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MEGOO LED Mask (Shining Mask)


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In this MEGOO LED Mask Review we’re taking a look at the features, build quality, and performance of this LED face mask!

When it comes to LED technology, things are advancing quickly. With advancements, companies like MEGOO are using LED lights in different applications.

Light-Up Halloween LED masks, or these face masks use an array of individual LED’s to create really cool/scary face patterns. They have internal batteries, so no wires are required, and are perfect for Halloween, parties, or even cosplay.


Starting off this review with the features of the MEGOO LED Mask. Firstly, MAGOO uses 2121 RGB LED chips to create the entire light show on the front portion of the mask. It has a 46×58 pixel ratio.

The model we’re looking at features a USB Type-C charging plug that can charge the mask to full in about 5 hours (kinda slow, but not really a huge deal). Once fully charged, the mask can be used for about 10 hours.

MEGOO built-in 45 dynamic and 70 static display modes, but it can also be set to several different effects as well (single color, multi-color, flash, gradient, smooth). If you don’t want to use any of the built-in effects, you can use the shining LED mask app to completely customize what your mask displays. We’ll go over more about the Shining LED Mask App later, but it basically allows full customization.

Finally, MEGOO gives you a gesture-sensitive switching mechanism on the front of the mask. This allows you to use your hands to switch faces, or control what lighting effects are happening.

Build Quality


Next up, is the build quality of the MEGOO LED Mask. The actual interior quality is great. There is a soft-touch silica gel material that presses up against your face/eyes. The elastic band seems to be high-quality with a decent grab on it.


The body of the mask is built with ABS plastic, and the lenses are made of PVC. A included USB-C cable is decent enough quality for what it needs to do, but there is no included wall brick.



As far as performance is concerned, the MEGOO mask works great! It is very easy to use with the base features, and works as expected. Unfortunately, the shining mask app does have a bit of a learning curve with it. But, once you get past that, it’s pretty simple to operate.

The LED’s are bright and relatively color accurate. They perform pretty much as to be expected with a mask of this price point. Additionally, the gesture-control is fairly responsive, and allows you to have a hands-off experience with the mask.

This mask is perfect for a Halloween party or even if you’re into DJing or cosplay. One downside is that the eye holes a bit on the small side so it can be a little difficult to see out of. But, if you aren’t doing anything too sporty, then it should be okay for most people.

Shining LED Mask App


This mask is programmable with the Shining LED Mask app. It allows you to completely customize whatever you’re displaying on the LEDs. Or, you can use one of their presets. There are over 110+ preset faces to choose from.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of the MEGOO LED Mask Review, we’re going to go over some of our final thoughts. This mask is an awesome choice, especially if you’re using it as a Halloween LED mask.

It has a long battery life that will last pretty much any party. In addition, the LED’s work great, they are responsive, bright and color accurate. And, it is really comfortable on your face.

When it comes to LED masks, you can’t really ask for more!

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