Best LED Glasses

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Whether you want them for partying, New Year’s Eve, or a rave, these are my top choices for best LED glasses!

LED technology is becoming quite advanced. Companies are now putting LED’s in sunglasses creating a really modern effect. Along with the light-up aspect, they have smartphone applications that allow you to completely customize what the LED lights are doing.

You might have seem some of these glasses on TikTok. They have become very popular among the creator community, and have since made a wave in custom LED products.

Today I’ll be going through my top choices for LED glasses, including those from TikTok, for raves, New Year’s parties, and more! A lot of these use the same shining technology that is featured in my favorite LED masks!

Best LED Glasses

Best for Party: ACALEPH Customizable LED Glasses


Starting off with the best for partying, the ACALEPH Customizable LED Light Up Glasses. These are simple-style glasses that feature customizable LED lighting.

There are 4 modes that you can use to customize what is displayed. You can choose from dynamic or static animations or pictures. Additionally, there are 31 animations that are built-in, that you do not need a Bluetooth app for. However, if you want the full customization, then I’d recommend downloading the app.


Furthermore, you can use a rhythm mode that lights up the glasses according to music being played on your phone or external sounds that the glasses listen to. Finally, there is a graffiti mode where you can just write whatever you want.

The glasses themselves are constructed of ABS plastic which provides a tough impact resistance and comfortable feel. They are relatively lightweight, so you shouldn’t experience any wear-fatigue. And, the nose portion has a silicone pad to help minimize discomfort.

They include a USB charger for the glasses, and provide support if you need any assistance.

Best Bluetooth App: Keledz Customizable LED Shining Glasses


Next up, my personal favorite, the Keledz Customizable LED Shining Glasses. These glasses use the “shining app” similar to the shining masks that I looked at previously. The application is fairly simple to install on your phone and connects via Bluetooth.

The Keledz glasses have a super unique design with 1010 RGB LED chips across the front fascia. There are a total of 432 chips (12×36 pixels) for a fairly high-resolution image. There are 40 built-in text animations that you can choose from, however with the app you can completely customize whatever is displayed.

They include a USB charger for charging the built-in battery. On a full charge you can expect about 5 hours of working time. There is a red indicator light for charging status.


The glasses themselves are made from a high-quality transparent ABS material with a light-weight plastic. It feels relatively decent to touch, and holds up on the comfort factor. Included in the box is the LED glasses, a USB cable, and storage bag (which is a welcome inclusion).

Best for TikTok: Chemion LED Glasses


Next are TikTok’s most popular pick, the Chemion LED Glasses. Firstly, they are relatively stylish and premium looking. They feature a matte black finish with a standard fit.

Chemion has their own Bluetooth app that you can completely customize the look for the LED’s. It’s fairly simple to use, and has similar effects to the other glasses. You can use text, create any image you want (drawing/graffiti), music visualizer, and the share/explore option. You can share/explore designs and other people’s designs (over 3000 animations).

The Chemion glasses are powered by 2xAAA batteries which can power them for up to 8 hours. There are 210 individual LED chips. Finally, the finish on the front part of the glasses is an actual mirror (similar to sunglasses), and there are no batteries included.

Best Budget: Simnuply Light-Up Glasses

Finally, we have the Simnuply Light Up Glasses. These are the best for anyone on a budget or looking to supply for a huge party. They have a super simple 5-color design without any customization. In addition, they feature a shutter-shade front that is a trendy look.

They are made from sturdy PC plastic, which is environmentally safe. There is an on/off button and a button to adjust the three modes of slow flash, fast flash, and constant. The internal batteries have an expected life of 12 hours.

To be clear, these glasses do not help protect you from the sun or protect your vision in any way, they are merely meant to be a fun party accessories. They are perfect for weddings, New Year’s Eve parties, glow-in-the-dark parties, or really any type of big event!

What Are LED Glasses?

LED glasses are usually sunglasses or eye wear-style glasses that feature built-in LED lighting. There are several different types that range from Bluetooth customizable glasses to standard one-color battery disposable glasses.

Are LED Glasses Safe to Wear?

LED glasses are extremely safe to wear. I recently wrote a full explanation on the safety of RGB LED lights, but in short they are very safe. They don’t get hot enough to cause any burn or fire potential, and as long as you aren’t messing around with exposed wires, then you’ll be fine!

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