August Smart Keypad Review (AK-R1)

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Have you been trying to find the perfect smart key system for your house? Well, the August Smart Keypad might be perfect for you!

Over the past few years smart keypads and smart locks have become very popular. Smart keypads usually have WiFi ability or the ability to unlock with just a few simple touches. For this lock, you don’t need a smartphone, but you can use one if you want!

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Additionally, smart keypads are perfect for when you need to let someone in temporarily or if you just want to give your family access. There are several reasons why you should install a smart keypad locking system. And, in this review we’ll be checking out the August Home Smart Keypad (AK-R1).



Starting off the August Home Smart Keypad has several features that make it a modern addition to any home.

Firstly, is the design. The design is very simple and modern. It has 10 numbers with a simple button at the bottom. This example comes in a dark matte gray finish. The design is quite simple compared to other smart key systems, but gets the job done.

Next, the August Smart Keypad allows you to use to connect to any August Smart Lock. It is designed to be an accessory for the Smart Lock. Additionally, you can use a smart phone with it (iPhone or Android). Or, for guests you can let them use the keypad itself.

When connected to the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, the Smart Keypad gives you access to a lot more features. Most importantly is that you don’t have to use a smartphone to unlock your door, and you don’t need to “let people in” yourself.


You can also track who opens the door (with specific codes) and know exactly when it was opened as well. All of this is done within the August app.

Final Verdict

If you’re purchasing the August Smart Lock, then the Smart Keypad is a necessity.

One of the biggest reasons why is that you (if you had just the Smart Lock by itself), is that you would always need a charged smartphone to access the lock. This is obviously a big issue for someone if their phone dies, gets damaged or has any other problems.

Additionally, it is nice to be able to let others into your home (if needed) without having to use your phone. You can set up temporary access codes to let family or contractors into your house. It gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to give away “your code”, while still being able to give access.

This is also an awesome product to add onto a rental property such as an AirBnB. It allows you to unlock and lock the door as needed for specific users.

The biggest negative that we saw is that it has a short battery life. Now, short is somewhere around a few months-6 months, but that isn’t very long compared to other products.

But, if you have the August Home Smart Wi-Fi Lock system already, it is a great accessory to not only upgrade, but, enhance the functionality of your setup.

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