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As the holidays and cold weather are coming upon us, we have been spending a lot more time indoors. Adding a new TV to your setup is always a welcome addition. However, adding a new soundbar can drastically transform your setup.

Audio has always been one of the those qualities that many people overlook when purchasing a TV. But, it is definitely something that can quite literally make your setup feel more real and powerful.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Wohome 2.1 Soundbar and how it will fit into your setup. We’ll also be going over the design, build quality and sound quality of the speakers along with a purchasing decision.

Wohome Soundbar Review



Starting off with the features of the Wohome Soundbar. This is a 2.1 speaker sound bar. Meaning that, there is 2 front-firing speakers and 1 subwoofer. However, Wohome adds 4 full-range speakers to have the best sound quality you can get.

This version has been upgraded from their S18 model and uses 120 watts of combined power to deliver an excellent sound experience. As mentioned, there is a 5.5 inch subwoofer that delivers bass. Along with 4 full-range speakers that deliver powerful bass, a pronounced mid-range and clear highs.


Additionally, Wohome uses Bluetooth 5.0 to allow you to connect your devices to the soundbar. They also use advanced DSP technology to give the best sound quality wirelessly that you can get. It is also more stable and uses less power.

Other connections include; HDMI ARC, optical, auxiliary (aux), USB and RCA (includes adapter). The best part of these connections is the HDMI ARC port. This means that when you have your TV connected via HDMI, your TV can power on and off the sound bar over HDMI. It can also control soundbar volume via the TV remote.


In addition, there is several different modes that can adjust different sound profiles. First, obviously, you can adjust the volume independently. You can also adjust the bass by itself. Then, you can choose between normal mode, movie mode or music mode to add different EQ settings.

Finally, included with the Wohome Soundbar is a wall mounting kit. This is greatly appreciated and really helps to add value to the whole package.

Build Quality

Next, the build quality on the Wohome Soundbar is quite good. It feels like a premium build while not seeming too over produced. The included accessories aren’t overdone, but are functional. And, the materials are premium where they need to be.

While this is a more budget soundbar, it still does feel like a more premium one.


To be honest, the “worst” part of this soundbar is the design. Now, that’s not saying that it’s bad at all, it’s just not very exciting. While most soundbars don’t have the most exciting designs, Wohome’s design is pretty bland.

However, to 99% of customers this probably won’t matter. It is a good neutral black color that will match most home theater and TV room setups.

Sound Quality

Now, for the most important part, sound quality. When reviewing the Wohome Soundbar we weren’t really sure what to expect. Was it going to be good?

We normally use a Samsung 3.1 Sound Bar, which isn’t anything super high-end, but it is a very good speaker setup. With that said, the Wohome 2.1 Soundbar really impressed us with it’s sound quality.

The highs are mids are extremely clear while being pronounced. The bass from the subwoofer is strong, punchy, and not overpowering. It looks, sounds and feels more expensive that it actually is (which is a good thing).

A few cons we noticed (this could’ve just been our experience) was the Bluetooth connection. It could be a little spotty in some situations, however other over-the-air connections might have caused interference. But, this is expected with a cheaper sound bar, because obviously they have to cut corners somewhere.

Final Verdict


In the end, the Wohome 2.1 Soundbar is a pretty awesome value when it comes to soundbars. It provides an excellent amount of sound quality for the price and should be at home in any TV setup.

The 4 built-in 15W speakers are incredibly powerful for their size. And, the 60W subwoofer is extremely punchy and boomy. It is also down-firing which helps disperse the sound evenly, especially on hard floors.

If you need a simple soundbar that comes with an included mount, then this might be the one for you.

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