Best Light-Up LED Halloween Mask

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What is the Best Light-Up LED Halloween Mask? In this guide and review, we’re going to be exploring our top choices for programmable Bluetooth app LED masks for Halloween costumes or party!

Halloween is almost upon us, and it’s that fall time of year again. Most people might start shopping for their Halloween costumes early, and I have an awesome choice! LED Halloween masks are a new piece of technology and a perfect option for a Halloween costume. Whether it’s for kids or adults, light-up Halloween masks make for great additions to any costume!

LED technology is advancing and creating innovative ways to integrate lighting into costumes. This year we have LED masks that are easy to setup and program with effects. Additionally, with Bluetooth-app control you can virtually use any face, image or text you want with the mask, and change it whenever you want.


With the app, there are hundreds of possibilities, so you can easily match one of the “faces” up to your specific Halloween costume. You can have scary, happy, sad or anywhere in between! Additionally, there are multiple colors to choose from (RGB LEDs). And they are also awesome for cosplay costumes!

If you’re getting that early Halloween shopping done, then check out the Best Halloween LED Projector Lights to show your favorite Halloween scenes on!

With that being said, let’s get into it…

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What is a LED Halloween Mask?


A LED Halloween Mask is a fully-functional lighted mask. They typically have an RGB LED design that allows you to change colors, and potentially even faces.

The masks are normally battery operated or have a rechargeable battery. LED Halloween masks often have an all-day battery life for maximum usability.

In addition, many masks will have an option for Bluetooth-app control. This allows you to completely customize the mask using an smartphone app such as Shining Mask.

What to Look for in a LED Halloween Mask?

  • LED Display: Is the LED display bright, color accurate and high-definition?
  • Battery Life: What type of battery is on-board? Typically you either see rechargeable or disposable used.
  • Comfort: Is the mask comfortable to wear for extended periods? You can see battery lives of up to 12 hours, so you can expect to wear it for potentially that long!
  • Customizable: Can you use the Shining Mask app to customize what is shown on the mask?
  • Preset Faces: Are there a lot of preset faces included?
  • App-Control: Does the mask offer Bluetooth app control so you can connect via your smartphone?

How Much Are LED Halloween Masks?

LED Masks for Halloween typically cost under $100. You can find them in the $50-75 range (if you want one that’s Bluetooth app-controlled).

Additionally, you can find basic LED masks for under $30, but they won’t have customizable LED’s.

What is the Shining Mask App?

A shining mask uses the smart phone app Shining Mask, to control a LED display mask. It can adjust the LED’s individually in the app allowing for a suite of animations, faces, and different text displays that you can do!

The cool thing is that all you need is a Bluetooth connection on your smart phone to connect to the shining mask enabled face mask.

How to Use Shining Mask?


How do you use your shining mask? Basically all you have to do is download the application on your phone (iOS / Android). Then, connection your display mask to the Shining Mask app. Once connected you can easily scroll through the suite of animations and different faces.

The app can be a bit difficult to use at first. But, after getting past the initial learning curve, can be an extremely useful tool.

Are LED Masks Safe?

LED masks are very safe to wear. It is highly unlikely that an LED diode would cause any adverse event (source).

One of the biggest benefits of LED technology is it’s ability to stay relatively cool. This cool operating temperature not only means safer for kid’s and use, but lower risk of causing any fires in practical applications.

Additionally, the charging methods used by these masks have been around for decades now, and are considered very safe.

The masks use silicone or other skin-safe materials (read more) for the contact points. Because these masks can be worn for several hours at a time (some exceeding 12 hours), it’s important to have gentle contact points.

Can Kids Wear LED Halloween Masks?

Are light-up LED Halloween masks safe for kids? From a parent’s perspective, you may or might not want your kids to wear them. However, from a safety perspective, they are very safe for a kid to wear.

The LED’s themselves don’t run hot, and the materials in the masks shouldn’t cause any irritation. Additionally, most of the LED masks will have adjustable straps that you can pull tight enough to fit a kid’s head!

Finally, for a kid’s Halloween, you can really elevate their costume by using one of these masks. For example, if your kid was going as the “grim reaper”, then they can use a spooky animation to really sell the costume.

Best Halloween LED Mask

AINSKO LED Face Mask with App


First up, we have a scary pumpkin face! No really, we have the AINSKO LED Face Mask with App. This LED mask is perfect for Halloween costumes, cosplay or whatever other party you want to wear it to.

AINSKO uses 2074 high-gloss light beads to create the front of the mask. Additionally, they use 2121 individual RGB LED’s to create a display that is completely customizable. These individual LED chips can be arranged to display 45 dynamic animations, or 70 static images. You can also use the Shiny Mask Bluetooth app to create your own custom static or animated faces.

The AINSKO mask features gesture control, so you don’t have to hit any buttons to control it. Just cover the sensor with your hand, and it will either turn it on/off. Or, you can use the actual physical button built-into the mask. In addition, you can use the Bluetooth app to control functionality.

Finally, AINSKO claims that the LED chips are high-power, bright, and have a long lifespan. They use 3 AAA batteries to power the mask, so you can keep extra in your pocket if you need it for a long day. It can run for 12-16 hours before needing new batteries.

wishplan LED Face Mask for Halloween


Next we have the wishplan LED Face Mask for Halloween. This is an awesome LED mask with over 45 dynamic display modes and 70 static display images. These multi color RGB LED’s allow complete control when using the “Shining Mask” app.

The mask is Bluetooth enabled, so all you need to do is connect your phone and then you will have access to the different settings. There is an “on” button on the top of the mask, and once fully charged you should be able to Bluetooth connect to the app.

In addition to the built-in suite of animations and images, you can also free text in writing. You can use your own animations, pictures, music rhythms or even photo’s. The RGB LED’s can replicate virtually anything you want to display!

Finally, there is a gesture control mode. When you cover the sensor for 5 seconds it will turn on “gesture control”. This means that you can swipe your hand in front of the mask and it will switch to another pre-chosen image. The mask charges with USB Type-C and should run for about 12-16 hours when fully charged!

GLOW GEAR Face Transforming LED Mask


Next is the GLOW GEAR Face Transforming LED Mask (read the full review). This mask by Glow Gear offers battery or USB rechargeable versions. It uses the Shining Mask App allow for complete customization of the face LED’s.

The mask itself comes pre-installed with 45 animated patterns and 70 statics faces. But, if you want to you can use your own custom designs. The rechargeable version boasts a 2000mAh battery that should keep your mask running for up to 12 hours.

For control, GLOW GEAR allows you to either use the gesture control, Bluetooth app, or built-in buttons. All you need to do is wave your hand in-front of the mask and it will change images.

Finally, the build is made of plastic and latex. It has a durable, yet comfortable design with padding on the typical portions that will touch your face. The transforming face mask also has an ergonomic design. The eye holes are cut around where your eyes would be, but you might have some vision deficits.

HIOUME LED Lighted Face Transforming Mask


Next up is the HIOUME LED Lighted Face Transforming Mask. This mask features the same 45 dynamic or 70 static images built in with a music rhythm feature as well. Using the Shining Mask app allows you to completely control the RGB LED’s build in with customization as well.

In addition, the HIOUME supports gesture sensing so you can change between images by just swiping your hand. This is useful for a Halloween mask if you’re doing a “happy/sad” face costume, or perhaps a cosplay character that “changes faces”.

Finally, the mask is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 12 hours of continuous use.

MEGOO LED Mask with Bluetooth


Next is the MEGOO LED Mask with Bluetooth. This mask is very similar to the others with the ability to use the Shining Mask app. However, the biggest difference with this mask is that MEGOO offers a rechargeable version or a AA battery version. Because of this option, you can use 3 AA batteries to “recharge” the mask instead of actually plugging it into a power source. This could be incredibly useful if you were at a dance party or festival that lasted several days and you didn’t have a power source!

JOYIN Halloween LED Mask (Scary)


Finally is the JOYIN Halloween LED Mask. This scary Halloween LED Mask features an LED glove and mask package. It combines the two to create an awesome “Purge-like” appearance. It includes the gloves and mask in a variety of color options.

The mask LED’s are powered by 2 AA batteries with 3 modes. Modes included are: on all the time, slow flash, and quick flash. Depending on which mode you use will determine how much battery you use!

Finally, JOYIN includes foam at the top forehead area and the lower chin area for a comfortable fit. They aspire to have 100% customer satisfaction and will help you with any concerns.

OurHonor Creepy Grin (Venom) LED Mask


If you’re looking for a creepy grin or Venom-themed mask, then this one by OurHonor is perfect. It features a scary purge grin with glowing eyes and mouth. It is made of high-quality PVC and cold LED wire.

The PVC is free from plastic smells, odors or any irritants. Additionally, the interior features a soft foam on the inner forehead to help maximize comfort. Built-in LED’s help make this mask shine! They have 3 modes including solid, fast flash, and slow flash.

Powering the LED’s requires 2 AA batteries that should help it last for hours. However, you don’t have to worry about recharging – just carry a few extra sets of batteries if you are worried.

Overall Top Pick: for Adults


Our top pick for the best LED Halloween mask is the MEGOO LED Mask. It has the best options between battery powered and rechargeable. Additionally, it offers the Shiny Mask app features and provides a long-lasting battery life (with the rechargeable option).

The mask is extremely simple to operate, so it can be perfect for pretty much any age, including younger children. In addition, it’s fairly light and features an ABS, PVC lens, and silicone build. The LED’s that make up the screen have 2074 individual RGB chips.

The LED screen on the front of the mask can display pretty much whatever you want, just how a typical monitor would. You can put scary faces, funny faces, or really whatever text/images you want.

Overall Top Pick: for Kids

The best overall LED Halloween mask for kids is the SPONDSOPH Halloween LED Mask. While it doesn’t have as many features as the MEGOO mask, it is a lot more affordable if they break it. Additionally, the SPONDSOPH mask has 50 different patterns (25 dynamic, 25 static). It uses 234 super-bright LED’s which are visible even in daylight.

The mask has a decently long battery life of about 8-10 hours. It’s outer shell is made of high-quality ABS plastic, and seems relatively durable.

If you are looking for an LED mask to compliment your kid’s Halloween costume, then the SPONDSOPH mask is perfect.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to an LED Halloween Mask with App you should look for one that fits your costume or look. Whether it’s for a Halloween party, a kids Halloween costume or adult Halloween costume, you can really mix and match a mask to whatever your needs are.

The best mask for us was the MEGOO LED Mask. For the price, it provides exceptional value and an excellent look. In addition, you can find it in either the rechargeable or battery operated version. MEGOO also offers Bluetooth-app control for their mask (via the Shining Mask app).

But, if you are interested in a different mask on the list, you can’t really go wrong. There’s a lot of good options and they all vary in price. In our opinion, check the price for a few of them. Then, pick which one is in your budget and provides the features you are looking for!

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