Best Outdoor LED Step Lights

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What are the Best Outdoor LED Step Lights? In this guide and review, we’re looking at waterproof outdoor LED step lighting: which ones you should buy, and why!

When it comes to LED step lighting, it is often used for decoration, style, and most importantly security. As LED lighting has advanced (source), it has become a staple it not only security lighting, but decorative lighting as well.

There are a lot of benefits to having LED step lights. Today we’re going to be going over the top options that are waterproof and can be used outdoors. Additionally, we’ll explore the features, build quality, and performance of each product.

We have recently reviewed a lot of LED lighting products that can be used for your home, so if you’re interested check it out.

But, with that being said, let’s get into it!

What to Look for in the Best Outdoor LED Step Lights

  • Style: One of the most important features to look at is how good the lights look with your current setup.
  • Security: Security is probably the #1 thing to look for in step lights (to help people not fall).
  • Waterproof: Are the lights waterproof for outdoor use?
  • Power: How are the lights powered: solar, plug, battery? It is important to consider, especially when location might be a factor.
  • Brightness: Some people might like a brighter light (for better security), or a dimmer light for style.
  • Location: It is important to consider where you’ll be installing your step lights. For example, if they’re near a pool, you might want them a bit brighter than if they’re for your front door that is already well-lit.
  • Diffusion: Another option to look at is how the light is diffused. Do you want a modern look, a soft glow, or perhaps extremely bright exposed LED chips?

Are LED Lights Good for Outdoor Use?

LED lighting is one of the preferred methods for outdoor use, including step lighting. Because LED lights have a lower power consumption, steady output, good reliability, and are cost effective they are optimal options for outdoor lighting.

Are LED Lights Safe for Outdoor Use?

LED lights that are IP65 water-resistant or higher are safe for outdoor use (especially in water). You can read more about LED IP-ratings here. But, long-story short, when rated you can expect optimal performance in rain or in-climate weather.

Where Can You Use Outdoor LED Step Lights?

Outdoor LED step lights can be used pretty much anywhere outdoors. You don’t even have to use them on your steps!

Examples of LED Step Lighting used Outdoors & Indoors.

They can be placed strategically around your home to create whatever atmosphere you’re looking for. Additionally, they can be used to light up steps around your home (or even inside your home for that matter).

Best Outdoor LED Step Lights

Let’s take a look at the best options for LED step lights! We have picks from a bunch of different categories, so you can get the right product for you.

If you have any additional picks, please let us know.

Best Paver Wall Light: GKOLED 2700K Frosted Light


First up are the GKOLED Hardscape Lights. They are frosted solid LED step lights. In addition, they have a color temperature of 2700K (warm white) and a diffuse color signature. There are 22 LED chips per light. Each light has an maximum output of around 300 lumens (without the frosted cover). With the frosted cover, each light is around 150 lumens.


The actual design of the lights is modern yet classy. Additionally, they have a low-profile build with a dark bronze textured finish. GKOLED uses an aluminum housing that is powder coated with a durable coating.

Finally, the lights come with a stainless steel mounting bracked, pre-wired 39-inch SPT-1 18AWG leads. And, they include a 5-year warranty!

Best Dimmable/Color: Cloudy Bad 3-Color Dimmable LED Step Light


Next up is the Cloudy Bay 3 Dimmable LED Step Lights. These lights are special because they’re not only dimmable, but you can also adjust their color temperature (3000K/4000K/5000K).

The ability to select the correct color temperature is important for hitting the look you want to hit. Additionally, you’ll receive different levels of light output depending on the color.


The LED plate has a sleek modern appearance that hides the LED chips well. It comes in a black slate color, or a white. Cloudy Bay also made sure that the plates themselves don’t protrude. So, when walking on steps, you don’t have have any intrusion.

They are rated for 3 watts of power consumption, and produce very little heat. Cloudy Bay uses a rubber gasket to seal against any moisture. This means they can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on what you’re looking for.

Finally, Cloudy Bay includes all the necessary installation hardware. And, provides you with a 5-year warranty.

Best Deck Step: CHNXU LED Deck Step Lights Kit


Next, we have the CHNXU LED Deck Step Lights Kit. This is a waterproof landscape lighting kit that is perfect for stairs, a patio, a garden, or pretty much anywhere in your house.

They offer 2 colors: either silver or bronze. And, both come with a warm color temperature. The lights themselves only use 0.4 watts, and outputs 10 lumens per single LED chip. They include a 30W transformer in the box, so installation should be a little easier.


CHNXU uses high-quality durable materials for the build. They are IP65 water resistant, so you can use them outdoors in bad weather. And, they have CE and RoHS certifications for safety and assurance. Additionally, the cables are also IP65 water resistant.

The LED chips are rated for over 50,000 hours of life use. And, the housings are made from a premium zinc alloy stainless steel for maximum durability. Finally, CHNXU offers a 2-year after-sale service for any questions or problems.

Best Horizontal Louver: GKOLED Step Light with Louver


Finally, we have the GKOLED Horizontal LED Step Lights. These are unique due to these louver design. This gives the lights an, again, modern yet classy appearance.

They provide a nice comfortable glow across your steps. And, the light is diffuse and soft. The LED’s are rated a 2700K color temperature, so a warm yellow. They have an operating life of over 50,000 hours, and are rated at 3 watts per light.

Each light features 30 LED chips for an output of around 110 lumens. Additionally, they are completely IP65 water resistant, and can be used pretty much anywhere outdoors around your home.

Finally, GKOLED includes all of the necessary mounting equipment along with a 5-year warranty. The installation equipment includes the lighting fixtures, 2 screws per, and 39″ lead wire. If you have any issues or questions, they can help you work through the process.

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