BlackWeb LED Bluetooth Speaker In-Depth Review

BlackWeb Stereo LED Bluetooth Speaker


Build Quality







  • Functional design, with a unique LED ring
  • Good sound quality
  • Great value (price)


  • Not always available
  • Not as updated as some of the competition

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When you search “BlackWeb Speaker”, a lot of the results revolve around the DOSS SoundBox and OontZ Angle. Is the BlackWeb speaker a valid option for a value portable Bluetooth speaker? Or should you go with one of the alternatives?


Who is BlackWeb? BlackWeb is a trademark of the mega-retailer Walmart. They created BlackWeb in 2015 to sell computer peripherals, electronic accessories and audio equipment. They also sell products such as; cables, chargers, batteries, covers and tablet/cell phone accessories.

If you have never heard of BlackWeb, don’t worry about it. They aren’t extremely popular. However, they are well-known for many Walmart shoppers.

While shopping for popular Bluetooth speakers, I came across this one by BlackWeb. I compared it to the DOSS SoundBox and OontZ Angle because they are in a very similar price bracket and have similar features.

Features of the BlackWeb LED Bluetooth Speaker

The BlackWeb BWD19AAS02 Stereo LED Bluetooth Speaker (model: VIPRB-BWD19AAS02) is sold and designed by Walmart. However, you can also find it on Amazon.


The BlackWeb Bluetooth speaker has a design very similar to the DOSS SoundBox.

It is a rectangular shaped black speaker with a front speaker grill. On the top of the speaker are control buttons. These buttons include; a Bluetooth pairing button, volume up/down, on/off button and play/pause button.

Around the front speaker grill is a blue LED lighting ring. The ring is quite bright, but isn’t overpowering. Additionally, on the back of the speaker is a rubber piece that covers the charging port. Along with the micro-USB charing port, there is an aux-in port.

Build Quality

The build quality of the BlackWeb Bluetooth speaker is decent, but doesn’t compare to some of the other speakers on the market. It weighs about 2 pounds, so it does have a hefty feel, but some of the building materials could have been higher quality. It is mostly plastic, but some metal bits.

This is a total shot in the dark, but I am willing to say that the build quality suffers because Walmart sells the BlackWeb products through a retail store. Some of other Bluetooth speakers can reduce their prices because they cut out the middle man. However, it still is a good value, especially if you run across it in the store.

Sound Quality

The BlackWeb Bluetooth speaker has up to seven hours of playtime on a full charge. It has a decent degree of sound quality, but along with the build quality does suffer a bit. As I have said before, some of the other speakers on the market do offer more premium features at better prices.

How to Reset BlackWeb Bluetooth Speaker

Reseting the BlackWeb speaker isn’t very hard. It just requires resetting the Bluetooth settings on your device and then repairing your speaker.

  • On your device, reset the Bluetooth settings. Typically under Settings>Bluetooth
  • Then, hold the power button on the BlackWeb speaker until it turns on.
  • Finally, hold the Bluetooth button on the top of the speaker until it switches into Bluetooth pairing mode.

Final Thoughts

So is the BlackWeb LED Bluetooth speaker worth your money?

Honestly, if you need a decent Bluetooth speaker today, then yes. You can easily grab it off the shelf from Walmart and it will get the job done.

However, you should definitely consider something like the JBL Flip or one of the other Bluetooth speakers we have looked at. They definitely can provide a better value as far as sound quality, price and build quality.

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