best budget RGB case fan kit!

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Review by The Tech Guru –

LED strip lights are a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted LEDs (light-emitting diode). These types of strip lights usually feature an adhesive backing. RGB LED strip lights are typically used in accent lighting, backlighting, decorative lighting or other lighting applications.

These Airgoo DreamColor LED strips are addressable RGB. Addressable RGB LED strips are relatively newer technology and greatly improved the even 2-3 year old models. These addressable RGB strips feature single LEDs with their own chips meaning they can can be individually triggered or controlled for in-depth RGB effects.

Airgoo DreamColor LED Strip


In the case of the Airgoo DreamColor LED Strip, they have several features that make them one of the best choices when it comes to RGB lighting options.


The Airgoo DreamColor LED Strip is packed full of features that most have come to expect in modern LED strip lighting systems. They also include some newer technologies that make them a great choice for versatility.

One of the most prominent features is the Addressable RGB lighting system that comes standard on the DreamColor LEDs. These addressable RGBs can be individually adjusted for awesome unicorn vomit fun! Just as many LEDs, they play with 16 million color options and have several different settings to adjust those colors.


Another helpful feature is the ability for app control and remote control. This isn’t a common feature for on LED strips, but the they do have it! You can control the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip via the included IR remote control, smart phone app, or power adapter controller. I will go into more detail below on the functionality and usability of these, but it is a nice feature to have regardless.


Another awesome feature of the DreamColor LED strip is the music sensor. This RGB strip comes with a built-in high sensitivity mic, that will adjust the light brightness and colors based on the ambient sound. It will then adjust the lights and colors further following the music’s rhythm. There is 3 included modes (slow, relaxing, or dance) and each will fit a different type of personality.

This feature (music sensor) makes the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip a great choice for backlighting in bars or clubs due to it’s ability to make the place really party!

The Tech Guru – Quick Tip!

Another feature that the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip boasts is their flexibility and waterproof properties. These RGB LEDs are fully flexible to allow for bends that normally wouldn’t be allowed in traditional LED strips. The strip is also IP65 water resistant.

IP65 rating:
  • Protection from dust, oil, or non-corrosive material
  • Protection from contact with enclosed equipment
  • Protection from water, and up to water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction

Some other minor features that are included are, but not limited to; 3M adhesive backing for easy mounting, long power cables to allow for easy setup, USB power to allow for control with a TV or monitor, and BRIGHT 5050 LEDs.

5050 LEDs are large LED housings with four separate LED chips. They’re have several available colors and allow for great backlighting and general lighting options.


Setting up the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip was surprisingly easier than expected. The LED strip was easily bent around the outside of my TV (that I decided to mount it on) and the included TV mounting guide was extremely useful.


This guide laid out exactly what configuration would be best for my TV size (42-inch) and made it effortless.


Making bends in the LED strip was at first, quite daunting, but after doing a bit of research and knowing not to bed at the LED head points, capacitor points, or solder points it wasn’t too bad!

Other than that, installing the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip USB power controller on the back of the TV was simple with the included 3M adhesive pad. The USB plugged right into the back of the TV and powered the entire RGB strip.

DreamColor LED Strip RGB Use

The Airgoo DreamColor LED strip is extremely easy to use with the included IR remote controller. Airgoo includes a diagram of what functions the controller does and how to use it. It’s a little complex at first, but with some playing around it gets a lot easier.


App & Remote Control

The IR remote control and smart phone app allow you to control the lighting settings on the DreamColor LED strip. In order to access the smart phone app you need to either scan the included QR code or search “Happy Lighting” on the app store.


The lighting controls included are:

  • Mode +/-: controls the mode and you can cycle through each one
  • Auto: sets the lights to an automatic adjusting setting
  • On/Off: turns the LED strip on or off individually
    • The strip will also turn on/off with your TV or monitor
  • Brightness +/-: controls the brightness of the LEDs in 10 levels
  • Speed +/-: controls the speed of the LED modes in five levels
  • R G B: red green or blue colors
  • Music 1 2 3: 3 separate music settings depending on ambiance

Build Quality

The build quality of the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip is extremely good compared to other LED brands. I was very impressed at the amount of quality and sophistication with the product.

The only points I will take off for is occasionally my TV will randomly turn the strip on (it has only happened once in about a month), but I do believe that might be due to my sound bar.


There are several use case scenarios for LED lighting strips. As for this specific Airgoo DreamColor LED strip, I believe that it works extremely well for what it was designed for: TV or Monitor backlighting. These DreamColor RGBs would make a great addition to any home theater, room setup, office setup or gaming room!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Airgoo DreamColor LED strip for TVs and Monitors is a great product that I found to work extremely well. I am very happy with the quality, precision and look of the DreamColor RGB strip and I will look forward to using more of Airgoo’s products in the future!

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