AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam Review (1080p & WiFi)

AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam (1080p Car Camera)










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Gone are the days where you have to spend $500 for a good dash cam; the AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam Review is available due to readers and affiliates, thank you!

So, let’s talk dash cams. Dash cams are cameras that are mounted onto your cars dashboard to record any activity that happens. They can be used to record accidents, theft or any other unwanted activity.

In situations with insurance or other claims, having an actual video recording of what happened can be extremely useful.

Dash cams have become extremely popular in recent years due to them becoming increasingly affordable. The AUKEY DR02 is a prime example of affordability meeting value. They created a product that meets many expectations and exceeds others.

Features of the AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam

Starting off with the DR02’s features. AUKEY made sure to include everything that you need in a dash cam while not overdoing it with useless features.

Firstly, the DR02 is a low-profile “stealth” cam that is positioned behind your rearview mirror. It is designed to face forward to back you up with any incident that would happen.


AUKEY uses a Sony Exmor Sensor that records in full 1080p resolution with a field of view of 170 degrees. In addition, this Sony sensor boasts excellent nighttime performance for low-light driving conditions. It can also capture optional in-car audio and still photography.


Next, is the Emergency Recording Mode. This mode is activated by a built-in movement and gravity sensor. It automatically captures unexpected incidents and protects them on the storage. There is also a Time-Lapse Mode that can create a time-lapse when you’re driving.

You can also connect to the AUKEY GM-32 GPS Antenna so that you can embed your precise location and speed into the recordings. Then, you can use a free third-party software for playback if you need to!


It is powered with a standard 12/24V socket (cigarette outlet) with the included dual-port USB charger. The charger has a built-in USB port so that you can charge your phone through it as well.

The AUKEY DR02 turns on whenever you start your car and stops when you turn it off. AUKEY claims it can withstand extreme heat and cold.

AUKEY DR02 Installation

How do you install the AUKEY DR02 dash cam? Well, actually it’s quite simple. AUKEY includes double-sided 3M adhesive pads so you use to attach the camera behind your mirror.


Once you have the camera unit attached, you just need to plug it into your 12V outlet. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, this part could be challenging. However, most vehicles have one easily accessible in the front.

You can run the wiring to hide it or just let it dangle depending on your preferences. We decided to mount in flush underneath the trim.

Dash Cam DR02 Performance

So how does the AUKEY dash cam perform? Well, in our testing pretty well. It can use up to a 128GB Class 10 micro SD memory card. This ensures you have the maximum reliability and performance.

It has all of the features that are necessary for reliable performance. Additionally, you can add WiFi and GPS to the DR02. WiFi adds easy transmission to your phone or tablet easily. And, GPS adds navigation coordinates and speed to your recordings.

The install was easy enough to handle for most people. If you don’t want to take off your vehicle’s trim, you don’t have to. It is very stealthy. There’s no extreme branding or marketing on it, so anyone peering into your car can’t see.

Next, the video quality is superb, especially for the price point. 1080p video is good for most situations and the Sony sensors keeps adequate low-light performance. Additionally, there isn’t a noticeable fish-eye effect. And, AUKEY products have great build quality along with a modern design/finish.

QUICK TIP – It is important to reformat your SD cards on a monthly basis.

Final Verdict


What is the final verdict on the AUKEY DR02 dash cam? If you’re looking for value, then absolutely look no further. There is no better option when it comes to fit, finish and quality at an affordable price.

AUKEY offers all of these while, as we mentioned, maintaining an affordable price. It has a 1080p full HD recording camera with a 1.5-inch LCD screen. If you opt for the WiFi model, you have smartphone connectivity.

Additionally, there is a wide-angle lens with high low-light performance. The F/2.0 aperture is wide enough for night driving, providing adequate performance.

It is easy to install and simple to set up. You can easily read license plates even in the dark and it competes with some of the higher brand dash cams such as the Rexing V1.

All of these features mentioned make the AUKEY DR02 a great dash cam option.

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