Ensenior Recessed Can Lights Review

Ensenior Recessed LED Can Lights


Build Quality






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In this Ensenior Recessed Can Lights Review, we’ll be going over the features, build quality and performance of these LED lights!

When it comes to improving your homes look, efficiency and functionality, LED lighting is incredibly important to implement.

Recessed can lights can help to add a modern design to your home. And, with included LED bulbs, can improve the visibility and functionality of your lights in general. Depending on the look you’re going for, it can be important to have variable color temperatures of your LED lighting.

Today we’re going to look at the Ensenior LED Can Lights that can be used as a retrofit or original lighting solution for your home.

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Build Quality

Starting off with the build quality of the Ensenior Recessed Can Lights. They have an all-metal construction with a durable coating. The metal build helps with rigidity, durability and heat dissipation.


Additionally, the LED element has a cover over it. The cover feels extremely strong and durable. It has a frosted texture to help with light dispersion. This means that you should expect an bright, but even light glow from the can.


In the box, Ensenior includes all of the necessary mounting and power hardware. So, whether you’re using them as an original placement or retrofitting the installation, you should have everything you need.


Finally, they back their build quality up with a five-year warranty. So, if you have any troubles within 5-years of purchase, Ensenior guarantees a replacement solution.


Next up, is the features of the Ensenior Can Lights. They are an LED-base metal can light that have 5-available color temperatures. The temperatures range from 2700K to 5000K. You can adjust the colors fairly easily, but it cannot be done on the fly.

Before inserting the fixture into the can, there is a black switch on the side and you can adjust that switch to your desired temperature.

Color temperature comparison.

Additionally, the Ensenior lights are dimmable. They have a dimmable range of 5%-100%. The highest brightness has a peak of 1100 lumens. And, on the low end 55 lumens.

Lumen comparison.

Finally, they feature a very simple installation process. The LED downlight should fit right into the can, and be attached with a 5″ or 6″ screw.


As far as performance is concerned, the Ensenior Can Lights do a great job. They are very easy to install with the included hardware. The plugs are easy to use and fit perfectly with the pre-existing ballasts.

Depending on where you’re using the lights, it’s nice to have different color temperatures. It is also useful to have the ability to adjust it if you need to down the line.

The construction feels solid and premium. The outer rims are all metal and coated with a sturdy-feeling coating. When it comes to the LED covers, they are frosted and again feel well-built. No quarrels here.

One benefit is they only use 12 watts to power 1100 lumens. While it might seem a bit on the questionable side, they have a good reputation and have proven their reliability.

Finally, a big benefit to these lights is that they don’t require an electrician to install. You can easily install these lights without much prior knowledge. A big benefit for those who like to have a DIY weekend.

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