VICTORAGE Gaming Chair Review: Better Than Secret Labs?

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In this VICTORAGE Gaming Chair Review we’ll be looking at: features, performance, and how it stacks up against competition.

If you’ve never used a gaming chair before, you’ll be blown away when you first use one. There’s quite honestly nothing like using a good chair to game all day with.

Although some of the higher-end gaming chairs can get quite expensive, the VICTORAGE Gaming Chair can be found for a fair price. Although still pricey, it does compete with even more expensive chairs and provides possibly more value?

If you don’t know VICTORAGE is an eSports gaming team that is popular for League of Legends.



Starting the VICTORAGE Gaming Chair Review with the main features.



The design of the chair is one of our most favorite features. It looks really really good. Even when compared to the SecretLab OMEGA chair, we think it looks better.

It has a leather-faced chair with an awesome looking hexagonal design. It almost looks like the seats from a Lamborghini. The bolsters on either side feel great along with the very soft bottom seat portion. VICTORAGE also has several different designs and colors if the default isn’t your favorite.

Our least favorite part was the big logo, we would appreciate a slightly smaller logo, but it is not that big a bother.

Finally, the included neck and lumbar pillows are made of an extremely soft microfiber material. Not only does it look like Alcantara (AWESOME), but it feels great as well.



The chair is designed for two things (besides looks); comfort and support.

Firstly, cushioning is done by very thick memory foam that provides a plush, but supportive seating surface. In addition, the backrest can fully recline and arm supports are also adjustable.

They are 3D armrests that are damped for smooth and sturdy movement. VICTORAGE also uses a sponge-like integrated foaming technology to elminate the feeling of sitting fatigue.

Finally, the gaming chair supports up to persons 6’5″ and 400 pounds!

Build Quality and Construction

The installation of the gaming chair was extremely easy. From the box it only took about 10-15 minutes to construct (including the tools required). The biggest portions of the chair came pre-installed which was a huge time saver.

Additionally, the chair is very large and comfy, which really helps add to the overall structure. If you’re smaller than the max height and weight, then you’ll sink into this chair – in a good way!

The materials used seem to be extremely durable and feel high-quality. While we can’t speak for very long-term durability – early impressions seem great!



While you can’t really rate a gaming chair on performance per-say, you can rate it based on it’s support. Support is huge for any desk or office chair, let alone gaming chairs!

You will most likely be sitting in this chair for anywhere from 3-8+ hours per day, which is a huge amount of time. The VICTORAGE gaming chair definitely helps not only support your posture, but your bottom as well.

The cushions are tough enough to add good support, but have enough give to be comfortable. It doesn’t feel like you’re sitting on a rock, it feels like you’re sitting on quality.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, should you buy the VICTORAGE Gaming Chair? In our opinion, yes.

It is one of the most solid choices right now in gaming chairs. While they can be more expensive than some budget chairs. VICTORAGE does provide an extensive amount of features and benefits to their prices.

Additionally, even if you aren’t gaming, this is a great office or desk chair. It truly helps support your spine and posture meaning that you’ll have less fatigue.

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