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SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

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What is a Stand Up Paddle Board?

Stand up paddle boards are similar to sit-in kayaks, except you stand up! You stand up on the board and use a paddle to navigate yourself through the water.

Inflatable paddle boards are just as it sounds, inflatable. Instead of having a full hard PVC material, they have a portion that is inflated with air. This is in order to preserve portability while maintaining stablility.

Paddle boards are great for exercise and relaxation.

SereneLife Paddle Board Features

The SereneLife Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board comes equipped with many premium features. Along with these features, it supports several design characteristics of many more-expensive paddle boards.

Starting off, the SereneLife paddle board is 10 feet long and provides 30 inches of deck width. This helps improve stability and balance while standing up.

In addition, the board has a triple bottom panel fin. The triple fan design helps improve speed, handling and aerodynamics (aquadyanamics) increasing the ease of use.

On the top side, it is covered with non-slip soft decking material. This material helps you fall softly, reducing injuries. It is a great paddle board to learn on.


One of the biggest attributes is the SereneLife paddle board ability to inflate. Being inflatable helps you transport your board easier, improving portability. SereneLife includes a handy carrying bag, board pump and some other accessories to take everywhere with you.


In addition, SereneLife includes a paddle board paddle as well. The paddle splits into 3 separate pieces, adding to the portability. Also, it has a comfortable grip so you can paddle for hours without hand fatigue.


Other accessories that they include are; a coiled ankle safety leash, paddle, manual air pump, patch repair kit, and storage bag!


How does the SereneLife stand up inflatable paddle board perform? Extremely well.


The quality of the board is very good. Material quality is high and comparable to boards that are significantly more expensive ($600-700). The board is 6-inches thick, because of this, it can hold up to 2 people. But, only has a weight limit of 275 pounds, so just keep that in mind.

The board itself weighs 19.6 pounds, so it is easy to carry around. And, it has an inflated width of 30 inches and length of 10 feet.


The accessories included with the board are a welcomed feature. Most boards won’t included so many accessories, meaning you’d have to purchase them on your own. This not only saves you money, but ensures you receive accessories appropriate for this board.

SereneLife’s triple fan arrangement allows for great stability, speed and control. However, also enables you to do some great surfing. It also includes a leash that helps you keep track of the board if you were to fall off while surfing.

The inflatable stand up paddle board is easy to fold-up and take-down. It’s very portable and easy to transport for people that don’t have massive upper body strength.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to fully pump it up (with the included pump).

Final Thoughts

The SereneLife inflatable stand up paddle board is honestly one of the best inflatable paddle boards I have ever used.

It offers superior quality and value while maintaining an affordable price. If you’re looking at kayaks or paddle boards, I would highly recommend you considering SereneLife’s offering.

While this board might not be as expensive as some other offerings, it definitely offers value. If you’re considering a more expensive board, it is worth your money to at least give this board a test!

SereneLife offers a ton of included accessories, premium features and a price that is hard to beat. Just don’t forget to get a life jacket!

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