Apevia Mid Tower Gaming Case Review

Apevia Aura-S Mid Tower Gaming Case


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Have you been searching for the Apevia X-QPack3, Apevia X-Dreamer 4 or Apevia X-Mirage computer cases? Well, the Apevia Aura-S Mid Tower Gaming Case might be the answer you were looking for!

If you don’t know Apevia, they are a computer component manufacturer. We have reviewed several of their RGB fans before and they are phenomenal. The build quality and performance are incredible for the price and we highly recommended them.

So, with that being said, we expect nothing less from Apevia’s Aura-S Mid Tower gaming case.

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Apevia Aura-S Mid Tower Case Features


The Aura-S is a mid tower gaming case by Apevia. A mid tower is smaller than a full tower case, but still typically has a lot of room. Mid towers are great options for first time PC builders or even seasoned builders. They offer easy building because of the amount of space. But, there isn’t too much space to fill where you feel like you need extra stuff.




One of the biggest features of the Apevia mid tower case is the included RGB fans. Apevia has high quality RGB fans that really add a lot of value to this case. The fans by themselves would be over half the cost of the case alone.


Additionally, the case can fit a 165MM CPU cooler and a graphics card up to 350MM. It can hold up to 2 3.5-inch hard drives and 2 2.5-inch SSDs. It has support for up to 9 fans, depending on how you want to arrange them.

The Apevia mid tower case also has really industrial looking on/off switches. They are completely unique and definitely add a bit of character to the case.

It also features 2 tempered glass windows on the front and side panels. Along with 4 of the Apevia Spectra RGB Fans. It can also support an ATX, Micro ATX or ITX Motherboard, USB3.0/USB2.0/HD Audio Ports, and easy cable management.

Build Quality

Apevia’s build quality on their Aura-S mid tower case is good. It is impressive how much quality they can pack into an affordable price.

Affordability is something that isn’t typically associated with build quality. However, this is one of the highest quality cases for the under $75 price range. Adding to the value is the Apevia Spectra fans that are included in the case.

The tempered glass is quality and won’t scratch easily. Metal components in the case are a good weight and painted well. In addition, the design quality of the interior of the case is well thought out. It allows for adequate airflow and performance while still maintaining a smaller form factor.

Final Thoughts


Is the Apevia mid tower gaming case worth your money? Absolutely. Apevia has already shown their quality with their RGB fans and this gaming case just adds to their portfolio.

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot that differentiates gaming cases from each other. A lot of cases offer RGB lighting, high quality glass and good construction. However, there isn’t many cases that add so much unique character will still maintaining a contemporary design.

The Aura-S mid tower case comes in several colors that can add a bit a flavor. But, if you just want a simple look, black is the color to go with. The fans add just a splash of difference, while still keeping with the simple look. Finally, the front I/O and switches really add to the uniqueness. The fighter pilot styled switches give an industrial quality and feel to this case.

If you’re considering building in a mid tower gaming case, I think you should definitely give this case a look!

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