Ensenior Thin Recessed LED Light Review

Ensenior Thin Recessed LED Light


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Today we’ll be taking a look at the Ensenior Thin Recessed LED Light and if it’s worth a purchase. In this review, we’ll be going over the features, build quality, performance and our final thoughts for the recessed ceiling lights.

As LED technology (learn more) keeps improving, it is being used in more and more applications such as ceiling lights. LED recessed lighting as many benefits such as a high brightness, low maintenance and high energy efficiency. In addition, you typically don’t have to worry about changing any bulbs.

Today we specifically will be talking about the 5000K (daylight) temperature lights. However, there are several other options from Ensenior ranging from 2700K to 4500K.

With that being said, let’s get into it!

What is Thin Recessed LED Lighting?

Thin recessed LED lighting is a type of lighting that is hidden within a ceiling compartment for a flush, modern and minimalistic appearance. In addition, a lot of business prefer recessed lights due to their low maintenance and protection from damage.


Starting off with the features of the Ensenior Thin Recessed LED Light. These are most importantly canless LED lights. Why is that important? Well, because you don’t need as big of a hole in your ceiling to mount them.

Firstly, these thin recessed LED lights are IC rated. This means that they can be in contact with insulation in ceilings, and the junction box is thermally protected. Additionally, it only requires 2-inches in your ceiling to fit. Next, the 6-inch LED lights output 1050 lumens at 12 watts (the same as a 110W incandescent bulb). The frosted lens cover helps prevent any glare, provides scratch-resistance and helps with light diffusion.

In addition, the easy-install design helps you with a simple setup. All you need to do is cut a simple hole using the template, then install the lights with the spring clips.

Finally, the Ensenior LED lights feature 5%-100% smooth dimming, so you can completely control them with a dimmer switch. The lights are also certified by ETL and Energy Star.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, the Ensenoir lights are fairly well built. For the price, they are easily one of the top choices on the market. The actual housing is made from a high-quality plastic or PVC material. And the light diffusion from the frosted shroud is great.


If you get a dimmer switch, they are dimmable from 5%-100% without any signs of flickering or weird artifacts. One useful feature that isn’t include (that is part of the LED chips they use to build them), is the ability to switch between different color temperatures on the fly. However, they do sell several different models to accommodate for this.

It is easy to daisy chain the lights between each other and plug them into each others’ terminal blocks. And, the springs/plastic clips included work fairly well for what they need to do.

Ensenior Lights Installation Instructions

How do you install the Ensenior Lights? What are the Ensenior Lights Installation Instructions?

  • Plug the wires into UL-Certified connector
  • Draw the size of the light with 1:1 cardboard template and cut out the shape (6.1-inches)
  • Connect the fixture with the hardwire box, push the spring-loaded clips on the fixture upwards and insert the fixture base in the mounting hole
  • Push the light into the ceiling

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, when it comes to Ensenior Thin Recessed LED Light, are they worth it? Well, from a performance to value perspective, absolutely.

The LED lights are incredibly bright, provide an equal diffuse light, and are fairly simple to install. Additionally, they are inexpensive enough to use throughout your entire house or project without breaking the bank.

The ability to dim the lights from basically 0 to 100 is an extremely useful feature, especially in areas such as a kitchen or movie theater. And, even when adding in-ceiling speakers to your setup, they match fairly well.

So, we highly recommend using the Ensenior lights for your next project. And, if you have any issues, their customer service is very responsive.

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