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AUKEY RGB Mechanical Keyboard (KM-G12)


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One our favorite products to review are mechanical keyboards. They are typically fun to experiment with because there is several different options you can have. And, there are several ways to customize them.

We have a lot of reviews of mechanical keyboards. However, today we’ll be checking out a product by AUKEY.

AUKEY is a company that makes several electronic products and gaming gear. They make high-quality products that are based on affordable prices.

Most mechanical keyboards over the past few years have decreased in price due to popularity. However, they still can run you well over $100 for some of the name brand ones.

Features of the AUKEY RGB Mechanical Keyboard (KM-G12)


The AUKEY RGB mechanical keyboard (KM-G12) focuses on a sleek modern style that is designed for gaming. While it isn’t expensive, it does provide several premium features that compared to other higher priced keyboards.

AUKEY uses blue switches that are designed in-house. They provide precise tactile feedback and a satisfying travel. Additionally, they provide an audible “click” sound that is very pleasing to hear. The switches are similar to Cherry MX Blue switches, however are a bit more tactile.


Next for the features, they use a Full N-Key Rollover keyboard with anti-ghosting. This means that you can press all of the keys simultaneously and they will all register. AUKEY claims that you won’t “ever miss a single key-press”.

In addition, they use a very durable design that is expected to last a very long time. The keycaps are ABS double-shot-molded and the actual keyboard body is metal. It is apparently abrasion and scratch resistant providing extra durability.

Finally, as it says in the name, the AUKEY RGB mechanical keyboard features RGB lighting. We’ll go over more of the RGB features later on, however it very bright and well-done.


When talking about the design of the AUKEY mechanical keyboard, we have to first talk about the RGB lighting. The KM-G12 comes with 7 color presets and 12 lighting configurations. However, you can use the G-Aim software for full customizability options.


In the G-Aim control center you can customize your entire AUKEY setup. It allows you to fully adjust your mouse, keyboard, mousepad or any other settings that you have to adjust. It is simple, intuitive and relatively easy to use. In fairness, it is just nice to have an actual program to be able to adjust different settings. Especially, in a budget offering.

The lighting is bright, colorful and responds well. There was no issues that we had with our RGB LEDs and AUKEY did a great job of illuminating the keyboard without being overbearing.

There is an LED strip on the side of the keyboard that lights up underneath. Along with each key is individually backlit with an RGB LED. In the picture below, you can see that the keys have a raised up feel so that you experience the entire LED glow.

It is a good design that shouldn’t be too overpowering for most setups. You should be able to match the colors and lighting flow to your style.



So, how is the performance of the AUKEY mechanical keyboard? Well, quite honestly it is very good! AUKEY uses their own blue switches that are very tactile and clicky. They are similar to Cherry MX Blue switches and perform well.

Additionally, the metal backplate of the keyboard makes it feel very solid while not feeling heavy. The keys are raised like a true mechanical keyboard and it provides a very good typing experience.

If you’re gaming on this keyboard, you won’t be disappointed! It is designed to be an extremely good gaming keyboard while maintaining a modern style. It isn’t overly “gamery” styled, but still performs very well as a mechanical gaming keyboard.

AUKEY did a great job of really providing a dual purpose keyboard that can maximize the uses for a lot of people.

Final Verdict


Our final thoughts on the AUKEY RGB Mechanical Keyboard. We would highly recommend this keyboard for anyone looking for a budget mechanical gaming keyboard or typing keyboard. Additionally, if you aren’t looking for a budget keyboard, you should still get this keyboard!

Honestly, you might loose out on some small features from the more premium brands. But, you really do get amazing value from AUKEY. They provide an excellent user and software experience that is unmatched by a lot of other budget keyboard makers.

If there was one thing we had to gripe on, it would be that the keyboard is heavy. Now, heavy meaning heavier than other mechanical keyboards. It isn’t like it’s 50 pounds. So, if you want to carry it around a lot, just keep that in mind.

On the other hand, the AUKEY mechanical keyboard is an excellent value, experience and choice for anyone in the market.

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