Best LED Meteor Shower Lights (Christmas Snowfall)

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The best LED meteor shower lights are the BlueFire Upgraded Meteor Shower Lights. They have a variety of colors to choose from, are IP65 waterproof, and use a very bright SMD2835 LED chip. Furthermore, BlueFire uses a unique helical tube design that really shows off the light show.

What are the Best LED Meteor Shower Lights for this holiday season? Today I’ll be going through my top picks for outdoor/indoor LED meteor shower lights.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are a lot of us who love to showcase what we can do! If you’re using Christmas projector lights or regular LED string lights you might not be getting the most out of your Christmas decoration setup.

However, elevating your setup is easy with a set of LED meteor shower lights or sometimes referred to as Christmas snowfall lights. These special lights have LED’s that can make it look like you have a magical snow village in your yard. The LED technology can make it look like icicles or Christmas snowfall.

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What Are LED Meteor Shower Lights?

Meteor Shower Lights use LED lights to create a magical icicle or rain look. They are often powered by plug-in, battery, or solar energy. The LED lights turn off and on in a particular pattern that makes it look like they’re falling.

Additionally, some might have different effects, such as a twilight twinkle, falling icicle or meteor shower to name a few. There are some lights that include different colors for a variety of additions as well.

You can easily hang them outdoors or indoors to create the look and atmosphere you want. In addition, most are waterproof and feature an IP-water resistance rating to withstand winter weather.

BlueFire LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights (UPGRADED)


The BlueFire LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights are pretty much our top choice if you’re in the market for Christmas lights. These lights have 10 tubes per string, with 54 LED’s per tube. This means a total of over 500 LED’s per string, and you can use up to 4 of them together.


The LED’s are SMD2835 chips that are extremely bring and provide 360 degrees of light. BlueFire also uses and updated helical tube. The tube is made of transparent PC and helps elevate the meteor shower lights to a whole new unique level. It is also IP65 water proof and should resist corrosion readily.


Aluan Meteor Shower Rain Lights


Starting off the round-up with the Aluan Meteor Shower Rain Lights. These are LED lights made with premium materials and chips so that you get the best result.

Firstly, the housings are made from premium PC transparent material and an IP65 waterproof rating. Each Aluan string will have 10 tubes on each. Every tube runs independent of each other with a 19.7-inch wire between tubes, so that you have a lot of wire to work with. This means that you can easily string lights between different areas without much trouble.

Additionally, the power cord is 10 feet long so that you can have the most flexible mounting possible. With the power cord, the end is a tail plug that can connect up to 4 more kits together in instances where you need more LED’s.

Each set is UL certified and powered by 7V power. So, this means that there is very little risk of injury, low power consumption and no overheating. The LED’s in the meteor shower rain lights are coded to create a perfect snowfall pattern.

Joomer LED Meteor Shower Raindrop Lights


Next up is the Joomer LED Meteor Shower Raindrop Lights. These lights use a combination of SMD2835 LED chips and special mounting to provide 360 degrees of light. They are extremely bright, vibrant and well-built.

The transparent tubes are IP65 waterproof, corrosion resistant, and dust-proof. Additionally, you can connect up to 3 sets of meteor shower lights together which is 30 tubes of LED’s. There is a built-in timer that can be set to 6 or 18 hours.

As Christmas snowfall lights are concerned, these look great. You can use them in conjunction with more sets to create an awesome snowfall effect and a mystical winter paradise!

MinSoHi Falling Raindrop Icicle Cascading Lights


The MinSoHi Falling Raindrop Icicle Cascading Lights are a great option when considering they have an awesome multicolor design. Firstly, they add the ability to use up to 5 lights in conjunction with each other. They can be daisy chained together to create an awesome backyard effect.

In addition, they include a USB extension cable so that you can easily adapt the power adapter to whatever you need. You can also use the tubes in pretty much any type of weather with IP65 water proofing.

The LED chips used are extremely bright and shouldn’t have any fade overtime. Each tube has it’s own individual integrated controller so that you will always have a random falling pattern, which is awesome for a snowfall Christmas effect.

Blissun Falling Rain Lights


The Blissun LED Meteor Shower Lights are one of our top choices for Christmas icicle lights. They use a spiral transparent tube design that has improved durability along with visibility. They still provide an IP65 water proofing which means that you can use them outdoors, indoors, rain or shine.

You can string up to 5 Blissun LED meteor shower lights together to suit a wide variety of yard setups. If you want to string them completely across your yard you can! Additionally, each kit has 8 tubes with 36 LED’s per tube. This means that you get 288 LED’s per kit that provide a great amount of lighting effect.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to LED meteor shower lights, they are a fantastic addition to your Christmas or holiday light set up. Whether you are just adding to the magic, or creating your own winter wonderland – I think that you’ll be happy with any of the lights on this list.

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