AUKEY Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review

AUKEY 45" Ergonomic Gaming Desk


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Today we’ll be reviewing at the AUKEY Ergonomic Gaming Desk. After seeing the great quality of the AUKEY keyboard, we just had to see how it is.

While gaming desks aren’t as popular as RGB gaming chairs to elevate your setup. They definitely are can give your gaming setup a new look, feel and performance.

AUKEY is mostly known for their power supplies; such as chargers, USB hubs and more. But, have made their way into the gaming space. One of their contributions is the AUKEY LY113 Gaming Desk. It’s got that gamer aesthetic, but how does it hold up?

Let’s get into it.


Starting off with the AUKEY LY113 Gaming Desk’s features.


The materials are seemingly very sturdy and built well. AUKEY uses a PVP table top that is complimented by a solid steel frame. They claim the frame and table can support up to 330 pounds, which is more than enough for any gaming setup.


In addition, the surface top is a carbon fiber design that looks really cool. It should have enough space for up to 3 gaming monitors measuring 45 inches in length. It also should have plenty of room for any mousepads, or other gaming gear you have.

RGB Lighting


What gaming setup is complete without tons of RGB lighting?

This gaming desk also comes equipped with RGB lighting that is perfect for your gaming setup. It isn’t overdone, but is definitely there if you want it. The side panels have easily customizable lighting with 8 modes, or you can turn it off completely. So, for gamers that want a more stealthy looking setup, you can have it!

Cable Management

In addition to RGB lighting, cable management is a huge part of any gaming setup. Cable management helps you organize your monitors, peripherals and sound equipment.

The AUKEY Gaming Desk comes equipped with a built-in cable management rack and cable grommets to help you manage. These are much appreciated because a lot of other gaming desks do not include these features (you’d have to purchase them separately).

Additionally, AUKEY includes a cup holder, headphone holders and adjustable feet. The standout here is the headphone holder. This is another appreciated feature because a lot of desks will not include this out of the box.

Final Verdict

The AUKEY Gaming Desk is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a high-quality, well-built gaming desk. In addition to RGB. lighting, AUKEY adds features that a lot of other desks do not come stock with. These include, cable management systems and headphones holders.

The desk itself has solid construction. it is made from a wood material that is covered in a layer of a carbon fiber vinyl (or some type of carbon fiber material). Everything else is metal construction that feels extremely sturdy and solid.

Assembly should only take around 20-30 minutes, depending on your construction talents. But, shouldn’t take very long even for inexperienced builders. And, you should only need a screw driver for completion.

In conclusion, the AUKEY Gaming Desk is perfect for anyone looking for a well-priced desk. Even if you aren’t gaming, this is a great choice for an office desk all-the-same.

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