Best LED Halloween Mask

What is the Best LED Halloween Mask? In this guide and review, we’re going to be exploring our top choices for programmable Bluetooth LED masks for Halloween costumes or party!

LED technology is advancing and creating innovative ways to integrate lighting into costumes. This year we have these shining masks that allow for a neat programmable LED setup. In addition, they provide a simple Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for easy control.

There are hundreds of possibilities, so you can easily match one of the “faces” up to your specific Halloween costume. You can have scary, happy, sad or anywhere in between! Additionally, there are multiple colors to choose from (RGB LEDs). These masks are also awesome for cosplay costumes!

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With that being said, let’s get into it…

What is a LED Halloween Mask?

A LED Halloween Mask is a fully-functional lighted mask. They typically have an RGB LED design that allows you to change colors, and potentially even faces. The masks are normally battery operated or have a rechargeable battery.

What is a Shining Mask?

A shining mask uses the smart phone app Shining Mask, to control a LED display mask. It can adjust the LED’s individually in the app allowing for a suite of animations, faces, and different text displays that you can do!

The cool thing is that all you need is a Bluetooth connection on your smart phone to connect to the shining mask enabled face mask.

How to Use Shining Mask?


How do you use your shining mask? Basically all you have to do is download the application on your phone (iOS / Android). Then, connection your display mask to the Shining Mask app. Once connected you can easily scroll through the suite of animations and different faces.

Best Halloween LED Masks

wishplan LED Face Mask for Halloween


Starting off with the wishplan LED Face Mask for Halloween. This is a awesome LED mask with over 45 dynamic display modes and 70 static display images. These multi color RGB LED’s allow complete control when using the “Shining Mask” app.

The mask is Bluetooth enabled, so all you need to do is connect your phone and then you will have access to the different settings. There is an “on” button on the top of the mask, and once fully charged you should be able to Bluetooth connect to the app.

In addition to the built-in suite of animations and images, you can also free text in writing. You can use your own animations, pictures, music rhythms or even photo’s. The RGB LED’s can replicate virtually anything you want to display!

Finally, there is a gesture control mode. When you cover the sensor for 5 seconds it will turn on “gesture control”. This means that you can swipe your hand in front of the mask and it will switch to another pre-chosen image. The mask charges with USB Type-C and should run for about 12-16 hours when fully charged!

HIOUME LED Lighted Face Transforming Mask


Next up is the HIOUME LED Lighted Face Transforming Mask. This mask features the same 45 dynamic or 70 static images built in with a music rhythm feature as well. Using the Shining Mask app allows you to completely control the RGB LED’s build in with customization as well.

In addition, the HIOUME supports gesture sensing so you can change between images by just swiping your hand. This is useful for a Halloween mask if you’re doing a “happy/sad” face costume, or perhaps a cosplay character that “changes faces”.

Finally, the mask is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 12 hours of continuous use.

MEGOO LED Mask with Bluetooth


Next is the MEGOO LED Mask with Bluetooth. This mask is very similar to the others with the ability to use the Shining Mask app. However, the biggest difference with this mask is that MEGOO offers a rechargeable version or a AA battery version. Because of this option, you can use 3 AA batteries to “recharge” the mask instead of actually plugging it into a power source. This could be incredibly useful if you were at a dance party or festival that lasted several days and you didn’t have a power source!

JOYIN Halloween LED Mask (Scary)


Finally is the JOYIN Halloween LED Mask. This scary Halloween LED Mask features an LED glove and mask package. It combines the two to create an awesome “Purge-like” appearance. It includes the gloves and mask in a variety of color options.

The mask LED’s are powered by 2 AA batteries with 3 modes. Modes included are: on all the time, slow flash, and quick flash. Depending on which mode you use will determine how much battery you use!

Finally, JOYIN includes foam at the top forehead area and the lower chin area for a comfortable fit. They aspire to have 100% customer satisfaction and will help you with any concerns.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, we really liked the MEGOO LED Mask. It seemed to have the best options between battery powered and rechargeable. Additionally, it offers the Shiny Mask app features and provides a long-lasting battery life (with the rechargeable option).

The mask is extremely simple to operate, so it can be perfect for even younger children. In addition, it’s fairly light and features an ABS, PVC lens, and silicone build. The LED’s that make up the screen have 2074 individual RGB chips.

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