Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights Review

Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights


Build Quality







  • Great color options from the 5050 LEDs
  • Well-made and built for durability
  • Not as "wiry" as some other LED strips
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and Smart controls are awesome to have


  • Smart phone app could be more refined
  • Only a "white-backed" option
  • Not waterproof

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Who is Govee?

Govee is a technology company who have been around since 2017. They started with the premise of offering superior quality devices at affordable prices. They have been creating intelligent (smart) technology for lighting, home security and climate control (thermometers).

Govee produces top tier LED bulbs, RGB strip lighting, outdoor lights, and smart bulbs. In addition, they make smart thermometers and baby monitors. On their website, Govee says on their website that they have a superior research and development team devoted to making higher quality products.

What is the Govee Home App?


The Govee Home App is available to help you mange your Govee experience at your desired location. It is available on the Govee’s website or on the iOS and Android stores.


The Home App allows you to connect all of your Govee devices and control them from one place. You can adjust lighting, set up timers, check on cameras and even get notifications.

What Makes a LED Strip Good?


A good RGB LED lighting strip should have several qualities. Firstly, accurate color. Accurate colors are important not only for quality, but for matching colors between lighting kits.

Secondly, good LED strip lighting should be able to last a long time. Longevity is an important part. Because, if you are installing LED strips, you most likely don’t want to have to replace them every few months. This is especially true if you have a project that requires a long take-down to replace the LEDs.

Finally, good strip lighting LEDs should be bright. Along with accurate color, brightness is a huge part of lighting. If your LED strips aren’t bright, then it could throw off the entire effect you are going for!

A great example of a good LED strip is the Airgoo DreamColor RGB Strip. It has all of the qualities and provides a great value!

But, how do the Govee Dreamcolor LED strip lights hold up?


The Govee Dreamcolor LED lighting strip has many premium features that aren’t even offered with more expensive strips.

Firstly is the smart functionality. The Govee LED strip has voice control, working with Alexa and Google Assistant. They are Google Assistant certified as well. This gives you 100% hands free control of the lights if you can’t get on the app.


The app (Govee Home App) has many controls that you can use as well. It allows you to set moods, settings and different color profiles. You can sync all of your Govee products and connect them together.

Secondly, they feature music party control. This feature is perfect for parties, bars, or clubs. The Govee light strips are controlled via a built-in microphone that syncs to music. The microphone picks up any music coming out of speakers or hand claps.


Another great feature, is Govee’s build quality. They use high-quality premium 5050 LED light units. These 5050 LEDs are extremely bright and provide excellent longevity for continued use. They are also made from flexible material that can be bent.

Keep in mind, this LED strip is not waterproof, but you can find several outdoor waterproof LED strips for great prices!

Finally, the Govee Dreamcolor LED strip lights are very easy to install. The all-in-one kit comes equipped with an ETL listed adapter, WiFi controller, 16.4ft or 32.8ft LED strip, 3M adhesive and 5 cable management clips.

How to Set Up the Govee Strip Lights


How do you setup the Govee strip lights? Well, Govee makes it quite simple!

  1. Download ?Govee Home? APP on the iOS or Google Play store
  2. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is ON
  3. Register for a Govee Home Account
  4. Open the APP and Click “+” to add device
  5. Select the strip light model “H6159” to connect
  6. Select a WiFi network and enter the password
  7. Name your new strip light

Then, once you’re all set up, start playing! It’s fun to play around with some of the different APP settings.

Final Thoughts

Are the Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights worth your money?

Absolutely. These LED strip lights are awesome! They are a premium product priced at an affordable price without compromise. The Govee Home App could use some updating, but definitely works as advertised.

Where can you use LED strip lights? You can use these Govee strip lights for TV back lighting, under counter accent lights, custom gaming setups, home theater lighting and more! The possibilities are endless. But, I highly recommend trying out Govee’s LED strip due to it’s high quality and great value!

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