Guide to the Best Portable Projector Screen

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What is the best portable projector screen? The best projector screen you can bring on the go is one of the inflatable varieties. Inflatable projector screens are all the rage because they work really well, are easy to setup, and quite portable. I highly recommend trying out one of the recommended brands below.

I recently did a guide on the Best Outdoor Movie Projector to compliment the portable screens!

When you’re setting up your projector outside, you need a projector screen that is capable. Not only does it need to be portable, but a good reflective surface as well.

You also need the setup to be easy, fast and well-managed if you’re going to be using your projector in your backyard or for traveling. So, with that said, let’s get into some of the top choices we found for projector screens that are portable.

We also found some awesome inflatable movie projector screens that work perfectly for backyards and pool parties!

GYUEM 20 feet Inflatable Portable Projector Movie Screen – Huge Air-Blown Cinema Projection Screen Package with Rope, Blower,Tent Stakes – Front & Rear Projection,for Outdoor Party Backyard Pool Fun
  • 🎬✔【EASY SET-UP】The mega inflatable movie screen is easy and convenient to set up in 2 minutes or less. Included is the air blower, rope, tent, and inflatable stake.
  • 🎬✔【DOUBLE-SIDE PROJECTION】Our projection screen adoptsProfessional double-sided projection white cloth material. Both the front and back of the screen can receive projection images,Bring you a better viewing experience.
VEVOR Inflatable Movie Screen 24FT Inflatable Projector Screen for outside with 360W Air Blower Inflatable Screen Oxford Fabric Material Blow Up Screen for Outdoor Movie Supports Front/Rear Projection
  • 【GIANT DISPLAY AREA】 – Screen Size: 9.84 x 16.40 ft. Front and rear projection are available with an aspect ratio of 16:9. An inflatable outdoor screen can be connected to any projector for a premium outdoor cinema and theater watching experience, allowing your family and friends to enjoy blockbuster together.
  • 【INSTANT SETUP】 – You can fully inflate this projector screen outdoor in two minutes with our powerful 360W low-noise blower (included) and keeps it extended throughout the show when plugged in. The screen can be deflated and folded easily and stored in a portable bag for space-saving.
QILEBA 24 Feet Inflatable Outdoor Indoor Projector Movie Screen, Portable Blow Up Cinema Projection Screen, with Air Blower, Tie-Downs and Storage Bag, for Backyard Pool Party Movie Nights
  • 【Bigger Viewing Area, More Audience】Total 19.5ft(W)*13.5ft(H), 16:9 screen aspect ratio, accommodate more audience. Perfect for a large crowd. White movie curtain can be apart from the black inflatable frame and washable. The black part can be wiped with any cloth.
  • 【Double-Side Projection】Our inflation projection screen adopts professional double-sided projection white cloth material. Both the front and back of the screen can receive projection images. Bring you a better viewing experience.
Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 100 Inch(16:9), HD 4K Double Sided Projection Screen Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater (100 Inch)
  • ★Projector screen with stand:100 inch Portable projection screen, 16:9 format,160° Wide Viewing Angle. That offers sharp and high-resolution images,even support Front & Rear projection.
  • ★Upgrade materials: Our projector screen constructed from sturdy heavy duty rust resistant metal and glass fiber rod for increased longevity and durability. It is great for indoor or outdoor use.”
Portable Projector Screen with Stand, 50 Inch 4:3, Outdoor Projector Screen, Lightweight and Retractable, 1.2 High Gain Wrinkle-Free Video Projection Screens, for Home Cinema, Meeting Presentation.
  • PROJECTOR SCREEN AND STAND: The tension frame sustains a stable structure, when you pull out the stands which can be stretched and folded as you want, the whole product keeps a stable and sturdy status.
  • OUTDOOR PROJECTOR SCREEN: A high gain fiberglass has a very flat surface, this video projection screens gives you an excellent HD picture, Idea for multiple applications: meeting presentation, sports, movies, games, indoor and outdoor entertainment.

What to Look For In the Best Portable Projector Screen

  • Durability: Durability is an obvious one. If you’re going to be constantly taking the projector screen down and putting it back together, you want it to last.
  • Screen Surface: Depending on screen surface, you might get something that’s more vibrant, colorful or versatile.
  • Setup: A speedy setup and hassle takedown is important for portable projector screens.
  • Quality: This is an obvious one, you need to have quality components if you want your projector to look good.
  • Foldable: Making your screen foldable helps with storage, travel and setup.
  • Front or Rear Projection: Does the screen allow you to place the projector behind the screen or just in-front? Hiding your projector behind the screen gives you a real “home theater” vibe.

Taotique Portable Video Projector Screen


Starting off the list with the Taotique Portable Video Projection Screen. This one is a pretty impressive projector screen to start off the list. It is foldable, has a 16:9 aspect ration, anti-crease protection, and double sided.

Taotique adds a lot of features to their portable projector.

Firstly, it is a 120-inch projector screen that is made of a high-quality polyester fabric. This prevents wrinkles and allows the 3D projector screen to be folded. The screen can be folded into a small enough size that can fit your backpack which means you can take it wherever you need it.

In addition, it is very lightweight and a one-piece design. This helps with portability and ease of setup. The setup is simple and quick; you can use a wall, tree (with ropes or hooks) or a stand to easily set it up.

Additionally, there is a wide range of setups that you can use the Taotique’s movie projector screen with because it can support front and rear projection.

Finally, it comes with 16 hooks, 15 feet of rope and the projector screen.

Mdbebbron Foldable Portable Projector Screen


The Mdbebbron Foldable Portable Projector Screen is next up on the Best Portable Projector Screens. Firstly, it is easy to store and carry. It has a simple, lightweight folding design that fits easily in a backpack or suitcase.

So, you can use it for the office, business trips, family vacations, camping trips or a backyard pool party. There is an extremely wide range of use case scenarios. Mdbebbron also uses an anti-crease and highly absorbant material so that projection is sharp and bright. It’s also free of wrinkles when folded.

Finally, to set up this foldable portable projector screen, you can use hooks, ropes (or strings), brackets, double sided nape, or just simple nails. This allows you to create several areas where you can use the projector screen and move it from area to area.

The screen’s format is a 16:9 aspect ratio, 120 inches and offers a wide viewing range.

KHOMO GEAR Inflatable Projector Screen


The KHOMO GEAR Inflatable Outdoor Projection Screen is a jumbo indoor/outdoor portable theater. This is a HUGE 20 foot projector screen that can be easily inflated and deflated in under 5 minutes.

KHOMO GEAR uses an ultra-quiet electric blower that easily blows up the inflatable projector screen. In addition, it is easily deflated for storage in the included storage bag. Before storing, you can also easily wipe off and clean the projection screen.

The white projection part of the screen is held on by Velcro and can be completely detached for easy cleaning. You can easily set this screen up in your backyard or by your pool for a viewing party. Or, even for camping trips or tailgating parties (perfectly paired with our favorite party speakers).

Finally, the KHOMO GEAR inflatable screen supports front and rear projection so that you can easily adjust where your projector sits.

VIVOHOME Inflatable Blow Up Projector Screen


The VIVOHOME Inflatable Blow Up Projector Screen is a massive screen designed for portability and the best experience possible. When it comes to the Best Portable Projector Screen, this is one of our favorite choices for several reasons.

Firstly, the VIVOHOME inflatable screen is made out of high-quality materials. These include 210D oxford cloth. This means that the screen should last through pretty much all sorts of bad weather. It is very weather-resistant and should be durable.

Additionally, it is very quickly inflated with the included quiet electric fan pump. It can blow it up in just a few minutes and will keep it inflated throughout any movie watching experience. All you have to do is zip up the zipper and start inflating.

It is extremely easy to setup with a freestanding mount that’s included. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and you can get sizes anywhere from 14 feet to 20 feet wide. Additionally, there is an included 420D oxford carrying case that is convenient for storage and travel.

Finally, the VIVOHOME screen is extremely easy to clean with a removable projection surface for maintenance.

VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen


Finally, we have the VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen. The VANKYO projector screen brings a theater-like quality image to your home setup. Whether you’re using this in your backyard, basement or office you can expect to see an exceptional image.

VANKYO uses a 16:9 format with a screen that prevents hot-spots and realistic image reproduction. The screens are made from a polyester that is not only cleanable, but easy to store. Polyester is create-free and helps to provide high-definition resolution displays.

It also provides a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees so that no one can miss what’s going on. Also, you can easily set up the screen without any frames or stands. VANKYO uses a series of metal holes so you can easily hang the screen using nails, hooks, ropes or double-sided tape. This makes sure you can easily hang and remove without any trouble.

With this feature, you can easily store the screen in a backpack or suitcase. This allows the VANKYO StayTrue screen to be extremely portable.

Finally, the projection screen is an awesome choice for many applications including: to presentations, classroom trainings, public displays, family gatherings, sports parties, and more!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, you can see that portable projector screens are very accessible. You don’t need an expensive setup to have a good setup. Whatever you end up going with–inflatable, foldable, portable–you won’t be dissapointed with your choice.

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