DROP ALT vs SHIFT Mechanical Keyboard

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When it comes to mechanical keyboards, custom switches and all-around custom PC gear, DROP has been a big player. They recently revamped their website to feature more branded PC gear like audio equipment, custom keyboards, and other custom gear.

While some might not recognize the brand, let it be known that DROP has some incredible products with some incredible prices. But, today we’ll be taking a look at their flagship keyboard choices: the DROP ALT vs SHIFT Mechanical Keyboards.

We’ll go over the features of each, performance, and which one you should have sitting on your desk!

Why a Custom Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

Why should you get a custom mechanical keyboard? Well, there’s a few reasons.

Firstly, you get a much better experience when compared to traditional retail gaming keyboards. The switches are typically higher quality, possibly lubed or silenced, feature-filled, and chassis are made out of high-quality materials.

Secondly, you get a more “custom” experience. Your friends won’t have the same keyboard as you, you’ll have something very unique, and eventually down the road you can upgrade it however you like!

Finally, you’ll have a much wider selection of mechanical switch type and brand, keycap color and material, and USB-C connection cords. You can also get these types of keyboards barebones, meaning that you can completely build it from the ground up to your specifications.

DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard Review

The DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard is a 65% (67-key) gaming keyboard. This keyboard comes in a few different colors, several different switch types and is pretty much fully customizable.



Firstly, when it comes to features, the DROP ALT comes in either a black or gray base. This includes the entire top plate, bottom plate, and included USB-C Cable.

In addition, you can pick from a variety of switch types:

  • Barebones (No switches installed, you can completely customize)
  • Cherry MX Blue RGB
  • Cherry MX Brown RGB
  • Halo Clear
  • Halo True
  • Kaihua Box White
  • Kaihua Speed Silver

Additionally, the ALT features a high-profile construction with a large block of anodized aluminum as the base. It is an extremely heavy, firm-feeling construction. The case will completely cover the switches, different from a floating-key design (found in the Glorious GMMK Keyboard).


Finally, depending on what switch you get, you’ll have a different feel. However, it doesn’t matter which one you get, because they’re all hot-swappable. Meaning that you can switch your switches whenever you want without any soldering.

And, you also get per-key RGB lighting that can be completely customized!


When it comes to high-performance mechanical keyboards, the DROP ALT is one of the highest-quality builds we’ve seen. The solid aluminum construction gives the keyboard a satisfying heft and high-quality feel.

Additionally, the RGB is a nice touch that gives the keyboard a more modern feel (if you want to turn it on). The LED’s seem like a good quality and the colors are bright and accurate.

Depending on the switches you get, you’ll have a different typing experience. However, the included keycaps feel great and whether you’re using Holy Pandas or Cherry MX Blues, you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, worse-comes-to-worse and your switches fail. Well, guess what? You can just hot-swap them right out! That is one of the coolest things about this keyboard. Regardless of how custom you want your keyboard, you have easy options to change things in the future (or now!).

DROP Shift Mechanical Keyboard Review

The DROP Shift Mechanical Keyboard is a full-size (99 key) gaming keyboard. It has hot-swappable switches, is programmable, and has a lot of other awesome features!



Starting off with the DROP Shift keyboard’s features. Firstly, this is also a fully aluminum frame keyboard with a very high quality anodized feel. They built the chassis in a 1800 layout that is shorty than a traditional full-size keyboard. This allows you to have more space on your desk.

Additionally, you can choose between several different switches for this keyboard, including:

  • Cherry MX Blue RGB
  • Cherry MX Brown RGB
  • Halo Clear
  • Halo True
  • Kaihua Box White
  • Kaihua Speed Silver

You still get the awesome per-key RGB lighting as well as a RGB ring around the perimeter of the keyboard frame. It’s also still fully customizable and programmable.

Included keycaps are made from doubleshot PBT shine-through material that gives you a satisfying typing experience. The DROP Shift keyboard also features a floating-key design that gives you a unique look.


When it comes to performance of the DROP Shift Mechanical Keyboard it is very similar to the ALT.


While the Shift features a floating-key design compared to the ALT’s hidden-key design, the build quality is on-par (meaning superb). The high-quality aluminum body feels extremely solid in your hands.

In addition, the firmware QMK, RGB lighting, and keyboard connections (via USB-C) are all very simple to setup and use. You still get the same great hot-swappability along with the choice to include a wide variety of switch types.

Finally, the typing experience is extremely good. The included keycaps feel very solid and built to last. While some users might swap out the caps, there isn’t really any need to!

Final Thoughts

So, in the end, which one should you get: DROP Shift vs DROP Alt Mechanical Keyboard?

Well, when it comes to build quality, they’re on par with each other. So, the first question you should ask yourself, is do you want a full-size keyboard or 65%?

If you don’t really use a number-pad on a daily basis, or don’t have a lot of room on your desk, then the ALT might be the best choice for you.

However, if you prefer a more full-size experience, then the Shift might be the best option for you!

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