Fairywill PRO P11 Electric Toothbrush Review

Fairywill PRO P11 Electric Toothbrush


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When it comes to hygiene, one great upgrade you can make is switching to an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes can clean teeth and gums better than traditional manual brushes, according to a new study (source).

Fairywill is a company that makes a lot of teeth and mouth care products. They envision a design that is cool and also clean (source). While you might have never thought that upgrading your toothbrush would be a good investment, it definitely can be!

In this Fairywill PRO P11 Electric Toothbrush Review we’ll be taking a look at the toothbrush itself along with going over features, build quality and performance.

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Starting off with the features of the Fairywill PRO P11 Electric Toothbrush.

Firstly, they boast a mildew free toothbrush. The integrated handle actively keeps out any residue or mildew build-up among the components. In addition, it keeps the brush clean and working for an extended period of time. They also use a “hidden display panel” that helps prevent any foam residue on the exterior of the toothbrush.

Fairywill is also proud of their design. They went of a bold, sharp and modern design language along with practicality. Their signature gold-tone ring gives a beautiful stylish look.

They use a 3rd-gen Maglev Motor that has the power to deliver 62,000 movements per cycle. It has a longer lifespan, quieter operation and most importantly is more powerful. Having a strong quiet motor is important for any electric toothbrush.


Additionally, the ADA has accepted the Fairywill PRO P11 as a safe and effective clean. It has 3 performance modes to give you the personalized cleaning you need. Also, it has IPX7 water resistance so you can use it safely in the shower. There is a built-in smart timer so you get into a good brushing cycle.


The Fairywill PRO P11 has a battery charge that can last for over 30 days. It also has USB quick charging technology that means just 2 hours of charge can get you over 30 days of usage. Power comes from a 800 mAh lithium ion battery.


Finally the PRO P11 has 8 dupont brush heads. They have a special 3D bristle design helps to better fit the shape of teeth thus cleaning more effectively. It also has a cool color-fade feature that let’s you know exactly when to replace the brush top. When it’s time to replace, the color from the brush head will fade out. And, Fairywill also includes a travel case that holds up to 2 brush heads.



When it comes to performance the Fairywill PRO P11 works great! It doesn’t come with a traditional charging dock like some other electric toothbrushes will. However, the battery charge lasts for what feels like forever. It is a very long battery life.


Additionally, the power is just right. It seems to be a bit stronger than some of the competition (even more expensive brushes) and the vibration feels right. The power is gentle enough to not be overpowering, but definitely will knock loose plaque and other bacteria.

The 2-minute pre-programmed session is a great timing for most people’s brushing habits. Additionally, using this toothbrush with charcoal toothpaste really helps to add to the whitening power.

Final Thoughts


So in conclusion, the Fairywill PRO P11 Electric Toothbrush is a great alternative to other more popular brands. It is an incredibly powerful sonic whitening toothbrush and provides amazing battery life.

While there are more sleek designs out there, Fairywill has one that shouldn’t go out of trend for a long time. And, they also include a lot of awesome accessories in their kit that others don’t provide.

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