Guide to the Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

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What are the Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at our top in-ceiling speakers with Bluetooth capabilities. Most of these speakers are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, home theaters, or whole-house sound.

When it comes to ceiling speakers with Bluetooth (read more), they are great options for those who don’t want to have a full head unit or AV receiver system (read more). In most cases, these speakers don’t require any additional hardware, and can easily be connected to your phone or device for easy playback.

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What Are Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are specialized speakers that are designed to be installed and function in your home’s ceiling. They have drivers that fire downward to project sound equally throughout a room.

You can use Bluetooth ceiling speakers to easily connect a device and play sound. They be very simple to install compared to typical speakers that require a full receiver and amplifier to drive.

How Do Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Get Power?

A common question is do these speakers need power and, if so, how do they get power? Well, yes they need power. Typically power is received either by connecting to an included amplification device (such as an outlet adapter), or separate power ran to the speaker.

Power is necessary because the speakers have a built-in amplifier, receiver and Bluetooth adapter. Whereas with traditional in-ceiling speakers, your AV receiver (check out the Onyko HT-S3910 Home Theater Receiver) will handle all of that for you.

Herdio Bluetooth Wall Ceiling Speakers


Starting off the list with the Herdio Home Audio Ceiling Wall Speakers. These speakers come with an included wall outlet adapter so that you can independently control them.

Firstly, they are extremely easy to install. Whether you’re using them in a theater, office, kitchen, or just throughout your home, they are simple. The amplifier fits in a standard wall plate and simply connections to the HCS-528 ceiling speakers.


With the wall-mount amplifier, you get a USB reader for media playback (which also doubles as a charging port), AUX port, Bluetooth connection and even a MIC-in port as well!

The included HCS-528 speakers have a 300 watt max output. They are made from polypropylene cones with a rubber edge. Their sound output is clear, responsive and quite powerful. The drivers themselves are 8.5-inches with a 4.33-inch depth.

Finally, all of the necessary installation pieces come with the kit. So, you shouldn’t need any additional components.

Herdio 5.25-Inch Bluetooth Flush Mount In-Ceiling Speaker (HCS-528BT)


Next up is another Bluetooth speaker set by Herdio. Similar to the first set, these are flush mount in-ceiling Bluetooth speakers that have a max power output of 300 watts. However, these are only 5.25-inch drivers (HCS-528BT) instead of 8.5-inches.

So, you are able to fit them into tighter places, or use them as a secondary back-up to the bigger drivers. This pair of speakers has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so there is no need for any wall outlet installation.


Additionally, they feature Bluetooth 5.0 for the most up-to-date streaming capabilities. The amplifier is able to bring stereo sound effects along with digital processing abilities. You should be able to stream any of your favorite songs from your device. Each speaker has a output of 150 watts and, uses a similar polymer tweeter and cone.

Finally, to power these ceiling speakers, all you need is the included adapter and just run the wires!

Pyle Bluetooth Flush Mount In-Ceiling Speakers

Next up on the list is these flush-mount Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers from Pyle. The PDICBT552RD speakers have built-in Bluetooth so there is hassle-free wiring and installation.

They work in a pair to create a stereo sound stage in any room that you put them in, whether it’s in the wall or ceiling. Additionally, the speaker grill is stain resistant, matches a flush design, and allows for full-sound passthrough.

The speakers are made from a high-quality polypropylene cone with a 0.5-inch polymer tweeter. Main cone drivers are 5.25-inches and provide a solid amount of sound quality for the size. Plastics are high-quality ABS construction, and the included mounting hardware is easy to install.

Finally, the Bluetooth system has a 30+ foot range, speakers have a max power output of 150 watts each, and provide an 8 ohm impedance.

Pyle Ceiling and Wall Mount 8-Inch 2-Way Speakers


Next is another speaker by Pyle, but this pair has an active and passive speaker so you get a massive amount of power. Additionally, these are both 8-inch speakers versus 5.25-inches.

This PWRC85BT speaker pair consists of two main drivers, one being active and one being passive. The active speaker acts as a subwoofer speaker in addition to providing typical midbass reproduction. They peak at 360 watts of power and can easily reproduce tough sounds clearly and accurately.

The active speaker has a power unit (amplifier and receiver) included in it’s design.

The 8-inch drivers use a polypropylene cone and 2-inch polymer tweeter to produce a 55Hz – 22kHz frequency response, and 8 ohm impedance.

In addition, Pyle still uses a flush-mount design so that you have the simplest, cleanest install possible. All of the wiring and amplification is housed within the active speaker. It also has the Bluetooth module and receiver positions there as well.

Finally, the grilles are magnetically detachable and you can easily hook up pretty much any audio device you have to these speakers.

Pyle 4-Inch Bluetooth LED Ceiling Speakers


Finally, last but not least, we have the Pyle 4-Inch Bluetooth LED Ceiling Speaker System (PDIC4CBTL4B). These speakers not only are Bluetooth capable, but have built-in LED lighting as well!

They come in a variety of sizes (3-inch, 3.5-inch, 4-inch), however we prefer the 4-inch for their massive 320 watts of power.


The coolest feature is the built-in LED lights, They each have 5 watt 650 lumen lighting in each speaker. You can easily use these speakers as a dual-purpose clean lighting and sound system.

They have high-quality aluminum frames that are extremely lightweight, stain resistant, and heat resistant. The Bluetooth controller also doubles as a 4-channel digital amplifier, so that you get the most out of these speakers. As with other Pyle speakers, these have a flush-mount design so that you don’t have to worry about any portions sticking out.

Finally, they are extremely easy to install with an included pre-cut template, spring-loaded terminal, and hassle-free wire.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to the Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a good system. Whether you want to listen to music when you’re in the shower, or play music during a party, it’s pretty easy to reach your goal.

The Pyle PDIC4CBTL3B LED Bluetooth Speakers really are impressive. They provide an exceptional amount of sound quality, performance and value for their price. Additionally, they can obviously function as a dual purpose unit, and really add a clean modern look to any room.

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