Guide to the Best Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light

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What is the Best Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light? Today we are here to answer that question, along with explore what enclosed ceiling fans are.

In this guide and review, we’ll be taking a look at some of the top options for recessed ceiling fans. With that we’ll be going over the features, build quality and performance of each individual fan. And finally, give you our opinion on what purchase decision we would make.

There are several different types of enclosed ceiling fans that we will be exploring including a farmhouse , modern and contemporary look. If you’re looking at recessed LED lighting, check out popular options.

What is an Enclosed Ceiling Fan?


An enclosed ceiling fan is a fan that is more recessed or flush than a typical ceiling fan. It features either an enclosed or bladeless design that allows for a clean modern aesthetic. Additionally, the lighting fixtures built into enclosed fans feature really unique LED designs.

EKIZNSN Modern Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan


First up is the EKIZNSN Flush Mount Ceiling Fan. This fan has several recent updates including a new bronze DC motor that improves energy consumption, increases performance, and decreases noise. Additionally, the smooth adjustment of brightness and color temperature allows for a more customizable look.

EKIZNSN gives you the choice of using the included remote, or downloading the mobile application. With either you can control the spin direction, fan speed, brightness of the light, color temperature of the LED’s, set a 2 hour timer, and control different sections of the light independently. The fan itself is a 20-inch caged ceiling fan design with built-in recessed motor. It provides more safety than a traditional fan and features 7 invisible ABS blades. The shell is made from a highly transparent acrylic and the motor is in a matte painted iron shell.

Finally, installation is a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions and pre-assembled bits. Additionally, there is a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • Remote control or mobile app control
  • Clean modern design with a nice light output
  • Offer a matte black or white option’
  • Lifetime warranty

JUTIFAN Modern Ceiling Fan with Lights


Next up is the JUTIFAN Modern Ceiling Fan with Light. This fan also features an invisible blade design with an LED ring enclosing the main structure. You can adjust the LED’s from a temperature range of 3000K-6000K giving you an adequate amount of adjustability. Another cool feature is the light and fan can be used independently, so you don’t have to have the actual fan on to use the light.

In addition, with the included remote you can adjust a variety of settings and even set a timer. The memory function built-in assures that it will keep the same settings that you had from the previous use period. You can set either a 1 or 2 hour timer. The 8 fan blades ensure a smooth and safe operation with a decent amount of air movement. They are relatively quiet and provide adequate performance.

Finally, JUTIFAN provides a 2-year warranty with a fairly simple installation guide.


  • Great adjustability for color temperature
  • Quiet, yet powerful operation
  • 1 or 2 hour timer

OUKANING Recessed Ceiling Fan with LED Chandelier


Next is the OUKANING Recessed Ceiling Fan with Light. This light features the most contemporary design (in our opinion) out of them all. It is a simple, yet elegant look that should pair well with most styles. The fan blades are recessed with a LED light chandelier surrounding. There are 3 steps of LED color (warm, natural, white), and 3 different fan speed adjustments.

The included remote can be used to program the timer switch. It can be adjusted from 1 to 4 hours, which is a really nice feature to have that long of a timer. Additionally, OUKANING assure that it is easy to install with a semi-embedded installation. The light source is anywhere from 36-48 watts, and the actual fan is a 23.5-inch design.


  • Long timer option
  • 3-steps of LED color options
  • More reserved design language (should fit most styles)

BONUS: ILAHUI Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light


Last but not least is our bonus option, the ILAHUI Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light. This very farmhouse inspired option is a caged ceiling fan with a 20-inch bladeless design. The 7 wood-painted matte black finished blades provide a unique elegant design with an old-time modern feel. The smart remote gives you control over the fan speeds (3 settings), and timer function (1/2/4 hours).

The 7 blades provide not only a strong performance, but a quiet one as well. When paired with the copper 110V AC motor, you have a near-silent operating volume. The build bases are standard E26 sockets and you can use whatever style of bulb you want. Because bulbs aren’t included you have the option of complete customization. You can use an LED color-changing bulb, Edison bulb, or standard bulb.

Installation should be fairly simple and ILAHUI offers a 1-year warranty.


  • Really cool farmhouse design
  • Ability to use whatever bulbs you want
  • 1-year warranty with 24/7 customer service

Final Verdict

In conclusion, what is the Best Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light? Well, we would highly recommend the EKIZNSN Ceiling Fan. In our opinion, EKIZNSN provides the best value for your dollar, and when it comes to features, they provide the most diverse offering. While the caged design of the ILAHUI Farmhouse Fan is perfect for some homes, it might not fit with certain styles. So, the most versatile is the EKIZNSN offering.


Although that is our opinion, any of the fans on this list will work well in the space they’re placed. They all provide an adequate amount of features, performance, and usability.

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