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Today, I’m going to be going over my top choices for the Best RGB Floor Lamp along with which one you should purchase!

When it comes to RGB LED lighting, there have been a lot of advancements in the space. Floor lamps are common is most households, and are an obvious choice for an RGB upgrade.

RGB floor lamps can be used for a variety of applications. One big use case can just be for standard room lighting. But, with the RGB factor, you can adjust the “mood” depending on what kind of feel you want.

Additionally, a lot of these lamps will have music sync modes, so if you’re playing music, they can react and change effects.

What to Look for in a RGB Floor Lamp

  • RGBIC vs RGB: RGBIC is an enhanced version of RGB that allows for awesome effects, and complete control.
  • Size: How big it is and how many LED chips will affect how much light output is possible.
  • Smart Control: Does the lamp offer smart control via voice commands?
  • Bluetooth App: Can you use a Bluetooth smartphone app to control lighting/effects?
  • Styling: For obvious reasons, styling is important for the look/feel of your home.

What is a RGB Floor Lamp?

A floor lamp with RGB lighting is standard decor that features RGB LED lighting. These lamps typically have floor stands to place in the corner of a room. Additionally, they can have very modern designs for a clean and unique aesthetic.

Best RGB Floor Lamp

I am comprising this list of my favorite lamps, along with some of the best deals you can get right now. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or contact us.

Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp with Music Sync

First, we have the Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp. This is an RGBW LED lamp that features Govee’s proprietary RGBIC.

If you are wondering “what is RGBIC?“, we have a detailed explanation. However, in short they use addressable LED chips to create a totally controllable RGB experience. Govee has a lot of effects that you can do, and can individually change any LED to any color.

In addition to RGB, you can also use the white function. They add a 3300K-4300K warm white LED, so you can use that completely on it’s own. At full brightness the lamp has a total output for 1000 lumens. This output is thanks to a 24 watt output.


With the floor lamp you can connect it to the Govee app. The app allows you to completely control the colors, effects, music syncing and other aspects of the lamp. Along with the floor lamp, you can control all Govee products in one space.

Finally, they offer smart control. This means that you can use your smart voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant) to adjust colors or effects of the lamp.

ERAY LED Floor Lamp


Next up is the ERAY LED Floor Lamp. This RGB lamp uses 240 LEDs to create a very bright and colorful lighting experience. ERAY has an app that you can use to control the lamp, or you can use the included remote.

Additionally, they use RGBW LED’s so that you can have a white light on it’s own, or go through 16 million different colors. If you have a voice assistant, you can use them to turn on/off the light and change colors. In the app, you can change to music sync or eye-care mode. Eye-care mode changes the brightness and warmth level while watching TV/movies.


The actual build of the lamp feels high-quality. It is made from an aluminum alloy and ABS housing. The shade is made from silicone which helps to diffuse the light. The 240 LED’s draw 18 watts of power, and provide around 400 lumens of light. And, the LED’s are individually addressable, so they can be completely controlled.

Finally, it is fairly easy to build. It comes with everything you need, and the assembly is relatively simple. You shouldn’t have too much trouble even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Bricuba RGBICW Corner Floor Lamp

Next is the Bricuba RGBICW Corner Floor Lamp. This lamp by Bricuba features individually addressable LED’s that can be completely customized. It has a very modern, slim design that is perfect for using in the corner of a room.

There are 3 buttons that are built into the base, or you can use the included remote. There is an app (Smart Life – Smart Living) that you can use to set a timer, change the effects, or completely adjust the RGBW LED’s.


One unique feature that Bricuba uses it the 4-tubes. The lamp has 4 tubes built-in, but they can be each used seperately. For example, you can use 1 tube individually and the other 3 together.

Finally, it has a similar build to the Govee lamp, but a little bit cheaper. They still use an aluminum construction, but it doesn’t feel as premium.

YHW Smart RGB Floor Lamp

Finally, we have the YHW Smart RGB Floor Lamp. This lamp is unique because it is the brightest out of all the lamps I looked at. It features a 2000 lumen output.

You can still control it with Alexa or Google Assistant, the included 28-key remote, or Bluetooth smartphone app. YHW uses RGBW LED’s that have the ability to adjust from 2700K-6500K, and are 0-100% dimmable. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of light from 10°-350°.

To power the 2000 lumens, the lamp draws a maximum of 24 watts, and supplies an array of high-power LED chips. When it comes to build quality, YHW uses a high-quality metal construction that feels very sturdy. The base is appropriately weighted, so you won’t have any safety issues with it falling.

The assembly is really easy. It basically comes assembled, and all you need to do is screw it together. It is extremely bright and works as expected. However, the app can be a bit glitchy. Although, you can’t really complain, especially for the price.

Finally, YHW offers full support if anyone needs help with assembly or has trouble with the lamp in general.

Purchase Decision: Govee RGBICW Floor Lamp


In conclusion, my favorite RGB Floor Lamp was by Govee. While they can be a bit higher priced than some of the competition, they bring a lot of value. Their app works really well, and their build quality is next-to-none.

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