Pecham Gaming Headset Review

PECHAM Gaming Headset (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac)


Build Quality







  • Great sound quality
  • Very great value for the price
  • Premium features
  • Surround sound


  • Not wireless
  • Not as premium plastics as some higher-end headsets

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The Pecham Gaming Headset is a budget gaming headset. It features premium qualities at an affordable price. Some of the best affordable budget headphones are under $50 and the Pecham Gaming Headset does not dissapoint.

It comes in around $40 and is one of the best choices compared to some of the competition.


Pecham loaded their gaming headset with a lot of features that most other headsets do not have (at this price point).

Firstly, they have a very comfortable stance. They fit will on your head. The ear cushions are synthetic leather wrapped and are very comfortable. They help provide passive noise isolation and will keep you gaming for hours!

Along with comfortable ear cushions, the Pecham drivers have surround sound. They have full range 40mm drivers that bring professional stereo sound. It brings an immersive gaming experience.

The Pecham Gaming Headset features a noise isolating microphone. It helps keep your voice separated from background noise. The microphone is omni-directional and delivers superior audio quality.


The headset is durable with a robust design, decent build quality, strengthened headband and braided cable. The microphone is adjustable and there is an inline control unit for volume and muting.

Headset Compatibility



Pecham features two full range 40mm speaker drivers that deliver optimal audio. They provide full surround sound with booming effects for a pleasant experience. When listening to music, they sound really good, especially for a budget headset. The highs are clear, with full mids along with decent bass.


The microphone is very good and crystal clear. It cancels background noise well and is good for voice chat. In addition, the braided cable is long and high quality. The volume wheel works fine, and is a welcome addition. You can add the BoomPro if you require higher quality professional audio input.

Final Thoughts

The Pecham Gaming Headset is a great option for anyone looking for a gaming headset under $50. It definitely holds it’s own in the budget sector. While Pecham doesn’t have a huge hold on gaming headsets, this one is a good choice.

The gaming headset provides great audio quality and superb durability. The materials used to manufacture this headset seem very high quality. While the plastics could be a bit better, it isn’t anything to worry about on a budget headset.

Pecham added a braided auxiliary cord with inline audio controls. Additionally, it features powerful 40mm drivers that compete well with other more premium headsets.

In conclusion, I think that the Pecham headset is totally worth a click. It will definitely provide you with excellent value.

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