Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Build Quality






RGB Lighting



  • RGB backlighting
  • 100% anti-ghosting gaming keyboard with full-key rollover
  • Customizable mouse DPI levels
  • Metal construction


  • No individual color programability
  • Not Cherry MX branded switches
  • Wished there was more customization

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Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Blue Switch 104 Keys Rainbow Backlit Keyboards, 4800DPI 7 Button Mouse Wired for PC Gamer Computer Laptop

Havit Gaming Combo Review – EveryHomeTech.com


The Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo is a gaming keyboard and mouse that are compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS. Both have RGB lighting and can be customized in many ways. The keyboard has an ergonomic design and the mouse has a natural design that will fit naturally in your hand.

One of the biggest features of the Havit Gaming Keyboard is that it features mechanical key switches. It uses 104 blue key switches. The Havit mechanical keyboard does have an all metal back panel and full n-key rollover. The metal back plate keeps the keyboard extremely sturdy and makes it feel more premium than it’s actual cost. The blue key switches are very clicky and exaggerate the “gamer” aspect of the gaming keyboard. Both the Havit gaming keyboard and mouse have braided cables that should last a while.

There is an adjustable arm (wrist) rest that is detachable. It helps a lot with wrist pain if you are sitting at your computer for a while. For some, it might be annoying, but you can just remove it easily.

Keyboard and Mouse Build

The Havit keyboard keys are a floating key design. The blue switches have a strong feel, decent travel and no foreseeable long-term reliability issues. Each key is individually lit and you are able to control them through the software. Along with controlling RGB, you can control the mapping of the keys and adjust them.

The Havit gaming mouse is adjusted in similar ways to the keyboard. There are specific DPI buttons to adjust DPI on the fly, but you can remap those buttons to whatever you want.

The gaming keyboard has 12 multimedia keys by default. These keys allow you to adjust the volume of your computer along with pause music. You can use them to change screen settings and some other shortcuts as well.

Havit RGB Lighting Effects

Havit Gaming Mouse


There are 7 lighting effects for the RGB Havit gaming mouse. 800 DPI – 4800 DPI has different lighting effects ranging from green to yellow.

You can also use the Havit software to control RGB coloring for the mouse. In addition, you can use the software to program the mouse buttons and remap them to other keys.

You can control the Havit gaming keyboard with the software. If you have the RGB mousepad, you can use it for that as well! If you purchase the RGB keyboard, RGB mouse and RGB mousepad, you can create an awesome looking desk setup. In addition, the RGB LED brightness is very bright.

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