VicTsing Gaming Keyboard Comparison

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VicTsing was founded in 2012. VTIN is a professional consumer electronics supplier that specializes in Bluetooth speakers. Additionally, they manufacture gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and ring light LEDs. They are top-rated in accessories and products on Amazon.

VicTsing has 3 main gaming keyboards that we will be reviewing.

VicTsing Rainbow LED Gaming Keyboard


First on the list is the cheapest gaming keyboard that VicTsing makes. It is their rainbow LED all-metal wired keyboard. It has spill resistant keys and LEDs while maintaining a stylish look.

They use a slim metal-panel design that helps provide durability and structural integrity. In addition to structure, the metal-panel helps add a unique and stylistic look to the keyboard.

VicTsing adds a rainbow LED backlit to give the keyboard a unique look. It also helps you see the key caps at night. You can adjust the backlight speed and brightness along with just turning it off if needed.

The keys provide 55g of actuation force and 4.0mm of travel. This gives the VicTsing gaming keyboard 4 times faster input speed. They also designed a special crater structure for quiet, but tactile keystrokes. For gamers, there is advanced anti-ghosting technology that allows up to 19 keys to work at one time.

You don’t need any software for the VicTsing LED keyboard. It is plug and play with no installation needed. It is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

VicTsing RGB Metallic Gaming Keyboard


Next is the VicTsing RGB Metallic Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is similar to the rainbow keyboard except it has adds more robust construction and features.

The LED RGB backlight is very bright with solid colors. There are six zones that are fully customizable along with effects. This keyboard has metal construction as well, that adds durability, stability and support. It has a frosted texture that helps prevent scratching.


VicTsing uses a special high-bond crater that gives precise tactile feedback that isn’t overbearingly loud. You can use it in a quiet office setting or when gaming at home. The keycaps are made with double-shot injection. This means they provide very good durability to surface wear. In addition, it reduces color fading as well.

This gaming keyboard is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Mac. It also has similar water and spill resistance to the first keyboard.

VicTsing Gaming Keyboard With Red Switches


Finally, we finish with the VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This is VicTsing’s take on a mechanical keyboard with red key switches.

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not have RGB lighting. But, it is the best feeling as far as gaming experiences go. The red switches are tactile and provide excellent feedback. VicTsing claims a lifespan of over 50 million keystrokes.


Similar to the other VicTsing keyboards, the mechanical one features an LED backlight. The difference is that it is only red on this keyboard. However, it still does have cool effects and lighting modes.

The keyboard feels very sturdy and has a detachable ergonomic wrist rest. In addition, it features strong durability with dust and spill resistance. The red switches used provide a quiet tactile click. They are waterproof and last for up to 60 million clicks. Also, you can change out the keycaps if needed.

VicTsing claims the keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Final Thoughts

Which one of the VicTsing gaming keyboards should you buy? Our choice is the red switch mechanical version.

The RGB LED lighting looks awesome, and if you really need that then go for it. However, if you’re interested in gaming performance, the mechanical option is the best.

The build quality is superb (especially for the price). It has a strong braided cable and high quality keycaps. They feel like they will last as long as you have the keyboard. The red LED lighting is phenomenal. It is uniform, bright and accurate. The red switches are on the quiet side for a mechanical keyboard. They can be compared to Cherry’s Brown switches, but aren’t as high of quality. However, they do hold their own.

If you’re in the market for a cheap (affordable) mechanical gaming keyboard, the VicTsing can definitely be the one for you!

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