Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Wireless


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So, most of you probably will know Razer for their legendary gaming peripherals. One of which would be the Razer DeathAdder, or the Razer BlackWidow.

The BlackWidow is the original mechanical gaming keyboard. Razer brought back mechanical keyboards along with their classic Razer lighting to create a staple in the gaming community.

With the V3 Pro version of the BlackWidow, Razer adds wireless (along with some other features) to the ever-so-popular gaming keyboard.


Starting off the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Review with the features. Firstly, it has a similar design to the older BlackWidow’s with a few updates.

Razer adds a volume knob along with dedicated media controls along the top right of the keyboard. They also add a very comfortable wrist rest that magnetically attaches to the front of the keyboard.


Additionally, they use Razer Chroma Lighting to provide a bright, colorful and powerful RGB lighting setup. To achieve an even brighter lighting effect than previous versions, they use a transparent switch housing so that all of the available LED light shines through.


There are 3 available modes for connecting the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro to your PC; Bluetooth for efficient power consumption, HyperSpeed Wireless for lag-free ultra-fast gaming, and USB-C for charing/fast wired gaming.

You can also choose from one of Razer’s 3 in-house switches; Green (tactile & clicky), Yellow (linear & silent), or Orange (tactile & silent). For us, the green clicky switches are our favorite. They are very similar to Cherry MX Red switches. However, there are several gamers that enjoy a linear more silent switch.

In addition, Razer uses a doubleshot ABS keycap design so that the labeling will never wear off. They also have thicker side walls so that they are more durable and feel more rigid.


Finally, the BlackWidow V3 Pro should support up to 80 million clicks with a top plate made from military-grade metal.


From a performance standpoint, the BlackWidow V3 Pro holds up tremendously against some of the competition. There are quite a few keyboards in the premium gaming sector, but just recently they have been upgrading to wireless versions.

With wireless, typically you see a lot of lag between keystrokes and actual input. However, with Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4gHz) connectivity, we see incredibly responsive performance.

The switches have also been improved for a longer lasting, higher quality and upgraded durability. While we went for the original green switch, the orange switches seem to be a very popular choice among gamers as well.

As for gaming performance, there isn’t a lot of keyboards that will match the precision, speed and tactility of a mechanical gaming keyboard. The BlackWidow is no exception with exceptionally fast switches, tactile feedback, and a satisfying typing experience.

Using the Synapse App allows you to completely customize and control anything about the BlackWidow. It is relatively easy to use, but can be a bit tricky to learn. There is basically unlimited customization though (anything from changing what keys do what, to macro use, to lighting effects).



Design is one area where we feel that the BlackWidow falls a bit short. It has had the same basic design for years now and we felt that it could have used a bit more of a modernized update.

However, with that being said, the design is unoffensive and will fit into basically every gaming setup. Additionally, the design is about as ergonomic as it can be and has been a favorite among gamers for years.

You can also add extra Razer Keycaps to help customize your keyboards design (see above picture).

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is one keyboard that won’t disappoint you. Whether you’re using it for gaming or just typing, most gamers will be able to use this keyboard for several years to come without problems.

While the design is a bit older and Razer Synapse needs some work, there are several positives that you don’t get anywhere else. For one, you get a great warranty from Razer. Additionally, you get their build quality, customer support and overall “gamer driven” design.

In the end, we personally use BlackWidow’s on all of our gaming and office setups and will continue to for years to come.

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