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Today in the Ewin Champion Gaming Chair Review, we’ll be exploring the features, build quality, performance and more about this heavy duty chair!

Gaming chairs have become more and more worth it as far as comfort is concerned. At first, they weren’t some of the most comfortable chairs, but since have really made their place as good options for gamers.


When it comes to the best gaming chairs, typically you see Secret Labs vs DXRacer. However, today we have an awesome competitor to both of those: Ewin. Specifically, the Champion Series cloth gaming chair!

With that being said, let’s get into it!

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Starting off the review with the features of the Ewin Heavy Duty Gaming Chair. The Champion series is an office gaming chair that features a high-density foam build. Ewin includes 4D adjustable armrests, a multi-functional tilt system, and a class 4 gas lift.


Additionally, they offer an adjustable back angle of 85-155 degrees, a wide 5-star aluminum base, and hub less casters. Included is a foam head/neck pillow, along with a back/lumbar support pillow.


In addition to the PU leather / cloth variants of this Champion series uses Ewin’s new SoftWeave fabric. This is a very premium (similar to Secret Labs) material that is a mix of lightweight and breathable blend. It is made from 350GSM short-yarn.


Ewin uses a meticulous grinding process to create a unique soft and fluffy texture. The material is designed to be extremely breathable and soft when compared to older style fabrics.

The Cold-Cure foam is a high-resilience foam that helps add to the comfort level as well. It is engineered to be 2 times heavier than a regular foam per cubic foot. Also, that helps to retain the memory and durability of the foam.

Build Quality

Included gloves.

The build quality of the Ewin Champion Gaming Chair is next-to-none. They use (what feels like) very premium materials that are sturdy and well designed. The actual building process of the of the chair out of the box is very simple and straightforward.

When it comes to the base, it is solid and steady. It feels very sturdy and like it can take a beating. They use a solid metal material for the base along with casters that don’t seem cheap.


Most of the chair comes already pre-constructed, but the pieces you do have to put together are quite simple. The necessary components have extra pieces if you need them, and are already pre-installed where they need to be.

Additionally, Ewin includes a simple guide with pictures (colored) included in the box. But, if you want to follow a video, there is an instructional video available as well.

What’s in-the-box.

A few weird things we found with the build was that the manual they included for us was in Spanish, not English. And, the lumbar pillow doesn’t have anywhere to attach to the actual chair (no strap or anything like other chairs). However, in use, it really hasn’t created any issues.

Comfort & Performance


As far as comfort and performance are concerned, the Ewin Heavy Duty Gaming Chair is awesome. It is incredibly comfortable from a foam perspective. The included pillows are soft and made of the same great foam.

From a fabric perspective, the SoftWeave fabric is great. It delivers exactly what they promised. The fabric is soft, breathable and relatively durable. When sitting in the chair, you don’t get as much “hug” from the chair as you would with some other gaming chairs. This helps add to the overall comfort level of the chair, and the durability as well.

Finally, the look of the chair is awesome. It is very unique, modern and clean looking. The black accents on the outsides of the chair are made with a microfiber material and look great. When it comes to our actual gaming setup, it matches our gray/black desk very well.

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