Best Cadillac Tail Lights for Yukon/Tahoe

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What are the Best Cadillac Tail Lights for a Yukon?

Well, you have come to the right place! Today we are exploring the best options for that Cadillac tail light conversion, along with giving you some purchase decisions.

With today’s technology, there are a of LED products that come out. Some of the coolest, have been the Starlight Headliner Kits, we’ve already taken a look at.

But, today we’re taking a look at LED tail light conversion kits for GMC Yukon trucks (visit GMC). These kits allow you to change the entire look of your Yukon, and make it look more like an Escalade.

Can You Put Cadillac Tail Lights on a Yukon?


A special Cadillac to Yukon/GMC conversion kit is a new tail light system that allows you to convert your existing Yukon tail lights to the Escalade style.

Most kits are typically plug-and-play, and are fairly easy to install. In addition, the kits are designed to mimic the stock mounts and connections.

Best Cadillac Tail Lights for Yukon



First up are the MOSTPLUS LED Tail Lights. These are a direct-fit for a GMC Yukon for the 2007-2014 moel years. MOSTPLUS gives you a simple plug-and-play installation. Also, they offer a selection between tinted, clear or black.

They are made with all-LED lights for the brightest, highest quality, and best durability. The turn lights use bright yellow LED’s, the reverse lights use dual 6000K bright white LED’s, and the brake lights are bright red LED’s.


Additionally, MOSTPLUS says that they are approved by SAE and DOT with a 3-step process. The enclosures are vacuum tested to ensure that the tail lights are air-tight, and won’t cause any condensation.

Finally, they offer full support if you have any trouble with installation!

VLAND Tail Lights (Tinted)


The VLAND LED Tail Lights are next up on the list. They fit a variety of vehicle models including the GMC Yukon, Chevy Tahoe and Chevy Suburban.

VLAND uses an LED design so you can do a full upgrade on your truck. Installing the lights help improve the look, and safety of your Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban. The bright LED’s help other cars see you better. And, the improved design of the Escalade-style lights, look great!

They still use a waterproof design, so you won’t have any leaks or moisture build-up. And, if you have any issues, they back their products with a 1-year warranty.

Installing the tail lights is quick and simple. You need to remove your old lights by removing the existing hardware and wiring harness. Then, you need to put the VLAND lights in the same spot, while making sure the waterproof pad is secure.

Finally, the lights meet or exceed DOT regulations and are approved by SAE.

AKKON LED Tail Lights


Finally, we have the AKKON LED Tail Lights. These lights fit a variety of vehicles models including the Suburban, Tahoe, and Yukon. AKKON uses a modern, yet sleek black housing. And, a solid LED construction.

Again, the tail lights can easily be installed in the existing assembly. In addition, AKKON includes the LED bulbs, so you don’t have to worry about trying to put them in.

Similar to the previous lights, they add an upgraded style, while still maintaining a classy look. The lights are easily installed using the provided instructions. And, the existing hardware should be the only hardware needed.

Finally, AKKON offers a 90-day limited warranty on all of their products. But, can offer more support if needed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to the Best Cadillac Tail Lights for a Yukon, they are fairly affordable upgrade.

You can easily upgrade the look of your vehicle without breaking the bank. And, better yet, you can increase the safety (with LED lighting) of your daily commute.

The upgrade can be done relatively easily at home (installation video) without a lot of extra tools.

If you’re looking for an simple, modern upgrade for your GMC Yukon, then a Escalade conversion kit is perfect for you!

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