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If you’ve ever considered going hiking, climbing or exploring in unknown places, the first thing you might consider is a bright flashlight. However, from experience, you’ll need a really really bright flashlight.

IMALENT is dedicated to making some of, if not the brightest flashlights on the market. And, we have the full lineup here today for a full review; MS18, DM70, DX80, R90C, MS03 Tactical. These IMALENT flashlights are all extremely bright handheld flashlights that are perfect for several applications.

In addition to being very bright, these flashlights have a host of other special features that you won’t find on traditional flashlights. We’ll be going over all of those features along with the build quality, usage scenarios, and more about what makes these flashlights from IMALENT an incredible value!

100,000 LUMENS

20,000 LUMENS

32,000 LUMENS

13,000 LUMENS

4,500 LUMENS

IMALENT MS18 Flashlight Review


Starting off with the brightest flashlight on this list, the IMALENT MS18 100,000 Lumen Flashlight. This is potentially the brightest and most powerful flashlight that you can buy anywhere! It is incredible, but let’s get into it.


Firstly, the MS18 has 18 individual Cree XHP70 high-output LED chips. These LEDs can output 100,000 lumens of light with a maximum beam distance of over 4400 feet! That’s almost a mile!

It also has a super-wide beam with 9 modes of illumination. These modes are; 700 lm, 2000 lm, 5000 lm, 10,000 lm, 22,000 lm, 30,000 lm, 60,000 lm, 100,000 lm, and strobe. So, if you want to, you can step up to the next levels as quickly or slowly as you need. Depending on what conditions you’re using the MS18 in, this is perfect for not overpowering any bystanders.

Additionally, there is an OLED display that displays the battery level. And, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery pack that helps you not only save time, but money as well.

Build Quality

The build quality of the IMALENT MS18 flashlight is unbelievable. It is incredibly sturdy and solid made from high-performance aluminum alloy. IMALENT claims that it is virtually indestructible. Additionally, they use some seriously heavy-duty heat pipes to cool down the very hot LED chips. There are also cooling fans so that you can run at higher power for longer.


Finally, the MS18 is IP68 waterproof and dust proof so that your flashlight should last you through the toughest conditions. They back this up with a five-year warranty and customer service support.



If you couldn’t tell by now, the MS18 is an incredibly bright, incredible performing flashlight. It is very well built with heavy-duty construction. The LED’s are almost too bright in some situations. If you go with this flashlight, just be very careful with other people or even animals around.

For battery life, it varies based on what mode you’re in, but it can range anywhere from almost 15 hours to about 1 hour. However, in one of the more reasonable settings, you should expect about 6-8 hours of battery life.

But, if you’re in the market for one of the best adventuring and exploring flashlights on the market, then the IMALENT MS18 is right for you!

IMALENT R90C Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Next up is the IMALENT R90C Rechargeable Flashlight. This is still one powerful and very bright flashlight, however, when compared to the MS18, it has a much better battery life. But, let’s get into it!



Starting off with the features of the IMALENT R90C Rechargeable Flashlight. In this torchlight, they use 9 Cree XHP35 Hi-intensity LED chips with a 50,000-hour lifespan. They have a maximum output of 20,000 lumens and a long beam distance of up to almost 1700 meters.

In addition, IMALENT added 6 side lights that can be used for a bedside lamp, reading, camping, fishing or other casual outdoor activities. You can have the side lights activated independently of the main torch.

There is also six lighting modes that have different brightness levels, strobe mode, and turbo mode. Whatever mode you leave off on is stored and will be on the next time you use the lamp.

In the 200 lumens mode, you can expect up to 26 hours of non-diminishing brightness from a 4250 mAh battery. This battery is also rechargeable.

Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, the Cree XHP35 LED’s are American-made an incredibility reliable. They also built-in a self-testing charging circuit so that you don’t burn or wear anything out accidentally.


IMALENT also uses a very high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body with a Type III hard-anodized surface treatment. Additionally, there is a high-efficiency constant current system so that you get consistent brightness regardless of battery output. And, a ultra-clear mineral anti-reflective glass coating on the main lamp assembly.


Finally, this R90C flashlight is IPX-8 certified with submergibility of up to 2 meters.



In regards to performance, we were extremely impressed with how bright this flashlight is. The IMALENT R90C is a very well-built and engineered torch.

While it’s useful for the exploration sports, such as hiking. It can also be used for a backup home light for when the power goes out. Because of their very efficient power delivery system, you should expect this light to work no matter what condition the battery is in.

If you’re needing a light with a very long battery life and extreme capabilities, then this is definitely the light for you.

IMALENT DX80 Powerful Flashlight Review

The IMALENT MS18 and R90C are very powerful flashlights. However, the most versatile, well rounded flashlight (in our opinion) is the DX80. The IMALENT DX80 Flashlight combines the lumen output of the MS18 with the great battery life and portability of the R90C to make the perfect powerful flashlight?



Firstly, the IMALENT DX80 is powered by 8 American Cree XHP70 2nd generation chips. These LEDs have a maximum output of up to 32,000 lumens and a beam distance of almost 2700 feet. There are six different lighting modes with memory functions.


You can switch between; 13,000 lm, 5,000 lm, 1500 lm, 500 lm, 120 lm, strobe, and turbo (32,000 lm). With the memory function, the last mode used will be the one that saves when you turn it back on.

With the DX80, you get up to 168 hours of battery life, which is a huge step up from both previous models. Additionally, the battery pack is smaller (3000 mAh), so you get a lighter flashlight.

Build Quality

Similarly to the other IMALENT products, the DX80 flashlight is built very well. It is made of the same anadoized aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and has a IPX-8 waterproof rating.


Additionally, it has an OLED display that shows exactly what lumens are being output, the voltage being used, charging status, overheating warning, and battery life. These are huge features that really help make this flashlight useful for wilderness exploration, far-off hiking and other more extreme versions of exploration.

They also include a lot of accessories in the box including; a holster, charger, extra O-rings, battery pack, and lanyard.

Final Thoughts


If you’re searching for one of the best all-around flashlights or torchlights, then the IMALENT DX80 is it. It is incredibly powerful, very versatile, well-built and a great all-around performer.

You can use this flashlight for a variety of tasks that require a more powerful light, or simply have it as a back-up for the just in-case situations. Whatever you decide to use it for, you won’t be disappointed with it’s performance.

IMALENT MS03 Tactical Flashlight


The IMALENT MS03 Tactical Flashlight is an awesome tactical-style flashlight. It is an extremely small palm-sized EDC flashlight with excellent performance. The MS03 Tactical uses USB-C charging to charge up a 21700 Li-ion battery with over 4000mAh of charge.

IMALENT uses 3 super-bright XHP70 LED chips that are capable of 13,000 lumens with a beam distance of 324 meters or almost 1500 feet! It also is built from their impressive aero-grade aluminum alloy and is IPX8 waterproof.

This little MS03 Tactical Flashlight is an awesome value for hunters, or anyone who needs a very powerful flashlight in a very small form factor.

IMALENT DM70 Compact Flashlight


The IMALENT DM70 Compact Flashlight is a great option for a smaller bright flashlight. It uses a Cree XHP70 chip generating 4500 lumens of light output. This LED can shine up to 1000 feet away and has a durability of over 50,000 hours.

There are multiple modes, and it’s built with the same awesome build quality as the other IMALENT flashlights. Additionally, it boasts a very small form factor and a very durable outer-shell. And, it can last for up to 180 hours on a single USB charge.

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