upHere RGB GPU Sag Support Brace Review

upHere RGB GPU Sag Support Brace


Build Quality







  • High-quality materials
  • Addressable RGB lighting is an option
  • Works for different graphics cards


  • Need an open slot in the back of your case
  • Need a 5V 3-pin header if you want RGB

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upHere GS05ARGB Addressable RGB Graphics Card GPU Brace Support Video Card Sag Holder/Holster Bracket,Built-in ARGB Strip,Anodized Aerospace Aluminum, Adjustable Length and Height Support

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What is Graphics Card Sag?

Graphics card (GPU) sag happens with high-end heavy graphics cards when they aren’t fully support by the motherboard PCI lane. Is GPU (graphics card) sag bad? Well there is some documentation to support that yes, it is. But, there is also documentation that states high-end gaming motherboards are designed to support heavy graphics cards. However, it is clear that severe GPU sag can and will damage a graphics card and PCI-e slot overtime.

Why is GPU sag bad? GPU sag can be bad because any unexpected stress on the PCI-e lane or graphics card components could cause tears in the wiring. It could also cause a fixture to rip off.

How to Stop, Prevent and Fix Graphics Card (GPU) Sag?

Should you fix your GPU sag? Regardless of if it is harmless or not, you want to protect your investment. Graphics cards are not cheap and luckily the upHere GPU Support brace is a cheap fix for GPU sag!

How do you stop and fix GPU (graphics card) sag? Fixing GPU sag is not as easy as it seems. There are some gamers who might create a “home remedy” with toothpicks, straws or strings. But, none of those home remedies will fix the sag for good.

GPU support braces or brackets exist to help stop and prevent GPU sag for good. Typically, GPU support braces are either mounted to an empty PCI slot below your graphics card or they will be mounted to the floor of your computer chassis. When they are mounted to an “empty PCI slot”, it is referring to the slots in the back of the case, not the motherboard. The upHere support brace is a cheap and easy way to fix graphics card sag!


The upHere addressable RGB graphics card (GPU) support brace bracket holder is a product designed to eliminate video card sag. The upHere GPU bracket stops sag by supporting your graphics card with a solid aluminum brace. They claim it will work with a wide range of graphics cards and motherboards, but it was tested on an ASUS Strix GTX 1060 6GB card. While the bracket’s dimensions are 280mm x 54mm x 9mm, it will fit most graphics cards that are bigger.


In addition to providing support, the upHere RGB GPU support brace features addressable RGB lighting. These high-end RGB LEDs are individually controllable via a 5V 3-pin header on your motherboard. This allows the RGB GPU bracket to sync with other RGB gear. In addition, ARGB LEDs have a life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours.

In the package, you should expect the GPU support brace and 6 mounting screws and 2 rubber pads. It is extremely easy to install and can be attempted be the most novice of computer builders. There is a sliding rubber pad that is used to support the video card along with high-quality aluminum that it’s made from.

Final Thoughts


Does the upHere RGB GPU support brace help to fix GPU sag? Yes it does. Does it do it in style? Yes it does. The upHere GPU bracket delivered as promised and it will impact the look and style of your custom PC as well.


In addition to providing GPU support to help fix sag, the upHere RGB bracket will also help to hide cables, thus improving cable management. Additionally, the addressable RGB lighting is a nice touch. Finally, the upHere RGB GPU support brace will help improve your GPU sag and style of your custom gaming PC!

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