Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp & LT-ST21 Rechargeable Bedside Lamp Review

Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp & LT-ST21 Bedside Lamp


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When it comes to design, everyone has their own opinions about what looks good. However, when you add a modern design with RGB lighting you typically get something that most people can enjoy.

Aukey uses both to create a very useable table, desk and bedside lamp that can add a unique element to your setup. Whether you use the LT-T6 or LT-ST21 for your gaming setup, bedroom set or just throughout your home, you’ll be impressed with them for sure.



Starting off with features of the Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp & LT-ST21 Bedside Lamp. Firstly, the lamps have a 360 degree Touch Control Base. This base allows you to tap anywhere on the control surface and turn off the lamp. You can also adjust the brightness, select colors and change modes just by touching the silver area.

Additionally, both lamps (LT-T6 & LT-ST21) have full color changing RGB LED’s built-in. They allow you to adjust the color, change the brightness of each, and control how warm the white light is. So, you can efficiently use these as nightlights in certain situations because of the warm white light.

The LT-T6 table lamp is an upgraded version with a new design and reworked touch controls. New touch controls should allow for smoother operating.


The LT-ST21 bedside lamp has a 2600 mAh built-in battery so that you can use it independently of power. It should offer around 15 hours of continuous use (which is enough to use as a backup light if needed). Also, it can charge to full capacity in around 4 hours via an included USB cable.

Finally, both Aukey lamps feature a super-modern design that will fit in with pretty much any aesthetic. They are perfect for using as decorations, mood lighting or even for holiday color schemes.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality for the Aukey LT-T6 and LT-ST21 lamps, they don’t really leave anything on the table. They’re both very well built with high-quality materials used. Although they are on the more budget end of the spectrum, you’d never really see that in the materials Aukey uses.

The LED’s are high-quality, bright, color accurate and have a long shelf-life. Additionally, the silver base is a good-touch material without being too cold or coarse. And, the controls are simple, easy to follow, and work most of the time.



Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp

This lamp provides up to 450 lumens of max brightness. It can output a color temperature ranging from 2900K to 3100K and has a color rendering index of ?80Ra. It consumes only 6W of power max to power 15 white LEDs and 9 RGB LEDs.

Aukey uses a good combination of LED’s to provide a very adequate brightness without being too overpowering. It has a good diffuse glow that makes it look great for mood lighting.

Aukey LT-ST21 Bedside Lamp

This lamp provides up to 180 lumens of max brightness. It has a color temperature output of 2900K to 3100K and only a 2W power consumption. The charging time, as mentioned before, is around 4 hours and can last anywhere from 5.5 to 30 hours on a single charge (depending on brightness). Additionally, Aukey uses 6 LED’s with this lamp to provide RGB and white light output.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp & LT-ST21 Bedside Lamp you can’t really go wrong. As you can see from the picture above, the amount of light output is extremely bright. While you can adjust the brightness, this just speaks to the quality of LED used.

With the amount of versatility that you can obtain from both of these lamps, it makes them a great choice to put in your home. You can really use them for a wide variety of uses!

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