VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier & Diffuser Review

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What is a cool mist humidifier? What is a cool mist vaporizer? What’s the difference?

A cool mist humidifier or vaporizer is a device that uses a fan or ultrasonic technology to add moisture to the air. The fan evaporates water that has been pulled into a wick which causes a room to increase in humidity, but not temperature. Ultrasonic humidifiers are similar, however they are much quieter.

Typically cool humidifiers are great for adding moisture to the air in your home in the winter months. Although, you can use them in the summer because they may help keep your room cooler. They are a good alternative to personal air coolers.

So what does VictSing add to their ultrasonic humidifier? An aromatherapy diffuser. VictSing uses aromatherapy based on essential oils. Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants capturing the scent and flavor. The humidifier diffuses these oils which help to stimulate certain areas of your brain.

Homasy Humidifier Diffuser


The VicTsing essential oil diffuser is a dual 150mL ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. It can also be found as the Homasy Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser.


This humidifier package includes two diffusers that you can use independently of each other. The humidifiers each have a capacity of 150mL for a total of 300mL.

They each have a mist flow of 25-40mL/hour meaning that they can last for 3-6 hours before a refill is needed. Additionally, there is a 15-30mL/hour sleep mode that will last approximately 5-10 hours.

VicTsing uses a high-performance atomizing plate to dissolve the essential oils and water. Then, it emits a fine cool mist that is mixed with oil fragrance.


In addition to slowing the rate of propulsion, sleep mode turns off the lighting effects as well. This ensures that you won’t be bothered by noise or light while you’re trying to sleep. It definitely will be great for individuals that require a “silent” environment to sleep.

Finally, the Homasy humidifier is BPA-free and has an auto shutoff function. When the humidifier runs out of water, it automatically shuts down to avoid damaging the internal components. Because it is BPA free, it is safe to use for babies, kids or anyone that might be worried about health issues.

Build Quality

The build quality is quite good for a product at this price range. VicTsing/Homasy do a great job of including premium features into a value-priced product.

You could find something more expensive at a home goods retail store that most likely won’t perform as well.

However, you might be able to find something that will fit your decor or styling better. I don’t think that there is any serious worries when it comes to build quality.


The Homasy diffusers have a modern vibe, with a unique colorful twist. The LED light illuminates the chassis of the humidifier with a soft blue glow. It is bright enough to be seen, but not too bright to be overpowering.

It should fit in to most modern styles, but can fit well with other styles.

Homasy Diffuser Manual


1. Please do not add essential oils through the mist output vent.
2. Clean the water tank for each oil changes because essential oils mixture may release unpleasant smell.
3. Please do not use any metal or hard objects to clean the oscillator.
Function Keys:
TIMER Button
Press it to set 3H working time and the indicator light will turn to green;
Press it again to turn off the timer with the indicator light off.
When the preset time is approaching, the red light flashes once and then the device will shut off .

SLEEP Button
Press to enter sleep mode with blue indicator light on;
Press it again to cancel sleep mode with the indicator light off.

MIST Button
First press to turn the mist on with cyan indicator light on;
Second press to turn it off with the indicator light off.

Press the ?SLEEP? button, the indicator will be blue;
Press the ?TIMER? button, the indicator will be green;
Press the ?MIST? button, the indicator will cyan;
The indicator will be off after 10s when there is no operation. Then no matter which button you press, the indicator light will flash again to remind the previous status.

VicTsing 300mL Cool Mist Humidifier


The VicTsing 300mL cool mist humidifier is an upgraded version of the essential oil diffuser. It has a subjectively more attractive design, more features and a higher volume (300mL).


This VicTsing cool mist humidifier diffuser combo provides a different design aesthetic while carrying over many of the Homasy premium features.

Firstly, this humidifier provides excellent performance. It can last up to 10 hours with a water tank capacity of 300mL. This is double what the Homasy diffusers could do. In addition, VicTsing also adds up to 50-70mL/hour of performance over the 25-40mL/hour of the Homasy.

VicTsing keeps the same mist settings. However, there are additional timer options. They also keep the auto shutoff feature that helps avoid damaging the device when it runs out of water. It is also BPA-free, avoiding health hazards and safety concerns.


Finally, the VicTsing cool mist diffuser has a similar internal component setup to the Homasy diffuser. They use an ultrasonic chamber to help moisturize and vaporize the air and water in your room. It runs slightly louder at 23dBa, but still extremely quiet. You can still use essential oils with this diffuser to introduce aromatherapy.

Build Quality

The build quality of the VicTsing aromatherapy diffuser is very good. It is similar to their other products in terms of premium quality at an affordable price.

As I mentioned before, if you found a similar product at a home goods store, you would pay twice the price for half the quality. It is important to note that it isn’t made out of real “hardwood”. But, it is made out of a plastic that looks like hardwood. The plastic is durable and light. It should last for a while, even when exposed to sunlight.


The humidifier comes in three different colors. They’re all shades of brown ranging from light to dark. Personally, I think that the natural dark wood look of the VicTsing essential oil diffuser looks better than the Homasy diffuser. It gives it a modern, but still contemporary appearance.

It also features LED lighting on the inside that gives a soft glow. The glow is not too bright and can be turned off if needed.

Final Thoughts


Should you get the Homasy humidifier or the VicTsing cool mist humidifier?

So at first I was a bit confused, but soon I figured out that Homasy and VicTsing are the same company. I am assuming that they changed their name or product line somewhere along the way.

With that out of the way, the VicTsing 300mL or 500mL diffuser is 100% my choice. Even though they perform very similarly, I prefer the look. This is my first time using an essential oil diffuser and it has worked very well.

The essential oils give a great smell to the room without being overpowering. You also don’t have all the risks associated with burning a candle to get the same smell. You usually only need about 7-16 drops of oils depending on how strong they are.

There is some white noise that is emitted, however it is usually easily ignored. The LED light is not annoying and actually adds a unique look to the room. If you’re looking for a modern and contemporary diffuser, this is a great option to consider.

If you want to check out more of VicTsing’s humidifier products, check out their store.

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