Guide to the Best Starlight Headliner Kit (Easy DIY)

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The Best Starlight Headliner Kit is the Twinkle Light Kit by AZIMOM. This kit combines all of the necessary features with premium performance.

However, I will be going through the AZIMOM kit and more RGB headliner kits that make your car look like the night sky!

Have you ever wanted your cars headliner to look just like a Rolls Royce starlight headliner? Ever considered a twinkle star light ceiling in your home theater?

As LED and fiber optic technology has become better, there are a lot more options for you choose from. The optics have gotten relatively affordable, and look great. With these updates in technology you can easily install these starlight kits yourself (DIY), without much hassle.

I was looking to upgrade the look of my basement home theater. That lead me to stumble across these kits. While they are made for a car headliner, they work for theaters as well. But, whichever one you’re going to use it for, there are some awesome options for both!

What is a Starlight Headliner?

A starlight headliner is the name given to what Rolls Royce uses in their automotive ceilings. There are several fiber optic lights that mimic the appearance of the night sky or galaxy.

Galaxy or starlight headliners can use hundreds or even thousands of fiber optic strands to create stars. In addition, a lot have the option to use RGB lighting to make cool patterns or effects.

Why Use a Starlight Headliner Kit?

Well, you can add a certain amount of ambience and differentiation to your car or truck. You can also give your vehicle a unique look and feature when trying to sell. And, when driving at night, it could add to potential safety.

Starlight headliner kits are also awesome for DIY projects. If your car or home theater is something that you love working on, these are the perfect DIY lighting kit for you!

Additionally, starlight headliners are a simple way to get the classic Rolls Royce Ceiling lights look.

How to Choose the Best Starlight Headliner Kit for Your Car?

Firstly, when it comes to choosing a starlight kit there are several things you should look for when considering which one is right for you.

You should consider the light engine’s power output, fiber optic cable length, and fiber optic quantity. These three main considerations can help you determine which kit is right for you.

For example, if you have a bigger car then you might want a longer length and quantity. Or, if you are distracted easily, then you might want a lower output light engine.

What to Look for in a Starlight Headliner Kit?

  • App Support: Is the kit compatible with a Bluetooth smart phone app?
  • RGBW: Are the lights red, blue, green and white? Or are they just one color?
  • Light Source: Does your kit use Fiber Optics or LED light or some other type of lighting source?
  • Star or Meteor: Kits can either mimic stars, meteors, shooting stars or other objects in the night sky.
  • Power Source: You can get power from a battery source or wall outlet, however the best option is to get power directly from your car’s battery.

CHINLY Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner Kit


First up is the CHINLY Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner Kit. This device uses fiber optic light to make your car’s ceiling twinkle like the night sky. It also can be controlled with an iPhone / Android app, and Bluetooth. You can directly adjust, color, mode, speed and brightness.

In addition, the CHINLY lighting kit uses a controller that can easily be hidden in a C-pillar. It also has a lighting effect that will move to the music playing out of your car’s speakers. CHINLY uses high-quality plastic that is non-conductive, waterproof and should last for a long time (working temperature: -58?F – 167?F).

This kit includes a 12W Twinkle RGBW light engine, RF remote, fiber optic cables, car cigarette lighter adapter, and user manual.

Finally, their customer service will replace size, length or faulty cables if you contact them!

AKEPO Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light Kit


Next up is the AKEPO Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light Kit. This kit includes a 16W RGBW light engine (app & sound control), RF remote control, 150 piece optic cable bundle, power adapter, car plug adapter and manual.

It can also use an app to control the lighting effects or you can use the included remote control. You can either have your lights on pure white, a certain color, or cycle through the several effects. In addition, you can completely control the brightness of the lights so that at night you don’t have to be distracted.

Finally, the fiber optic cables are waterproof and have no risk of shock. Although the light engine (power adapter) must be kept in a dry area. And, this AKEPO Starlight Headliner kit comes with a US power adapter and car adapter.

So, what does this mean? You can use it for a car or you can use it in a home theater application, like in your home.

Firework Twinkle Fiber Optic Light Star Ceiling Kit


Next is the Firework Twinkle Fiber Optic Star Kit. This kit is unique because it comes with a starlight effect and a meteor effect. It was also recently updated.

So, this kit has 450 pieces, a meteor, light engine 16W, remote, and Bluetooth app control. You can completely decorate your car’s headliner with a night full of stars, romantic mood lighting, or music beat.


The meteor light engine gives you an awesome meteor sky effect. It looks like a shooting star flying through the night sky. This effect gives this specific Firework Starlight Headliner kit a very unique feature.

AZIMOM Twinkle Fiber Optic Starlight Ceiling Light Kit


The AZIMOM Twinkle Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Lighting Kit is an awesome value, especially if you’re looking at another kit with the meteor effect.

Firstly, AZIMOM uses a flexible transparent PMMA plastic for the glowing fiber optic cable. They are powered by a 16W light engine with RGBW LEDs. It can emit pure white or mixed RGB lighting.

In addition, you can either use Bluetooth or in the included control to change lighting modes such as; static, jump, fade, flash, breathing, and other effects. There are also twinkle and sound control modes as well.

Finally, the fiber optic strands in combination with the meteor line give an awesome looking starlight effect that is perfect for any car’s headliner.

How to Install a Starlight Headliner Kit (DIY)?

How do you install a Starlight Headliner DIY? Well, it can be a lot easier than you think! While you might need to pick up a few tools, it can be an easy afternoon garage project.

  1. Remove your car’s headliner. Typically it is attached with adhesive.
  2. Mark pattern points on the headliner. Then, poke or drill holes through the material.
  3. Untangle included Fiber Optic cables. It will make it easier to wire and organize.
  4. Put the Fibers through drilled holes and attach them with adhesive or cement (glue).
  5. Re-adhere the fabric headliner back onto the harder material portion.
  6. Cut Fibers that are in excess length.
  7. Connect the wires to the Light Engine and re-install the roof headliner.
  8. Mount the main controller to the C-Pillar or where you can hide it.

You can also watch this YouTube video for more help!

Final Verdict

So, as you can see you can when it comes to the best Starlight Headliner kits, they can be fairly affordable. In addition, it’s not hard to find one that will fit pretty much almost any vehicle (or home theater).

My favorite starlight galaxy headliner kit is the AZIMOM Twinkle Light Kit. AZIMOM pairs exceptional value with an outstanding performance factor.

While these are mainly made for cars, you can use them for home offices, theaters, bars or any other application.

If you’re planning on installing the lights yourself, you should consider making sure you have the proper tools. Make sure to make a list of parts, what you’re using and what you need!

In addition, follow a DIY guide on installing the starlight kit, trust me it will help a lot.

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    1. In the trunk, the fiber optic cables should be more that long enough to reach if run within the trim pieces. You could also the power cord to a switch with a separate cable to turn on independently powered by the battery

    2. The light engine would be secured in the trunk most likely. Somewhere out of the way, definitely not on top of the headliner there would be no room. so you would run the fiber optic bundles up the rear side pillars. cars being different is why you want to make sure you have enough optical fiber length with the kit you get. My company GloTrim offers the latest generation of light engines. 32 watt, dual port and on the back end of the same unit is 12 ports for the meteor effect which is nice compact very versatile unit. They also have a silent motor for the twinkle effect which is great. We sell directly to high end upholstery companies and installers all over the world. The power cord generally runs to 12V fusebox by drivers seat. the power cable can be routed under the seats/ carpet side panels.

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