Are RGB LED Lights Safe?

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Today I’ll be exploring the safety of RGB LED lights, and answering if they are safe or not.

There are a lot of uses for RGB LED lights. Some of which could be in your kid’s bedroom, on your house for the holidays, or as just standard lighting. But, how safe are RGB LED’s?

I was wondering that question the other day when feeling one of my RGB strips get pretty warm to the touch. So, I went down a rabbit hole of “just how safe” they actually were.

But, with that being said, let’s get into it!

Are RGB LED Lights Safe?

In short, yes RGB LED lights are very safe. RGB LED’s have a relatively low operating temperature, along with several safety features to help prevent any issues (source).

In addition, when compared to traditional incandescent lighting, they run extremely cool and efficiently. A typical LED light strip will only use around 6.5 watts for a 5-meter strip. This means that not only do they run cool, but they don’t use a lot of power either (less heat). Although, this can vary based on the length of the strip, diode size, and lumen output.

Can You Get Electrocuted from RGB Lights?


It is possible to receive a shock from touching the contacts between LED chips. However, it is extremely unlikely. The 5V of the strip will touch with the 1Meg resistance of your fingers resulting in I = U/R = 5/1meg= 5 uA, which is not harmful (source).

Although some RGB LED lights might have exposed connections, most will not. Most strips will have a waterproof coating or a silicone top to protect the chips and contacts.

Can You Get Burned from RGB Lights?

Typical LED lights operate at a temperature of around 54°F (30°C), which is not hot enough to burn human skin. Human skin can sustain burns at around 118°F, so LED lights cannot burn you.

Can RGB LED Lights Start a Fire?

While RGB LED lights can start a fire, that is true of pretty much any electrical device. Any device that has electricity flowing can potentially start a fire.

With that being said, RGB LED lights have an extremely low chance of starting or causing a fire. However, you can insure that they are plugged in appropriately to lower the chances. And, make sure there aren’t any exposed wires or electrical components.

Can You Use RGB LED Lights Safely Indoors?

Yes, you can use RGB lights safely indoors. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything catching fire because they do not get hot enough. However, make sure the lights are plugged in correctly and there is no electrical components exposed.

Can You Use RGB LED Lights Safely Outdoors?

It depends. Some RGB lights can be used safely outdoors. These lights typically will have a silicone coating on the exterior for waterproofing. Additionally, the circuit boxes or power sources will have waterproofing to prevent any failures.

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