Best LED Hallway Ceiling Lights

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What are the Best LED Hallway Ceiling Lights? Today we’re going over our top choices for LED hallway lighting.

As people are modernizing their homes, one of the best upgrades you can make is LED lighting. It can transform the look and design of your house very quickly.

In this guide and review, we’ll be exploring which hallway ceiling light you should choose for your next home project.

With that being said, let’s get into it…

What to Look for in LED Hallway Ceiling Lights

  • LED: You want an LED bulb for your light fixture for the huge benefits (read more).
  • Dimmable: Are the lights dimmable, so you can have them on a dimmer switch?
  • Brightness: You want a high lumen output for good adequate home lighting.
  • Color Adjustable: Having a color temperature adjustment makes it so you can change the look of whatever space the lights are in.
  • Sizing: What size is appropriate for your space, and what look are you going for?
  • Safety: What kind of safety features does the manufacturer install into the lights?

Best LED Hallway Ceiling Lights

Next, we’ll be exploring our top options for light fixtures. As we find and test new products, we’ll be updating the list accordingly.

Ensenior LED Hallway Ceiling Light


Starting off with the Ensenior LED Hallway Ceiling Light. We have looked at some other products from Ensenior in the past, and they’ve all done really well.

Today we have their ceiling light fixture. It has a brushed nickel color scheme around the rim with a real metal construction. The frosted shade is actual glass as well. It provides a frosted soft lighting effect, and diffuses the light very well.


Additionally, this real glass shade will never yellow like plastic covers of the past. The built-in LED’s have color temperature adjustments ranging from 2700K-5000K. You can adjust color even without disassembling the light fixture.

Ensenior uses 17 watt 1350 lumen LED’s that provide an excellent light. In addition, they are up to 85% more efficient (same as a 140 watt traditional bulb), and have a CRI 90+ meaning they are very color accurate.

Finally, installation is extremely easy and Ensenior offers a 5-year warranty.

CANEOE Modern Hallway Ceiling Light


Next we have the Modern Hallway Ceiling Light by CANEOE. They have 3 really unique designs, including flower, round and square.

CANEOE uses a high-quality aluminum construction with a polished chrome finish. It features a super-modern bendy design that can be used pretty much anywhere in your home. The LED’s included have a color temperature of 6000K, and a power consumption of 22 watts.

Exposed LED strip inside CANEOE lights.

They implement a diffuser for uniform and glare-free light. Additionally, the LED’s are safe from flickering to protect your eyes.

Finally, the ceiling light is simple to install with a quick mounting/dismounting system. CANEOE also includes a 1-year warranty.

zemty LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light


Next is the zemty LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light. These are super simple, yet elegant hallway ceiling lights. They come in a white or black option, and are very thin at 0.94 inches.

They use a frosted cover for light dispersion, and extremely powerful LED lights. The chips can output up to 2400 lumens with a 5000K color temperature. Additionally, they are flicker-free, so you won’t have any eye troubles.

Installation is quick and easy with their 2-step process. The 9-inch lights just screw right into the base, and into your ceiling. Construction feels premium with a rust-proof treated build. In addition, the shell is made of fire-resistant plastic for safety.

You can expect a lifespan of over 10 years (with 8 hours of use per day). But, if you have any issues, you can contact zemty at any time for help.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this informative article. I’ve been considering upgrading my hallway lights to LEDs, and your article came at the perfect time.

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