Best Full Length Mirror with Lights

What is the Best Full Length Mirror with Lights? Today we’re going to be exploring the top options, along with our purchase decision.

In this review we’ll go over what types of LED full length mirrors are available. Then, we’ll explore the build quality, features and performance. Finally, we will give you our final thoughts.

As technology keeps advancing, there are more modern furnishings to go in your home. Bathroom furnishings were not that exciting in the past, but now with LED technology, you can really spice things up.

Today we’re looking at bedroom mirrors. We have already reviewed some LED Bluetooth bathroom mirrors, however they weren’t full-length. So, we thought to explore some full-length options that have built-in LED lighting.

What is a Full Length Mirror with Lights?

A full-length mirror is an extended version of a typical bathroom mirror. This type of mirror allows you to see an entire reflection of your person, rather than just the top half.

Typically these types of mirrors don’t have any illumination. However, with advancements of LED lighting, you can have a ring of LED lights around the perimeter creating a bright, yet calm glow.

Best Full Length Mirror with Lights

LVSOMT Full-Length Mirror with LED Lights


Starting off with the LVSOMT Full-Length Mirror with LED Lights. This is a 47″x14″ LED wall mounted mirror that is perfect for a bathroom, bedroom or even closet setup.

It has touch buttons to adjust exactly what type of light you want. For example, a short press turns it on or off. Then, you can specifically adjust the smart dimming, different colors (white, warm white, or yellow, or RGB if you get the RGB model), and memory for brightness.

The mirror itself is frame-less and should be large enough for you see your entire self in the reflection. Additionally, it is copper-free and has a silver reflection layer. You should be able to easily mount it on a wall, door, or wherever you wanted to (there are hooks that come pre-attached).

Finally, LVSOMT includes all the screw and wall anchors required to mount the mirror. They will issue a full refund or replacement if there’s any damage on arrival, and they offer a full-service customer response team.

cool2day Lighted LED Mirror Full Length


Next up is the cool2day Lighted LED Mirror Full Length. This is a massive 65″x22″ full length mirror. It features different controls to adjust the brightness level, color temperature (3000K, 4000K, 6500K) and on/off. Additionally, it has a copper-free silver mirror with an environmental corrosion free frame.

The edge-sealing technology allows for a waterproof long-lasting LED strip. cool2day includes hooks on the mirror for easy mounting, or you can use the included installation hardware to put it directly into the wall.

In addition, it has a CRI>90 which means that it is clearer and completes a more comfortable visual flicker-free lighting. Finally, cool2day will promptly answer/solve any questions within 24 hours of contact.

NeuType LED Mirror Full Length


Next up is the NeuType LED Mirror Full Length. This mirror comes in an array of different sizes. It is perfect for someone who needs a small mirror or needs a big mirror! No matter what you need, NeuType will have a size for you.

It has a modern aluminum frame design with a silver-nitrate mirror coating. There is an anti-fog function that automatically helps neutralize steam. Additionally, the edge-sealing technology helps to prevent any rust or damage, and increases the lifespan of the LED chips.

The light source is IP44 rated with an output of 300-5000 lumens (which is very bright). The LED chip lifespan is rated at 20,000 hours. And, they provide dual color temperatures, with safe/low power consumption. The 2cm LED placement provides a clean, modern light with an effective glow.

Finally, you can control the lights with the integrated capacitive touch button. NeuType also offers full customer service with return/warranty policies.

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