Best Heated Rechargeable Socks

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What are the Best Heated Rechargeable Socks? In this guide and review, we are taking a look at heated socks you can recharge to keep you warm!

As cold weather is rapidly approaching, we’re trying to find a lot of new ways to stay warm. If you haven’t read our guide to the best heated rechargeable scarf, then you might want consider checking one of those out as well.

But, similar to the rechargeable scarfs, these rechargeable socks work using newer lithium-ion battery technology (learn more). Lithium-ion batteries are getting smaller and smaller, meaning that they can be used to power things such as jackets.

Or, in this case socks. Heated rechargeable socks are a great option to not only keep you warm, but can also be used as a tool for hiking, hunting, camping or snow sports!

What is are Electric Heated Rechargeable Socks?

Electric heated rechargeable socks are a pair of socks that have built-in batteries and heating elements. In combination with the batteries, the heating elements can warm your feet for hours.

In addition, some socks might offer the option to charge devices via the built-in battery. Batteries can sometimes last for up to 20 hours. So, if needed you get a good amount of charge for your cell phone or other mobile device.

Are Electric Heated Socks Safe?

Electric heated socks are very safe. Most of them will have a built-in auto-off function if they get too hot or they detect a malfunction.

Additionally, most of these socks will not get hot enough to catch anything on fire (source).

Best Heated Rechargeable Socks

tanyaxue Heated Socks (with Battery)


Starting off with the tanyaxue Heated Socks. The first big point about these socks is that they feature a smartphone application. So, you can completely control the heat settings via your phone.

In the app, you can adjust the temperature, set a timer, power on/off, and separate controls between your left or right foot. If you aren’t into using the app, then you can control the socks via the physical battery buttons.


tanyaxue uses a new 3D hidden heating wire technology in their socks. This means that the wires are dispersed and intermingled in the actual sock fabric. With this 3D technology, you can expect your entire foot to be covered with heating elements. And, you won’t feel the actual wires.

In addition, they say that their heated socks are 3x warmer than other socks, and warm up in as little as 20 seconds. To power the heating elements, each sock (2 in each pair) is equipped with a 5000mAh battery.

This battery should power the socks for anywhere from 3-15 hours depending on your settings. The battery life is directly impacted by the temperature level. You can adjust the temperature anywhere from 95℉ to 158℉.

Finally, tanyaxue claims that their premium fabric is extremely durable and comfortable. They are elastic, and feel high-quality. They can be machine or hand washed, just don’t forget to remove the batteries prior to washing.

SNOW DEER Heated Socks


Next is the SNOW DEER Heated Socks. For their socks, SNOW DEER uses a very special material called CoolMax. They claim it dries 5 times faster than cotton, and helps reduce the likelihood of moisture-related conditions.

In addition to their drying abilities, the infrared heating elements help stimulate your blood circulation. They can keep your feet warm, and help keep circulation flowing to avoid injuries such as frostbite (source).

SNOW DEER uses a 2200mAh battery in each sock. While they aren’t the biggest battery, you can buy replacement batteries for a relatively inexpensive cost.

Depending on your settings, the batteries should keep the socks hot for anywhere from 2-6.5 hours. You can adjust your settings via the included controller. On the controller you can choose between three temperature levels (93°F-131°F).

Finally, the SNOW DEER heated socks are made from 75% polyester, 10% nylon, and 15% elastane. This tri-blend helps with prevent moisture, retain heat, maintain comfort, and provide durability.

HeaBoom Rechargeable Heated Socks


Next up we have the HeaBoom Rechargeable Heated Socks. These socks from HeaBoom are utilizing the 360-degree concealed loop. This loop helps prevent any discomfort from the heating wires, provide stability for the heating system, and ensure your whole foot is warm.

Again, the heating elements surround your entire foot, so you don’t have to worry about any areas not being in the “zone”. Additionally, the HeaBoom socks are made with a thermal layer inside and out for the most efficient performance.

With the included rechargeable battery, you can expect up to 8 hours of performance. Each sock comes with a 4000mAh battery.

The socks themselves are made from a soft, breathable material. It also has a lot of elastic retention, so you won’t “stretch them out”. You can control the socks via the built-in physical button. There are 3 adjustable temperature levels that range from 95°F-140°F.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, what are the best heated rechargeable socks? Our favorite by far are the tanyaxue socks.

I love the amount of battery life, and usability they provide. With the included smart phone app, you can adjust a ton of settings including a timer. The inclusion of a timer is vital, especially when these socks get hot enough to cause a burn if left on too long!


While they do get extremely hot, the medium setting is perfect in terms of efficiency. But, to my surprise the socks were extremely thick as well. So, unless it was extremely cold outside, then you only needed the lower temperature setting.

Finally, tanyaxue includes a dual USB-C charger for both batteries, which is extremely helpful.

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