What is Per Key RGB?

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Per key RGB is a type of keyboard LED backlighting that allows for individual key LED control. Addressable RGB lights are used to not only allow for complete customization, but a full array of effects as well.

Additionally, individual key control means more customization and unique lighting patterns for you. Because each key’s LED chip can be controlled independently from another’s, there can be a wide variety in brightness and colors levels on the keyboard. With traditional LED backlighting, the entire keyboard would change color and brightness uniformly.

But, many keyboards nowadays are becoming more and more powerful with their RGB lighting. Per key, or individual back-lighting is almost necessary in any modern premium gaming keyboard.

Today I’ll deep dive into what per key RGB is and how it’s being used on today’s gaming keyboards.

What is Per Key RGB Lighting?

Per key RGB lighting involves using individually controlled LED lights under each key on a keyboard. “Per key” means that each key has control over it’s own LED light. This type of RGB control is similar to addressable RGB, or RGBIC.

In short, each LED chip is addressable allowing for specialized control via software. In your keyboard’s software, you can control what each RGB LED is doing. This can be used to create a variety of unique lighting setups or effect layouts.

Per Key RGB vs 4-Zone


4-zone keyboard lighting differs from per key lighting because you can only adjust certain “zones”. These zones often feature keys like the “W,S,D,A” or “arrow keys”.

You might be able to adjust colors for these zones, or they may be preset. However, you can’t adjust individual keys like you can with per key lighting.

Per Key RGB vs Underglow


Underglow is a form of keyboard lighting that involves the perimeter of the keyboard being illuminated. Typically this is an accessory form of lighting that accents the main keys. However, you might find keyboards with just perimeter lighting.

Per key lighting refers to the individual keys being illuminated and doesn’t affect what is shown around the keyboard shroud.

What Keyboard Brands Use Per Key RGB?

There are a lot of keyboard manufacturer’s using per key RGB lighting. It is becoming more and more popular. And, it’s almost necessary on any premium gaming keyboard.

In addition, most programs such as Razer Chroma, Asus Aura, or Gigabyte RGB Fusion are already set up to handle such features.

Common brands using per-key RGB:

  • Razer Chroma
  • Asus Aura
  • Gigabyte RGB Fusion
  • Corsair iCue
  • MSI Mystic Light
  • HyperX Ingenuity
  • Logitech Lightsync

How Do I Know If My Keyboard Has Per Key RGB?


One simple way to tell if your keyboard has per key RGB lighting is on the lighting itself. If you can set each key to an individual color, or the stereotypical “rainbow” effect is in full-blast, then you most likely have it.

Is Per Key RGB Good?

Individualized RGB lighting is becoming almost necessary for any premium gaming keyboard. Using LED’s to light each key with RGB is very common in high-end accessories.

If you are searching for a gaming keyboard, I would highly recommend getting one with per key RGB.

3 Replies to “What is Per Key RGB?”

  1. Per key RGB lighting, a feature increasingly seen in premium gaming keyboards, offers individual control over each key’s LED backlighting. This advanced lighting technology enhances the aesthetics and customization options for gamers, allowing for unique lighting setups and effects via software control. For gamers seeking a high-quality keyboard, opting for one with per key RGB is a wise choice to elevate the gaming experience.

  2. Which one is better in function?
    Per key RGB or 4zone RGB
    I heard that per key RGB have more problems and harder to fix and repair
    If doesn’t light up in per key there is nothing you can do but in 4 zone you can
    Is that true
    Make more details and better comparison please

    1. I think that per key RGB is better. I will update a better comparison with more details. Thank you for the response.

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