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While we have looked at other air conditioners and portable air units before, the VIVOHOME Air cooler is a little different. It is a portable evaporative air cooler unit with a humidifier.

These evaporative air coolers work by taking advantage of evaporation. Evaporative coolers have a complicated design process. But, simply put, they work by using the phase transition of water to water vapor. The temperature of an area can be significantly dropped with this process.

Additionally, portable evaporative air coolers work to humidifier dry air. And, can even work better than traditional air conditioning when conditioners are right. They also have a much lower power draw when compared to traditional air conditioning.


VIVOHOME sells home and life improvement products through Amazon. Their most popular products include VIVOHOME ice cube maker and ice cube crusher.


Today we will be taking a look at the VIVOHOME portable evaporative air cooler. As mentioned before, this is an atypical type of air conditioning system. It has a much lower power draw, higher portability and control when compared to a traditional system.



The features of the VIVOHOME air cooler are premium in nature.

The device is larger than anticipated. But, it is not overbearing in any way. It has wheels to easily roll it around and is fairly light (at least to pick up). It has a black and white color aesthetic which looks modern and isn’t overpowering.

Firstly, the air cooler is 110V 65W which means that it doesn’t draw a lot of power. It is fairly energy efficient and won’t break the bank. Additionally, it is fluorine-free and uses a minimum amount of electricity.


There are 3 adjustable modes including adjustable fan speed. They are: normal, natural and sleep mode. You can also adjust the wind pattern up or down and left or right. In addition, you can set it to low, medium or high wind speed (fan speed).

Next, is a timer function. The timer can control the air cooler for 30 minutes up to 8 hours. You can easily leave it on throughout the night while sleeping without any worries.


There is a simple-to-use control panel. If you don’t want to get up, there is also a remote control. The remote is simplistic, but functional. It has on/off , speed, oscillation, temperature and mode buttons.



VIVOHOME designed the evaporative air cooler with an advanced double-layer water circulation system. This purifiers the water while still keeping it cool during operation.

It also has a high-density ice container to help with keeping the water nice and cold. You can also add ice cubes to the water tray for additional cooling. They added a 7 liter max-capacity water tank to ensure the air cooler will operate throughout the day.

Finally, the VIVOHOME air cooler is ETL approved. It has ultra-tight louvers to prevent accidental injury. Additionally, it has a water tank lock to prevent any leaking or electrical shock.


So how does the VIVOHOME portable evaporative air cooler perform? Simple answer: very well!

It definitely performs as advertised. The unit is easy to move around with the included base wheels. While it isn’t a complete replacement for a traditional AC unit, it does output chilled air.

The evaporative air cooler has a pump that pulls water up through the filter and then back into the tank. It pulls cold air from that cycle and then the fan blows it out.

If you’re in a small room, probably under 200-300 square feet, this product should work just fine. As we mentioned before, it is not a replacement for a traditional air conditioner, it does provide temporary relief. It can also be used in conjunction to decrease costs of running traditional air.

How to Make the VIVOHOME Air Cooler Colder

  • Add cold water to the tank
  • Freeze the water in the included canisters
  • Put the ice box into the air cooler
  • Turn on cold air mode

Final Thoughts

The VIVOHOME air cooler is definitely worth considering if you’re after something to help keep you cool. The evaporative technology is really neat.

While it doesn’t provide permanent replacement for a traditional air conditioning system, VIVOHOME gives you a simple solution. It is portable, usable and functional.

If you’re interested in other personal air coolers, check out our full guide and comparison.

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