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OontZ is a sub-brand of parent company Cambridge SoundWorks. Cambridge SoundWorks was founded in 1988 with a mission to design well-priced high quality audio products. In 1997, they were purchased by Creative Labs, but still sell OontZ products under the Cambridge SoundWorks trademark.

Bluetooth speakers have been gaining traction among many eager to reap their benefits. They typically are wireless, portable and sound great! This is a recipe for success when it comes to making a good Bluetooth speaker.

Today, I’ll be taking a look at the OontZ Angle 3XL PRO edition speaker. This speaker has many premium features while still maintaining a very good price. Cambridge SoundWorks works to keep a value oriented price-point that does not compromise on quality.

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The OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra is a portable Bluetooth speaker with premium features and a very good build quality.

Starting things off, the Angle 3XL PRO is waterproof. They claim that it has an IPX7 water resistance. This means that it can be submerged in water up to 3 feet deep for 30 minutes. It can even play underwater, which is a fun feature.

Next, the OontZ 3XL Ultra has great sounding audio. The bass is pronounced, mids are clear and highs aren’t overdone. Additionally, the PRO edition adds 40% larger neodymium drivers, 2 times the acoustic space and 30% larger passive bass. As a bonus, you can adjust the treble and bass characteristics inside the OontZ App.

In addition, the ULTRA PRO edition has up to 50% more power output. This output is powered by a 21W digital amplifier. OontZ promises clear, accurately reproduced audio that is distortion free at max volume.

Bluetooth 5.0 allows up to 100 feet of wireless range. It can also be connected to Echo, Echo Dot, Apple devices, Android devices, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Finally, the OontZ 3XL Ultra features up to 15 hours of music playback at 66% volume. The OontZ App allows you to control advanced features in the speaker and other OontZ audio devices. In addition, it also updates your onboard firmware to have the latest and greatest drivers. There is a USB port that will charge your phone or audio device, build in microphone for handsfree calling, and a type-C charging cable for fast charging.

Adjust channel and volume independently.

With the dual edition, you can use two speakers to play high-quality stereo sound. You can adjust separate audio channels and independently control volume.

Difference Between OontZ ULTRA vs ULTRA Pro

The OontZ ULTRA vs ULTRA Pro lies within a few features and upgrades that the Pro adds over the base model.

The Pro adds control of advanced functions within the OontZ App. This includes stereo sound and multiple speakers. Additionally, you get an increase in power from 14W to 21W.

Common Questions:

How to Pair OontZ Angle 3

Pairing the OontZ is fairly simple. Turn on the speaker and the Bluetooth LED will flash blue indicating it is in pairing mode.

If it is solid blue, this means it is already paired. If that’s the case, hold the Bluetooth button for 3-5 seconds until the LED starts flashing blue.

The device should appear as “OontZ Speaker”.

For more detailed instructions click here.

How to Connect OontZ Speaker to Computer

To connect your OontZ Speaker to a Windows 10 computer follow the previous process for pairing (turn on speaker and make sure the LED is flashing blue).

Then, turn Bluetooth on your PC on. Search “Bluetooth” on your PC to bring up the control panel. Your OontZ Speaker should appear on the device list and be ready to pair.

For more detailed instructions and images click here.

How to pair OontZ speakers with iMac?

To connect your OontZ Speakers to an iMac or MacBook computer follow the previous process for pairing (turn on speaker and make sure the LED is flashing blue).

Go to the upper-right hand corner to search and type “Bluetooth”. This will bring up the Bluetooth system settings menu. Turn Bluetooth on if it isn’t already.

Your OontZ Speakers should appear on the devices list. Click “Pair” to make a successful connection.

For more detailed instructions and images click here.

How to Charge OontZ Angle 3

Charing the OontZ Angle 3 is very simple. You just need to plug-in the included USB charging cable into a USB power brick. Then plug the other end of the charging cable into your OontZ speaker.

Final Thoughts


If you couldn’t tell already, the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great option for a Bluetooth speaker.

It is quite larger than the original Angle 3 Ultra, however the 3XL and PRO add a significant amount of speaker power. The sound is awesome. Using two speakers together creates a really good stereo effect.

You can download the OontZ App to help adjust bass and treble to your liking. I prefer a bit heavier bass and treble, but not where it is overpowering (about 60-70% of max). There isn’t a lot of speakers that allow customization in the more budget friendly price range so this feature is very useful.

While the Ultra PRO is more expensive than the regular Ultra, it is 100% worth the extra price. You can more than double the speaker for the money and you won’t be disappointed.

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