Mpow H5 VS Mpow H10 Headphones Review

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Who is Mpow?

Mpow is a technology company that was founded in January of 2013. They manufacture mainly budget headphones, but have recently moved into higher-end noise cancelling earbuds and headphones.

In 2015, Mpow was awarded with the “Best Seller” prize of electronic products in the Amazon European region. By 2018, Mpow reached the Top 5 Stores on Amazon. Approximately out of every 10 bluetooth headphones sold, 3 are Mpow. You can read more about Mpow’s history on their website.

Mpow’s Amazon store features several new and old products. This includes many new Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. In addition, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, earphones and accessories.

Ever since the Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth earbuds, I have been especially interested in their headphones. The Wolverines were exceptional. They sounded great, had great battery life, and lasted a solid 4 years. Now, I’m very excited to take a look at the Mpow H5 vs H10 comparison.

Mpow H5 Review


The Mpow H5 headphones are full-feature noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones.


The H5 headphones boast “superior deep bass” along with 30 hours of playtime. In addition, they have active noise cancelling technology that can effectively reduce the noise around you. Along with noise cancelling, the H5’s have dual 40mm drivers that provide exceptional bass and treble.


The advanced CSR Bluetooth chip brings high-fidelity, high-quality audio to your ears. If your battery is running low, you can still connect the H5 headphones to your audio device via auxiliary cable. Built into the headphones is a CVC 6.0 microphone that “guarantees clear hands-free calls”.


Finally, the Mpow H5 (upgraded) version comes with a few additional features. Mpow changed around some of the styling, improved the denoising depth and improved sound quality.


Firstly, the noise cancelling technology in the Mpow H5 headphones. It provides high-quality noise cancelling that rivals some even more premium headphones. While testing the headphones at the gym and walking the streets of a busy city, the H5’s performed very well.

Next, the 40mm drivers. The sound is very bass and treble heavy, but perfect for bass heads. I really appreciated these headphones in a gym situation. They compared well when testing against my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones. But, lacked some of the higher quality audio experiences (expected seeing as the H5’s are almost $100 cheaper).

The Mpow H5 headphones are very comfortable and built well. They are made of high-quality plastics and metal construction. The “professional. protein earpads” swivel 90 degrees and the headband is adjustable. The H5’s are very lightweight and can be worn all day.

Additionally, Mpow improved the durability, which they claim successfully passed the 10,000+ bending test. They also improved the clamping force for better comfort. The H5’s battery life is exceptional, lasting approximately 25-30 hours of music playback.


Mpow H10 Review


The Mpow H10 headphones are full-feature upgraded noise cancelling headphones with improved Hi-Fi sound.


The H10’s have several premium features such as; upgraded active noise cancelling technology, dual-mic ANC technology, wireless Bluetooth technology, Hi-Fi 40mm stereo drivers and a 600mAh battery.

Mpow’s noise cancelling technology claims to cancel 85% of machine noise (airplane cabin, subway, office), and works in both wired or wireless modes. The dual-mics help to provide better noise cancelling.


The Mpow H10 headphones come equipped with dual high-end 40mm stereo drivers. These drivers in addition with the high-end CSR Bluetooth provide immersive Hi-Fi, deep bass and quality mids.

The 600mAh battery stands to provide over 30 hours of music playback. But, if you do run out of battery, similar to the H5’s, you can connect the headphones with an auxiliary audio cable.


In addition, the Mpow H10’s have audio control and ANC control buttons on the ear cups. You can control your music, hands-free calling and noise cancelling modes with the buttons.



So, how do the Mpow H10’s stand up vs the H5’s? Well, honestly they sound better. But, that is expected due to their higher product cost.

The H10’s active noise cancelling blocks out up to 32 dBa. They block out noises better than the H5’s and almost as well as some of the premium offerings. The upgraded dual-mic ANC technology helps to aid in the quality.

In addition, the 40mm large-aperture drivers are also an upgrade. They provide, crisp, clear sounds with powerful bass. The H10’s are still bass heavy and are great headphones for the gym. Although, they do provide an improved sound quality over the Mpow H5’s.

Mpow adopts the upgraded CSR 8635 Chip which helps the Bluetooth connection. It feels like a very solid connection that delivers rich quality music. In addition, the chip delivers great power usage. It helps the Mpow H10 headphones achieve over 30 hours of audio playback (with ANC off).

Personally, these headphones were comfortable for my head shape. But, for some others they might not be as comfortable. However, the build quality and materials used, like the H5’s, were awesome.

Final Thoughts

What are the results of the Mpow H5 vs H10 headphones comparison?

The Mpow H10 headphones are an upgraded version of the Mpow H5’s. It is 100% worth the extra money to upgrade to the H10’s. They have higher quality audio, build, and active noise cancelling. If you’re looking for cheap gym headphones, they definitely make a great pair.

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