Best 2.1 Speakers for PC Gaming

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What are the Best 2.1 Speakers for PC Gaming? The Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers are the best 2.1 speakers for gaming on PC. Razer makes an excellent 2.1 desktop speaker system providing power and clarity. Additionally, the Nommo system has a quite unique look adding to the personality of your gaming setup.

In addition to the Nommo, I’ll be going over some of my favorite options for 2.1 PC gaming speakers along with their features, performance, and build quality.

With that being said, let’s get into it!

Razer Nommo Pro: THX Certified Premium Audio – Dolby Virtual Surround Sound – LED Illuminated Control Pod – Downward Firing Subwoofer – Powered Chroma – PC Gaming Speakers
  • THX Certified Premium Audio: Tuned to bring out the speaker’s full potential
  • Dolby Virtual Surround Sound Technology: Providing powerful cinematic immersion
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black)
  • LEGENDARY SOUND EXPERIENCE FROM KLIPSCH AND THX – The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Speaker System pairs the legendary sound of Klipsch audio with the revolutionary THX experience, filling the room with incredible sound for gaming, movies, or music
  • KLIPSCH MICROTRACTRIX HORN TECHNOLOGY makes a major contribution to the ProMedia’s amazing clarity. Their highly efficient design reproduces more sound from every watt of power, controlling the dispersion of that sound and sending it straight to your ears
Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer, 92 Watts Peak Power, Deep Bass, Perfect for Music, Movies, and Games on Desktops, Laptops, Consoles
  • Premium room filling sound – Driven by an acoustically optimized internal power supply, this 2.1 speaker system delivers 92 watts peak power and 46 watts RMS. Enjoy music, movies, and games with crisp highs, warm mid-tones and deep, powerful bass from the ported 6.5” side-firing subwoofer and dual 2” drivers + passive radiator satellite system. For the best sound fidelity, we recommend setting the volume on the source (i.e., computer) between 65-80%, then adjust the volume on the speaker system.
  • Convenient control pod – Adjust volume or bass levels to customize your sound just the way you want it. Easily accessible 3.5mm aux input allows for quick connection of a gaming system or tablet or smartphone with a 3.5mm audio connection. Speakers also feature a headphone jack for a private listening experience.
Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 PC Computer Gaming Speaker System with Subwoofer and Customizable RGB Lighting – 51MF0470AA001 (Renewed), Black
  • Extend Your Entertainment Options – Use the dual RCA-to-stereo adapter and connect the speakers to your LCD TV or DVD player
  • Audio Controls at Your Finger Tips – Control volume conveniently through the easy-to-access audio control pod; also provides hassle-free connection for your headset and microphone

What is a 2.1 Speaker System?

A 2.1 speaker system utilizes 2 driver speakers along with 1 subwoofer. The 2 main left and right speakers usually focus on the mid and high range sounds. While the subwoofer is designed to hit lower end bass notes.

Together all of the speakers work together to create a much more pronounced and full sound than a typical 2.0 speaker system. When comparing 2.1 speakers vs 2.0 speakers: you get a subwoofer with a 2.1 system and typically you have powered speakers that have a more full sound.

5. ineo Wooden 2.1 Gaming PC Speakers

The ineo 2.1 PC gaming speakers are one of the most unique speakers on our Best 2.1 Speakers for PC Gaming list, because of their unique wooden build quality and blue outer ring design.


The speakers have an included control box that allows you to individually adjust volume, bass, treble, audio sources and input devices. Additionally, you can connect up to 2 audio sources and toggle between listening devices (headphones).

They have an extremely unique design with blue outer rings around the speaker drivers. In addition, they include a 3.5mm cable and a 3.5mm to RCA cable which is a helpful inclusion.

The dual 5.25-inch subwoofer provides an enormous amount of bass sound. These speakers are very loud of their size. The satellite speakers (left and right speakers) have a 1.5-inch and dual3-inch mid-range speakers. Out of all the speakers on our list, they have the “most” speakers for being a 2.1 speaker system.


The ineo 2.1 PC speakers are not as refined as some of the other choices on our list. While they are loud, some of the mids and highs can get lost in the powerful bass.


If you’re into bass heavy music; such as rap, hip-hop, or electronic music these ineo 2.1 speakers will sound awesome! They are also the cheapest on our list if you’re looking for the best value.

4. Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers (RGB)


The Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC gaming speakers are an obvious choice for gamers. They are especially good for gamers who already have Logitech peripherals–such as keyboards and mice–and want to keep everything in the same ecosystem. It can be very useful to have all of your RGB and peripherals in the same program.


LIGHTSTYNC RGB is an awesome way to light up your gaming setup by your speakers. It is uncommon to have RGB lighting on speakers and the G560’s are one of the ones that do. In addition, the colors and effects can be adjusted with Logitech’s G-Hub software and can be activated by your PC’s audio.

They are 240W of massive power and provide an excellent sound stage for gaming. They use DTS:X surround sound to render 3D positional audio, which works best in a closed environment (such as a smaller bedroom or office). But, sounds awesome none-the-less. Finally, you can connect the speakers with auxiliary or Bluetooth connection which can make the G560 speakers very versatile.


The G560 gaming speakers design can off-put some people. They are definitely on the more “modern” and “gamer” side of design. However, some might love that. It’s just something to consider.

In addition, they can be a little pricey because you are paying for Logitech’s integration and RGB lighting.


Although the G560 LIGHTSYNC PC gaming speakers can be a bit on the pricey side. They are still a phenomenal gaming speaker. With plenty of power to provide 3D positional audio for gaming and movies, and powerful sound for music the G560 speakers make a great choice.

3. Logitech Z625 2.1 Speaker System


The Logitech Z625 THX 2.1 PC speakers are an incredibly loud and powerful computer speaker system perfect for gamers.


Starting off, the Z625’s are 400 watts of insanely powerful sound. They expel a lot of volume. In addition, they are THX certified, which means that they are tuned to exact specifications to produce approved sound. THX tuned the speakers to be perfect for games, movies and music.

They also have the ability to not only be connected via auxillary, but also optical and RCA inputs (which not a lot of other speakers can claim). Optical is very useful especially if you’re using a sound card in your gaming PC, or your PC’s motherboard supports it.

The Z625 speakers also have controls on the satellite speaker for volume, bass and power.


While there are a ton of positives, we didn’t find many cons with the Logitech Z625 2.1 PC speaker system. It is an incredibly loud and powerful speaker system that can be used with gaming systems, PC’s, consoles or TV’s. Additionally, it makes for an awesome listening experience and benchmark for the 2.1 gaming PC speaker category.

2. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System


Next, in the number 2 spot, is the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX speaker system.


These ProMedia 2.1 speakers, like the Z625’s, are also THX certified. They are only 200 watts, but we say only with a grain of salt. The ProMedia 2.1’s are incredibly loud and powerful. They really can fill a room with sound.

Even at the highest volume levels, they stay crystal clear. Providing excellent highs, mids and bass. They are one of the most popular 2.1 systems of all time, and they have earned it.

They feature Bluetooth connectivity along with auxiliary pass-through. Additionally, they have volume and bass control knobs.


The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker system is our personally choice for gaming speakers. They are an incredible value when you consider how much sound you get in a small (ish) package. The highs are clear, mids are pronounced and bass is punchy. Klipsch has a good reputation when it comes to audio quality and they don’t disappoint here.

1. Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers


Finally, we have our top choice for the Best 2.1 Speakers for PC Gaming; the Razer Nommo Pro speakers.


Starting off, the Razer Nommo Pro’s combine pretty much all of the best features from the previous speaker systems and put them into one.

The Nommo Pro’s have RGB illumination powered by Razer Chroma. If you’ve never used Razer’s Synapse software, you can completely control your lighting and effects. The satellite speaker base stands have Chroma lighting all around the stand bases.

Additionally, they are THX certified. This provides their incredible sound quality. They are extremely rich and clear, and the bass… The subwoofer is unbelievably large and down-firing. It is very, very punchy and loud when you want it to be. Razer also uses Dolby’s Virtual Surround Sound technology to create a 3D audio experience.

There is also a Razer Nommo smartphone app, so you can connect your phone more easily. And, you can also use the app to control the speakers. Also, you get an LED illuminated control pod to basically control the entire speaker system. It has several pass-throughs and it’s own hard drive space for storage.


The Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 Gaming Speakers are an unbelievable speaker set that is perfect for PC gaming. They are 100% the number one choice when it comes to 2.1 desktop gaming speakers.

They separate the highs, mids and bass very well and provide an excellent listening experience for any gaming enthusiasts. With the most impressive pieces being the wide sound stage, and sound separation.

While they can be more expensive than some other options, they are definitely worth the price.

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