What is RGBIC vs RGB?

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RGBIC is a form of addressable RGB lighting coined by the brand Govee. RGB is standard non-addressable lighting that is common in many applications. RGBIC allows for complete customization of each individual LED chip on the strip while standard RGB does not.

As RGB technology is becoming more and more advanced, it becomes increasingly more important for everyone to understand the differences in what they’re purchasing. Because, knowledge=power, and purchasing power is always an important thing to have (learn more about LED chips).

So, for today’s discussion we’ll be taking a look at what the main differences between RGB vs RGBIC are, what the indications for uses are, why there is a differences, and hopefully even more! You might have heard of ARGB (addressable RGB), or non-addressable RGB. Well, we wrote a whole guide on Addressable vs Non-Addressable RGB, and it does a great job of explaining the main differences.

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What is RGBIC? [Addressable RGB]

RGBIC is essentially an addressable RGB LED strip. Addressable RGB strips allow you to completely control each LED chip independently from any other chip (learn more).

With this ability developers can create awesome lighting effects that are built-into the strips. Or, they can even offer you the ability to create your own (Govee RGBIC LED Strips).

Image demonstrating the addressable LED chips being controlled individually.

RGBIC LED Light Strips are awesome for lighting applications that require a montage of creative effects. For example, if you want your lights to flash to music, then a fully RGBIC system will look a lot better than one that isn’t. However, if you are mounting an LED light strip for purely a backlight effect (such as behind a TV), then you might only need one solid color at a time.

What Does RGBIC Stand for?

RGBIC stands for RGB+ built-in Independent Chip.

What is RGB? [Non-Addressable RGB]

Non-addressable RGB is a typical RGB LED light strip where each individual LED chip is not independently controlled. You cannot specifically address a certain LED chip to turn on or change color by itself.

These types of LED strips were very popular a few years ago, but as technology has improved, there has been a substantial increase in ARGB strips. Although the effects might not be as cool, you might not even need the extra benefits of ARGB (RGBIC). In that case, not only are non-addressable RGB lights cheaper, they can be potentially more reliable as well.


RGBIC is a form of addressable RGB lighting that allows you to individually control each LED’s color. These colors include white.

RGB is a standard strip that features the colors “red”, “blue” and “green”. There are hundreds of different variants, but typically they are very basic in functionality.

RGBWW is an standard RGB strip that also includes a “white” or “warm white” color option. You may or may not be able to individually control each LED.

Is RGBIC Brighter than RGB?

RGBIC is not necessarily brighter than RGB. However, in some applications this might be true. RGBIC is adding the ability to individually control each LED light chip. In turn, this won’t necessarily have any effect on how bright the strip can get.

Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights


While this isn’t a review of these specific GOVEE RGBIC LED Strip Lights, they are a great example of an awesome product. These lights can be controlled and customized several different ways; the Govee Home app, the remote, or the control box. The DIY mode allows you to fully personalize your effects and create your own custom moods.


These LED strip lights are extremely easy to setup and have been very reliable so far in day-to-day use. As a disclaimer, we have experienced some issues using the smart phone app (mostly getting it to connect), however a simple unplug fixes it.

Govee Color Changing LED Strip Lights


These are the standard Govee Color Changing LED Strip Lights. They are very similar to the previous lights, however they don’t feature the RGBIC addressable RGB lighting. When it comes to price, they can typically be found for around $20-30 cheaper on average.

They still have 3 control options including the Govee Home app, control box or included remote. Additionally, they still have a music mode and customizable moods. Although, they aren’t as customizable as the RGBIC ones are. When it comes to the quality difference, they do have a similar premium quality, however we do prefer the ladder.

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