Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? What is a Gaming Chair?

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We’re here to answer the ever-forward question: Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

While we have several gaming chair guides already out, this is going to be a combination of all of the resources you need to make a purchase decision.

Whether you’re considering a gaming chair for Christmas, as a gift or for yourself, we’ll be answering all of the questions regarding gaming chairs. In this guide, you can expect to learn more than you’ll ever want to know about gaming chairs; where they come from, what they do, how they’re made, and why you should have one!

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What is a Gaming Chair?

So, what does the term “gaming chair” actually mean? What exactly makes an ordinary office chair capable of being a gaming chair.

Well, there is actually a few criteria that (at least we think) make a regular office chair a gaming chair.


Gaming chairs need exceptional levels of comfort. They need this because, you should be able to sit in the chair for long gaming sessions with little to no fatigue.

While some office chairs might provide this level of comfort, many gaming chairs strive to make comfort a priority.


Something you might not consider when purchasing a gaming or office chair is it’s breathability. When you’re considering seating materials, usually chairs offer leather, PU leather or some sort of mesh fabric. While leather and variants look premium, they often aren’t the most comfortable and breathable.

That’s where fabric and mesh varieties come into play. A lot of gaming chairs offer awesome breathable fabrics so that you don’t have to be sitting in a swamp for hours. These brands know that gamers spend long sessions sitting at their desks. So, they design their products to offload as much heat as possible contributing to awesome breathability.


An ergonomic design is part of any good gaming chair. Most office chairs won’t have the same ergonomic support for your back (lumbar) and neck support. Adding to that, a lot of gaming chairs will include a neck pillow and lumbar support pillow to help customize needs.


Most desk or office chairs do not include such accessories and don’t really have a massive supportive design. Support designs often include some sort of lower-back support along with upper-neck support. You need to maintain a good natural posture for extended gaming or office sessions.


While design might not be one of the top factors for most people, for gamers it can mean everything. Whether your gaming chair has RGB lighting or it’s got an awesome pink color scheme, design is important.

Designs can range anywhere from wild to more subdued, however most gaming chairs will have a similar racing-style design. So why are gaming chairs shaped like race chairs? Well, it’s most likely because they are based off of cockpit style setups that most racing games go for.

Build Quality

In addition to design, build quality is something to be considered when choosing a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are often built with high standards compared to regular office chairs. A lot of chairs use all aluminum construction with high quality mesh or PU leather components.

There is a huge difference between a cheap and expensive chair. So, if you have a regular office chair, checking out a gaming chair with a high build quality will make a massive change to your gaming setup.


There are a lot of chairs that have armrests and back support. But, with gaming chairs, you often get more than that! Usually you have adjustable 3D or 4D armrests (meaning that you can move them in most directions). You also might get an adjustable footrest on a gaming chair.


In addition, you’ll get a gas-powered adjustable stand along with typically a fully reclining backrest. You can also expect (with gaming chairs) to have adjustable support. While the actual system might change between brands, you typically should have a neck and lumbar support system.

What Type of Gaming Chair Should You Buy?


While exploring if gaming chairs are worth it, you should consider what type you should buy. While you might consider a more budget gaming chair, or a premium one, there are several things to consider.

Firstly, you should ask yourself, “Why do I want a Gaming Chair?”. If your answer is style, aesthetic or design (or even RGB), then you might be able to get away with a more budget offering. However, if your main concerns are comfort, support and build quality, then we’d highly recommend checking out one of the more premium brands.


Secondly, consider what type of materials you need. If you expect to be using your chair a lot and want to it last a long time, then premium-grade materials are important! The last thing you want is to spend $200-300 on a gaming chair for it to fall apart in a year.

Next, you should look at how big you need your gaming chair to be. There are some chairs that are built for larger individuals and some chairs that are build for smaller ones. The Musso Gaming Chair is one great example of an executive style chair.

Are Gaming Chairs Actually Worth It?

So, are gaming chairs worth it? Well, I would say 100% yes. Once I upgraded my plain old office chair to a DXRacer, I saw a drastic improvement in not only fatigue, but posture as well.

If you’ve never sat in a gaming chair before, then you wouldn’t know how much a difference they make. Sitting at your desk all day is something that gamers and other computer enthusiasts have in common. It is important to prevent any strain or injury as much as possible, especially when you’re sitting for such long periods of time.

While there is some gamers that won’t really care about that stuff, you should at least care about the design. There is a subtle (or should I say not-so-subtle) element to the styling of gaming chairs. Having a good gaming chair can really elevate not only your setups look, but it’s overall characteristics as well. If you’re going after that “gamer’s paradise” look, then a big upgrade can be a gaming desk and chair.

Final Thoughts

When considering gaming chairs there are a lot of things to review. While you might think a cheaper chair would be ok, in the long run a more premium chair might be a much better option. Depending on your situation–what you need, what you want and what you’re looking for–you should be able to find something that works for you.

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