Ultimate upHere RGB Case Fans Buying Guide

The Ultimate upHere RGB Fans Buying Guide is possible due to affiliate links, thank you!

upHere technology is a supplier of case fans, GPU braces, coolers, sleeved cables, cable management supplies and heatsinks. They have a vast range of cheap RGB fan options available. upHere provides great build quality at a reasonable price.

You can find upHere’s whole store here, but we will specifically go through each of upHere’s RGB fan options.

What are RGB Case Fans?

RGB case fans are PC cooling fans designed for custom PC building. They are used for custom gaming PCs or general use. Typically, gamers or high-performance PC enthusiasts desire a customizable look and RGB lighting delivers that.


RGB fans, like the upHere RGB case fans use LED technology to provide a unique lighting effect along the perimeter or center of the fan. Because of this, RGB fans give your PC an awesome look while not compromising on performance.

RGB gaming fans are high-performance versions of regular computer case fans. These fans do not compromise on performance or style.

upHere RGB Series Case Fan 5-pack (RGB123-5)


The first upHere RGB fan on the list is the RGB123-5. This is a 5-pack of RGB series case fans that are, in my opinion, the best on the list. In addition to being one of the best cheap RGB fans money can buy, these fans provide many premium features.

RGB123-5 Features

Firstly, they are tuned for high-airflow, performance cooling and large volume cooling. They also come equipped with rubber mounting pads for decreased operating noise. Additionally, they are built with a hydraulic bearing because of this the upHere RGB123-5 fans have improved efficiency and cooling potential.

The fans feature addressable RGB (ARGB fans) lighting that illuminates both sides of the fan ring. They connect via the included fan up and are controlled by the included remote control (included hub supports up to 8 fans). The upHere fans are provided safe and reliable power through a SATA cable connector.

You can use the upHere fans with a water cooling radiator or just as basic case fans. They provide an adequate amount of static pressure with their custom-molded fan blades. The blades are translucent allowing for RGB light to shine through and provide a unique effect.

Fan specifications:

  • Speed: 1100rpm?10%
  • Noise Level: 17.6 DBA
  • Input Power: 6.36W
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V
  • Input Current: 0.28A
  • Life Time: 40000 hours
  • Size: 120mm(W)*120mm(D)*25mm(H)

I highly recommend the upHere RGB123-5 RGB fans due to their phenomenal value, exceptional lighting and premium performance.

upHere Wireless RGB 120mm Fan 5-pack (C8123)


The upHere C8123 RGB case fans are very similar to the RGB123-5 fans, except they have hub-illumination. The C8123 budget RGB fans include LEDs that are in the center of the fan providing illumination outwards through the blades.

C8123 Features

Firstly, the upHere C8123 RGB case fans are fully compatible with most custom gaming PC cases. You can mount the fans in any 120mm slot with the included mounting hardware.

The upHere hub-mounted LED fans feature fully addressable RGB lighting (ARGB case fans). You control the lighting with the included remote and fan hub. And in addition, the hub supports up to 8 fans.

upHere powers the RGB lighting by 8 ultra-bright RGB LEDs that provide “magical lighting effects” for custom PC builds. The hub powers the LEDs via a SATA connector.

In addition, the upHere C8123s feature a hydraulic bearing for quiet, efficient and long-lasting performance. Similar to the other upHere RGB fans, they have rubber mounting points to also decrease operating volume.

I highly recommend the upHere C8123 RGB fans, if want the center-hub mounted LEDs. If not, I would still go with the RGB123-5s because of their sleek design and near identical performance.

Fan specifications:

  • Speed: 1100rpm?10%
  • Noise Level: 17.6 DBA
  • Input Power: 6.36W
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V
  • Input Current: 0.42A
  • Life Time: 40000 hours
  • Size: 120mm(W)*120mm(D)*25mm(H)

upHere 120mm RGB Case Fan 3-pack (PF1206-3)


The upHere PF1206-3 RGB fan pack is different from the other previous RGB fans. The PF1206-3s made for very quiet operating levels.

PF1206-3 Features

These budget RGB fans feature the same 8 ultra-bright RGB LEDs that the previous fans had. But, they provide lighting for 5 frosted white fan blades. The LEDs are ARGB (addressable RGB) as well as individually controllable.

The main feature of the upHere PF1206 fans is the 14.8 decibel operating volume. This low-volume operation is due to the 5 blade design. They are extremely quiet while still providing 32.7 CFM. The fans still use a hydraulic bearing for long life expectancy, self-lubricating efficiency and low operating volumes.

However, even with lower operating volumes, the case fans still spin at 1100 RPMs (?10%). You power these fans with a MOLEX connector.

Finally, I would recommend the upHere PF1206-5 RGB fan pack if you need silent operation. If you require RGB lighting and silent case fans, these are a great option!

Fan specifications:

  • Size: 120*120*25mm
  • Fan Speed: 1100(?10%)RPM
  • Noise Level: 14.8dB.A
  • Airflow: 32.7CFM
  • Bearing:Hydro Bearing
  • Rated Voltage?DC12V
  • Rated Power?1.1W

Other upHere RGB Fan Models

In addition to fans mentioned, upHere sells other case fan models. upHere sells RGB fans, color fans, and non-colored fans in the their shop. If you’re searching for cheap case fans that have premium at a reasonable price.

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